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Prominence Of Green Datacenters In The IT Landscape


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Recently, the majority of organizations is resorting to green strategies by recycling outmoded IT products termed as e-waste and by reducing the overall energy consumption.

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Prominence Of Green Datacenters In The IT Landscape

  1. 1. Prominence of Green Datacenters in the IT LandscapeRecently, the majority of organizations are resorting to green strategies by recycling outmoded IT productstermed as e-waste and by reducing the overall energy consumption. Gradually, as more and more enterprisesare working towards putting in green components for technology goods and services, even IT vendors todayare required to up to date about the trends in energy conservation tactics to procure more business. Forwardthinking companies that have already incorporated a well integrated Green IT strategy has developed agreater chance to consider green IT practices into the vendor selection procedures than other marketplayers.It has been estimated that Green IT practices will become the top concern for the global enterprises in theforthcoming days as organizations are rising up to the cause of having a green and better workingenvironment.What is Green Datacenter?Aligned with the latest Green IT initiatives, numerous companies that are involved in digital marketplaces andenterprise hosting social networks at the Green Grid Forum held in March 2012 declared their initiatives insetting up green data centers. Most data centers make use of more than 2 percent of the total electricity. Inthe United States around half of the electricity is generated by burning coal. The increasing utilization of datacenter energy will result in the increase of greenhouse gas emissions till the time one is able to parallel theprocessing of data storage expansion from fossil fuel pollution.Furthermore, the latest market research highlights that the data that is stored and processed shall beexpanding and at a very past pace. The number is expected to go beyond 35 zettabytes by 2020. Therefore, itis crucial that companies concentrate on data center efficiencies and renewable power utilizations.Leading information security solution providers have introduced innovative Green Data Center solutions thatfunction in a phased methodology. These solutions provide sustainability to business operations, are cost-efficient and ensure a positive bottom-line for enterprises. The phases are:
  2. 2. Assessment PhaseHere the service provider creates a baseline of energy usage and carbon footprint of the present platformmaking use of an assessment format which is used to audit the platform. This is followed by a Gap analysisand Feasibility study done for recognizing transformational initiatives, performing impact analysis andassessing the cost structure. Planning and Design PhaseDuring this phase the service provider helps in setting up an elaborate roadmap for certain Green ITinitiatives such as DC optimization, procurement, recycling, financial and resource planning. Implementation PhaseHere the service providers help you to choose and execute specific technologies for Datacenter virtualization,virtualization, IT infrastructure management, power and cooling management and much more.Green IT practices and setting up a Green Datacenter depends to a great extent on the organization and theentrepreneur’s attitude and their changing mindset. Furthermore, it also depends on the organization’schoice of whether or not to make their operations and working platform green. Related Links: datacenter virtualization, identity and access management