Green Data Center: Efficient Power Management


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Power is a limited resource and the modern day data centers are working towards efficient power management. The objective is to reduce the carbon footprints.

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Green Data Center: Efficient Power Management

  1. 1. Green Data Center: Efficient Power ManagementPower is a limited resource and the modern day data centers are working towards efficient powermanagement. The objective is to reduce the carbon footprints. This objective is prevalent in almost everycorporate sector as the ultimate aim is to operate in an eco-friendly manner. In the recent past, the datacenter community has been looking for innovative methods for efficient functioning that contributes tosustainability.The main objective towards establishing a green data center efficiency project is to achieve a baseline on theconcerned platforms for enterprises to be able analyze the development and report the result. Irrespective,of whether you are focusing on data center hosting, consolidation or virtualization, or improving the PUE youwould need to have a clear understanding about which equipment is utilizes power and the amount beingconsumed.Leading solution providers have introduced well integrated and phased processes for a green datacenter setup. The solution offer sustainability, are cost-efficient and ensures a stable bottom-line for an enterprise. Thephases are: The Assessment PhaseThis phase helps in setting up a baseline of the carbon footprint and energy usage of the present platform byusing an assessment structure provided by the service provider that used for auditing the existing platform.This is followed by the GAP analysis and feasibility study for identifying transformational activities, conductimpact analysis and estimate the cost format. The Designing and Planning PhaseThis stage helps in developing a route map for specific Green IT initiatives such as DC optimization,procurement, resource and financial planning and recycling. The Implementation PhaseThis stage helps in choosing and executing technologies for data center virtualization, consolidation, powerand cooling management. This phase also works towards enabling an enterprise to achieve LEED certification.While setting up a Green Data Center environment, effective data center consolidation and virtualizing offersgreat scope for increase in efficiency and space. For benefiting truly from consolidation, it is important totake apart those servers that are not contributing to the business. As you do that, eminent solution providerswould advise you to spot and note all the remaining servers having less than 10 percent for consolidation. Inaddition to that, if you can consolidate ten to thirty servers within a single one, you can use and function thedatacenter seamlessly. Furthermore, it is crucial to appraise the power consumption once consolidation hastaken place, in order to evaluate the same to the baseline and cooling consumption.Related Links: identity and access management, data center, information security