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Traditionally, Application Support and IT Infrastructure Support have worked in silos. This can and has presented several disadvantages to enterprises today. HCL has unified the two, resulting in Integrated Operations Management Services. This new set of services helps enterprises achieve business effectiveness by creating application knowledge clusters and cross training to ensure that operations knowledge is institutionalized and is independent of the people supporting it.

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HCLT Brochure: Integrated Operations Management

  1. 1. They work in silos We Unify Infrastructure & Application Support + < We call it Integrated Operations ManagementOptimized Processes | Assured Customer Satisfaction www.hclisd.com
  2. 2. Application Support & Maintenance has traditionally been aligned to Application Development, especially in the case of bespokeapplications to retain knowledge and provide instantaneous reactive support in case of problems. Application Support is based on agood understanding of the domain and is a project driven activity whereas I.T Infrastructure support requires SLA driven regularmaintenance and user support.We at HCL developed an altogether new proposition called “Integrated Operations Management Services (IOMS)” which integratesapplication support into the run side of business and achieves effectiveness and efficiency in running application support by creatingapplication knowledge clusters and cross training to ensure that operations knowledge is institutionalized and is independent of thepeople supporting it.Need for Even Gartner has acknowledgedIntegrationWe asked CIOs the following questions, to arrive at the our IOMS Value Propositionrationale behind this integrated solution. HCL continues to leverage its integrated operations management framework to grow its application service revenue. Publication Date: 14 November 2008/ID Number: G00161582 Page 14 Won’t it be cost- of 25 © 2008 Gartner, Inc. and/or its Affiliates. All Rights Reserved. optimized for you to Won’t it consolidate all provide operational infrastructure and excellence to your application operations business by measuring under one team? response time SLAs for Business Won’t it be applications? faster for you if most of your incidents are solved by the first team receiving it?Cost OptimizationA large number of activities at the application layer, both technical as well as administrative, are very similar to the ones carried out atthe infrastructure layer e.g. Release to Production, Security and User Administration, Patch Administration, Output DeviceManagement etc. Moreover the ease to clone all these activities at the database layer provides a sound opportunity to integrate bothInfrastructure and Application support activities into one robust support function. Having a common team for this unified functionwill result in resource optimization and cost savings. Applications Infrastructure Discrete L3 L3 Operations L2 L2 L1 L1 L3 L3 Integrated Operations L2 L2 Integrated Operations Team
  3. 3. Operational ExcellenceAll the monitoring activities are carried out in order to ensure healthy, hassle-free business transactions. If any critical businesstransaction is facing an issue, then it makes sense to drill down further into the relevant layer (application or infrastructure). Thishelps in focusing on the real issue rather than monitoring each and every event irrespective of any impact on business transactions.An integrated layer of application & infrastructure allows you to measure response time SLAs for your business applications byfocusing on the core activities. Transaction & Process Auditing & Proactive Detection Multi-Mode Flow Tracking Logging of Exceptions Exception Response Monitoring of message Log end-to-end Proactive monitoring Minimize impact of Business flows in real-time message trails for of system-wide flows exceptions through compliance (SOX, for exceptions of exception handling Transaction Track start -to-finish Patriot Act, etc.) as various types such as rule-based Monitoring response times well as diagnostics routing of exceptions to service-based Monitor for exceptions exception handlers. Online processes Background processes Buffers System errors Dialog response time System wide queue Directory used Software code errors Application length Network time Space used Aborted batch jobs Monitoring Program errors Standard response time Hit ratio Update errors Users logged on Aborted jobs Swap System log messages Servers Networks Database Infrastructure UNIX LAN Oracle Storage Desktop Monitoring SQL Wintel WANFaster Resolution Application OperationsCreating a common enterprise helpdesk, Technical Administrationcommand center and an admin team, both for Release to ProductionApplication & Infrastructure layer, ensures Output Device Managementthat a large number of incidents are triaged to Infrastructure Operations Upgrade / Refreshrelevant teams resulting in significant Security Administrationimprovements in First Call Resolution. Batch Scheduling User Administration DB Operations Patch Administration OS Operations Performance Management Backup Common L1 Team to triage events Enterprise Helpdesk (Applications + Infrastructure) Integrated Operations SLA Real time Ops Culture SOP/ Run Books ITIL Tools Proactive Performance Management
  4. 4. HCL IOMS Service Catalogue Integrated OperationsMonitoring Incident Administration Troubleshooting Reporting ManagementEnd User4 Alert Handling 4 Data Fixes 4 Interface Issues 4 Adhoc 4 Transaction SOP Based 4 Archival/Backups etc 4 Deployments 4 Reporting Monitoring Resolution 4 & Parameters 4 Config Master Data Diagnostics 4Log Monitoring4 Ticket 4 Frequency Patch Management 4 Problem Identification 4Session4 Assignment Real Time 4 Monitoring Interface Mgmt 4 4 Analysis Root Cause Reporting Ticket Triaging 4 4 Support Production Problem Resolution 4Process4 Escalation 4 Monitoring Operations ManagementUsage Patterns4 Application 4 Deployments Services Incident Problem Change Release End User Centric Approach 4 4Ops Culture Real Time Reduced Costs of Operations 4 4 Service Delivery ITIL Based 4 Approach Tool Based Proactive Performance Management 4 Packaged SAP, Bespoke .Net, Web/Middleware OS, DB, JDE, BI, Siebel, etc Java, ASP, etc (BEA, IBM, etc) Security, Networks Application Tracks Infrastructure Tracks
  5. 5. IOMS deliveredacross verticalsIndustry Customers Applications Mean Time to Mean Time to { {Vertical Environment Resolve in hrs Resolve in hrs (Before HCL) (After HCL) 4 Bespoke Application Packaged & Support Fortune 500 4 Application Support for End to EndManufacturing E-commerce websites semiconductors 4.34 3.23 manufacturer 4 Helpdesk – Basis – Infra Integrated 4 Environment - SAP Applications R/3, SD,GMS, BaaN, Informatica, Java, Power Builder etc { { 4 Bespoke application Packaged & support services Leading Retail 4350+ Applications, 12,000+ end users Retail Giant in Europe 4 operation procedures Creation of NA 3.56 and knowledge bank for end users 4Application architecture, Advice on design and operation { { 4 Bespoke application Packaged & support servicesPharmaceutical Fortune 50 2000+ Middleware instances 4 & Healthcare Healthcare (Documentum, ATG, SunOne, BEA 4.21 4.11 Manufacturer Web logic, Web methods etc.) 100+ Application instances (SAP, 4 { { JDE, SIEBEL) 4 support for 14 financial Production applications in 2 environments Division of Trade Settlement Applications, 4 Fortune 10 Pricing Application etc BFSI Insurance 4 Navisys, V2020, EDW, Applications: 3.47 3.21 Service ER, SAP, TNG/Peregrine/ Opalis Provider /EDM/Exec View/OEM/ Veritas/ Docucorp/ Documaker RP/Trillium/Actuate/ Cognos Reporting { { Bespoke Application Support 4 4 applications in various 60+ Bespoke Leading work streams/portfolios like Media & Marketing, Assets, Royalties, Publishing Music Digital, etc 6.54 3.23 Company Infrastructure applications like 4 IBM MQ, MS MQ, MS CMS, Share point Portal Server, IIS servers etc
  6. 6. Integrated Operations Management Services Green Datacenter Managed Mainframe Services Services End User Cross Functional Computing ServicesNetwork Services Security ServicesIndustrialized IT Management Optimized | Flexible | Centralized & Standardized | Business Aligned www.hclisd.com