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Only exceptions could challenge ageing          It is one of them             We call it Mainframes  Rationalized for Opti...
The “Big Iron” is witnessing Re-surgenceMainframe Becomes Mainstream                  ““                                  ...
We       solved the MazeMid Market clients normally have limited Mainframe shops andcannot take advantage of economies of ...
3 Transformational Capabilities       HCL follows & delivers the Structured Transformation approach with True Partnership ...
HCL’s          Mainframe                          Practice                                                                ...
Integrated Operations                        Management Services   Green Datacenter                                Managed...
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HCLT Brochure: Mainframes


Published on - IT Management Tools - More on HCL Technologies
With several organizations increasingly depending on Mainframes for their mission critical data and applications, the technology is definitely witnessing a strong comeback. Find out how HCL's Agile Managed Mainframe Services provide the much needed skills and expertise to manage this resurgent technology.

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HCLT Brochure: Mainframes

  1. 1. Only exceptions could challenge ageing It is one of them We call it Mainframes Rationalized for Optimized usage
  2. 2. The “Big Iron” is witnessing Re-surgenceMainframe Becomes Mainstream ““ It’s challenging to get your hands dirty on the ‘Big Iron’. Yet, Mainframes today are the most preferred data servers for even the most technology- savvy organizations. Mainframe now runs about80 percent of the worlds mission- Interestingly, the amount of work Mainframes are doing around the world is critical data & applications increasing. That’s right! Though the number of Mainframes being used has dropped - Aberdeen Research over the past years, but the amount of processing they do is increasing. Most of the major Banks, Insurance companies and large Government departments in more Industrialized countries have Mainframes supporting their businesses. Deal withThe Mainframe Maze Fixed Cost of Mainframe Mainframe costs are higher when it is fixed.Some Key Challenges The cost varies in a step function & is not truly variable with changing business needs. Shortage of Skills The ‘graying’ of Mainframe support skills. Quality people with Mainframe skills becoming harder to find. Training of these resources is expensive and becoming unaffordable. Inadequate quality of Innovation services Fragmented Processes & un- Keeping up with the latest optimized Tooling & Utility Mainframe technologies & portfolio. constant innovation is a Increased regulatory pressures nightmare. and compliance penalties requires fool-proof audit procedures. Higher TCO High cost of ownership - Mainframe processors are too expensive. Mainframe hardware & software ownership represents 70% of the overall TCO. Sub 2000 MIPS are costlier to operate.
  3. 3. We solved the MazeMid Market clients normally have limited Mainframe shops andcannot take advantage of economies of scale. This segment also drawslimited special pricing support from ISVs & key players, hencemaking Mainframe operations expensive.HCL’s Agile Managed Mainframe Services provides the abovebenefits through the following enablers:Our Enablers 1 Software & Hardware Factory Model4 Tier III+ equivalent enterprise class facility in Parsippany, NJ, USWorld classHighly leveraged shared delivery platform44 client MIPS to garner volume discountsAggregateStrategic partnerships with ISVs like CA, BMC, Serena & IBM to lower the software spend through HCL agreements44 approach & client retains the flexibility to choose the software to run its businessNo Key-Hole 2 Operational ExcellenceHCL holds the most congenial combination of operational excellence & Mainframe skill expertise. HCLgives you the much needed robust governance framework along with the continuous improvement of theprocesses. Improvement Proce ous sse nt inu s Co Global Delivery Model Ready to Use, Standardized & Integrated Tooling Infrastructure Process Alignment to ITIL V3 Unified and transparent reporting on KPI’s through MyDashboardTM Shared Services Immediate technical and people resource ramp-up and ramp-down capability SOP’s & RunBooks Root cause Analysis Best of Breed ITIL based Service Management Toolset Role Based Skill Stratification
