Enhance Data Center Performance with VirtualizationAs a company grows, so does the data that drives it. A data center is o...
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Enhance Data Center Performance With Virtualization


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Enhance Data Center Performance With Virtualization

  1. 1. Enhance Data Center Performance with VirtualizationAs a company grows, so does the data that drives it. A data center is one of the most important resourceswithin a business. Taking charge of two vital aspects of continued operations for a company, storage andbacking up of company data, the data center is accountable for disaster recovery and smooth operation ofservers for daily use. Organizations no longer see data centers as repositories of corporate data. Instead, theyare increasingly turning their data centers into strategic assets in order to keep up with the unprecedentedgrowth of digital data and the pressure to improve infrastructure performance, application availability, andscalability.Virtualization solutions are present throughout the data center, increasing mobility through the data centerfabric and changing the way organizations deliver applications to users. The advantages of virtualization areimmediate and clear. It has proven to be a breakthrough in networking infrastructure. With its flexibility,adaptability, and reduced technology requirements, virtualization alleviates many problems associated withthe traditional client-server environment, such as low resource utilization, management control, and securityissues. Data center virtualization covers an array of virtualization activities intended at creating a virtualizedcomputing environment.Virtualization offers many advantages that other data center solutions do not. According to the news source,70 percent of server downtime is due to physical problems such as cable failure or overheating.Implementing virtual infrastructure can remove many of these restrictions, while keeping space, reliability,access, and manageability high. Besides allowing IT managers trim budgets, virtualization helps organizationsincrease data center performance by:• increasing reliability and ensuring continuity• Speeding deployments, upgrades, and overall data center expansion• reducing IT overhead and giving staff the time and money resources neededOverall, data center solutions accelerate service delivery, improve profitability, provide system integrationand reduce risk for new business developments by detaching workloads and data from the functional side ofphysical infrastructure. Basically, it is driving efficiency from many angles, including data center design,platform updates, application and infrastructure modernization, as well as traditional and new deliverymodels, such as infrastructure utility and cloud computing.The virtualization solution that you choose must provide a flexible architecture and the tools needed to helpyou manage capacity must include load balancing to ensure performance and fast response times andredundancy.With data center virtualization fast becoming the standard for how IT resources will be designed in thefuture, in a virtualized environment, IT can be more responsive to business needs by providing new servicesfaster.Related Links: Service desk, Information Security