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Music 10 chords ppt


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Music 10 chords ppt

  1. 1. CHORDS: the building blocks of music Music 10
  2. 2. What is a chord?  Any grouping of notes that sound as being played simultaneously  Notes in a chord can be selected according to rules or a pattern or at random  In western music, the construction of chords follows a set of rules so that they can progress from one in to another in a way that sounds familiar and pleasing to the ear
  3. 3. The Triad  A triad is one of the most basic types of chord  It consists of three notes that are stacked in thirds  The triad is considered to be the building block of functional harmony. Without it, our music would sound very different!
  4. 4. The Parts of the Triad  The notes in the triad, when arranged from lowest to highest, are called:  The fifth (5)  The third (3)  The root (1)
  5. 5. Types of triads  There are 4 types of triads:  Major  Minor  Diminished  Augmented
  6. 6. Major Triad  In a major triad, there are 3 intervals that occur:  A M3 from the root to the third  A m3 from the third to the fifth  A P5 from the root to the fifth
  7. 7. Minor Triad  In a minor triad, 3 intervals occur:  A m3 from the root to the third  A M3 from the third to the fifth  A P5 from the root to the fifth
  8. 8. Diminished Triad  Diminished triads have three intervals:  A m3 from root to third  A m3 from third to fifth  A d5 from root to fifth
  9. 9. Augmented Triad  Augmented triads have three intervals:  A M3 from root to third  A M3 from third to fifth  An aug5 from root to fifth
  10. 10. Seventh Chord  A seventh chord is merely a triad (scale degrees 1, 3 and 5) with scale degree 7 added on top.
  11. 11. Cluster Chords/Tone Clusters  A cluster chord is made up of at least three notes, arranged chromatically