  4. 4. 3 Transformational Capabilities HCL follows & delivers the Structured Transformation approach with True Partnership mindset. This is achieved through a well laid out Application Modernization roadmap & Workload rationalization methodology. Wav Apps & Infra e0 Infra Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4MIPS System and Application Application level Determining Subsystem level Optimization Workload Exact MIPS level Optimization through Rationalization Utilization Optimization through Batch Application (Infra) Optimization Consolidation Time Agile Managed Mainframe The HCL Approach With a belief in ‘Doing things differently’, HCL’s “Agile Managed Mainframe Services” framework is nimble and adaptable to changing business requirements and rationalized for optimized usage of MIPS delivered through a highly leveraged automated utility environment. HCL’s Agile Managed Mainframe Services enables Enterprises to lower TCO, increase quality of service, convert fixed cost to variable cost, and provide the much needed skills and expertise to manage it. Traditional HCL HCL Approach Way Enablers Dedicated Computer Infrastructure Shared/ Designated compute infrastructure Strong Shared Delivery experience. for managing Mainframe Applications separated by LPAR’s Utility Model Un-optimized MIPS consumption across MIPS consumption tied to business Workload Rationalization MethodologyTM applications requirements. Point Performance Tuning Solutions. Little/ No usage of specialty processors Leverage specialty engines wherever possible Tools/ experience to identify the workloads utilizing specialty processors. Mainframe used for managing Legacy Mainframes used for managing legacy & Strong skills for managing Enterprise workloads new workloads based on ROI & TCO & Linux Applications on Mainframes. Services delivered through onsite Services delivered through combination of Global Delivery Centers dedicated staff, underutilized and shared & designated resources Shared factory Setup expensive Resources leveraged through Global set-up’s Specialized resources on the verge of Leverage innovative platforms that can HCL- CA Mainframe 2.0 Partnership retirement, Grey Exodus simplify mainframe management for less experienced IT staff No visibility in consumption, costs KPI reporting on performance parameters HCL myDashboard™ Service Reporting & Analytics High Mainframe software costs Standardization & Rationalization. ITSA™ Service Assurance Practice Portfolio Optimization
  5. 5. HCL’s Mainframe Practice ISO9001Partnerships Certifications Certified, CMM5, Bs7799 Certified @IAT – Inventory Migration FactoryFrameworks & APO SEEC Analysis Impact In-house Migration SDAM ServiceSolution Sets Analysis Toolset toolsets Enabling Application Portfolio Optimization, Application Development, Support and MaintenanceService Offerings Migration, Modernization, Re-engineering, Performance Optimization, Infrastructure Mgmt. & Provisioning HCL’s technology heritage has given it strengths, particularly in custom application developmentAnalyst Recognition and management (ADM). HCL also has particular strength in legacy application management, with strong Mainframe development skills and resources. - Gartner “I would rate HCL very high vis-à-vis its competitors! The quality is unquestionable. Rating on a scale of 1-10. I would say it is probably 8. What is more important is the consistency ofCustomer Recognition performance which we highly value.” - Jeff Carlson, CIO, Fortune 50 Insurance ProviderCase Study Leading Toys Retailer in USClient Challenges Technical Environment4 Operations MainframesHigh cost of Platform: IBM Z9 Machine with all general processors 44 on MainframesFixed costs 4 Leading Toys Manufacturer has deployed the Applications:Lack of In-house skill set to support4 Mainframe for an Integrated Retail management application Mainframes 4 CA Toolset Tools: IBM, Scope of Services System Administration Operations Production Support and Control 4 the OS and other Support of Console Monitoring and 4 Job monitoring and resolving the 4 S/W running on Mainframe Alert Management abends at second level Storage Administration 4 Network Monitoring 4 4 troubleshooting & Batch abend 4 upgrade operating Maintain / 4 Management Tape Library escalation systems and other OEM 4 Management Print Service Key Performance Indicator production 4 software to remain at process and reporting support levels Defining various rules in OPS/MVS 4 HCL Solution BenefitsNew Mainframe build at HCL Datacenter4 4 Savings & Reduced TCO of Mainframe Guaranteed4 enterprise class machineLatest Z10 Operations through workload modernizationTransformation of workloads using specialty processors4 4 pricing solution linked to business needs Utility basedStandardization of toolsets to reduce ongoing support4 Year on Year reduction in costs due to Process 4 costs Improvements & Automation4 support – Monitoring, Break fix support,End to End Globally Leveraged Manpower & Skillset to ensure 4 System Administration and Production Batch Jobs optimized & cost effective delivery
  6. 6. Integrated Operations Management Services Green Datacenter Managed Mainframe Services Services End User Cross Functional Computing ServicesNetwork Services Security ServicesIndustrialized IT Management Optimized | Flexible | Centralized & Standardized | Business Aligned