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This presentation focuses on the landscape of Mobile based wager gaming and some of the key technology challenges for creating a successful revenue channel. This presentation also dwells upon HCL’s mobility practice and how it has been able to help global gaming companies in rolling out their mobile gaming products.
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  2. 2. Mobile-based wager gaming is on a rise with • new technologies such as smartphones and tablets, and • development of mobile applications with new features with which developers can engage players in diverse ways. • Regulation plays a critical role in making a specific segment of games more popular in specific areas. • Scope and definition of mobile gaming differs in each jurisdiction with some who do not distinguish between mobile and online gaming. • Some where only ’Games played on casino provided mobile equipment’ was allowed and considered as mobile gaming. Introduction Illinois lottery becomes the first US state with its suite of lotteries available on mobile, which includes Mega Million, Powerball and Lotto.
  3. 3. Technology Leverage - An HCL Solution Success of mobile wager gaming highly depends on how well the mobile channel services are integrated for • leveraging existing systems. • providing uniform experience across channels. Some of the key technology challenges for creating it a successful revenue channel : • Technology fragmentation • High rate of technology change • Quality assurance- Mobile application testing • Integration complexity • Short release cycle-carpex and opex • Business process re-engineering • Custom hardware requirements • Updates & patches complexities
  4. 4. Technology Leverage - An HCL Solution • A detailed mobility practice covering from consulting and strategy to mobile testing and distribution management. • With gaming domain knowledge and experience of delivering high impact mobility lottery-solutions, HCL has executed 500+ mobility projects for 125+ customers. • Has executed application development and maintenance engagements for mobile OS including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and HTML5 for both smartphones and tablets. HCL mobility solutions:- 15 50% $
  5. 5. HCL Gaming Mobility Proposition - The Benefits Proposition portfolio that facilitates hassle free mobility shift:- • Mobility Strategy Consulting Services • Launch Mobile Wagering Games • Automated Mobile Application/Games Testing Hub • Managed Mobility Services
  6. 6. Powered By • Co-Innovation Labs • HCL Mobile Gaming Solutions/Accelerators • Delivering Value For Customers
  7. 7. Questions Click here to download the Document •What are some of the key technology challenges for creating it a successful revenue channel •What makes today’s customers different? •How does HCL’s gaming mobility proposition portfolio facilitate a hassle free mobility shift?
  8. 8. $6.5 BILLION | 105,000 EMPLOYEES | 31 COUNTRIES