HCLT Whitepaper : G3 Data Centers


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Green, Governance and Growth are the three quintessential features for a next generation data center; resulting in lower cost, better industry compliance and contribution to overall business growth.

HCL and EMC have joined hands to provide G3 data centers in post recession era helping CIOs to transform their Data Centers.

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HCLT Whitepaper : G3 Data Centers

  1. 1. G3Data CentersGreen | Governance | Growth
  2. 2. DELIVERMORE WITH LESSThe economic downturn changed the dynamics of thebusiness world. It shifted the measure of success, drivingcompanies to rethink how they deliver services. Therecession saw the chief information officers (CIOs) combatwith slashed budgets and issues such as availability offinance, changing risk requirements, market adaptability,re-orientation of business models, changing customerdemands, employee downsizing and galvanizing existingones to deliver more efficiently. The pressure is to delivermore with less. With this mandate, there is a need to simplifyIT Infrastructure, reduce overhead costs and align IT withemerging and frequently changing business needs. CHANGING DYNAMICS OF DATA CENTERS Data center is the heart of IT Infrastructure and a major portion of CIO’s IT budget goes in building, managing and operating company’s data center(s). With dynamic business requirement and rapid data growth the role of an optimized data center is being felt by CIOs. While CIOs are looking to optimize cost by reducing complexity and enhancing data center efficiency, there is a constant desire for business growth in an industry governed and secured environment. Adaptability, application availability Changing and flexibility are the key parameters to judge the current data center stage and build a comprehensive Dynamics strategy for future. of Data Center
  3. 3. SIGNIFICANCE of G3 DATA CENTERS With a continuous pressure of doing more with less and optimizing the data center environment to be more responsive, consolidated and secured; CIOs need to strive for G3 data centers. A G3 data center is aligned to CIOs needs of Green, Growth and Governance and results in new edge data center with reduced cost and enhanced performance. HCL and EMC have realized that G3 data centers will help CIOs in three major areas – how to reduce carbon foot prints and energy expenditure by adopting for Green IT; how to govern and build a resilient data center and thus a robust IT infrastructure; how to transform data center environment resulting in high business growth.GREENWith rising energy costs, a slow down in the economy and social pressures to go green; CIOs must focus onhow much energy they are consuming. A it’s a fact that IT is power-hungry, there has never been a morecompelling time to cut both the costs of running your IT and your carbon footprint. Whether it’s the powersupporting IT Infrastructure (30-40% of total DC power) or the power supporting Physical Infrastructure(60-70% of total DC power); CIOs need to relook the consumption and redefine Green IT strategy.GOVERNACEChanging industry regulations, business norms, data security threats and need for high business availablyhave redefined the need for data center governance. Enterprise risk is pervasive - from natural catastrophesto internal and external threats, from audits to legal requests and government regulations. As a result, a CIOhas to ensure IT continuity, compliance to regulations and security to safeguard organizational assets andhelp minimize negative financial exposure.GROWTHCIO’s changed role not only results in higher IT responsibility but also demands for a contribution inbusiness growth. With rapid growth in business applications it is quintessential to transform data centerenvironment with better return on investment and business aligned Infrastructure. EN GRE GO VE Reduced Power Resilient Infrastructure Reduced TCO GREEN GROWTH GOVERNANCE R N AN Reduced Assets Business Coninuity Transformed IT CE Reduced Carbon Adherence environment Foot prints Enhanced Security Scalable, Responsive and WTH Flexible Data Centers GRO
  4. 4. G3 DATA CENTRE SERVICES FROM HCL AND EMCThe G3 data center services by HCL and EMC HCL and EMC share a 360 degree relationshiphave been developed to address three key in IT Infrastructure space to help organizationsissues of a data center and CIO: transforming their businesses by high end technology products from EMC combined with HCL domain expertise and data center to have a sustainable services. HCL, by virtue of its investments in growth in post recession era product engineering of EMC storage,How to reduce operational IT cost and Documentum and RSA, for over 8 years, has carbon footprints by use of “Green IT” broad and deep product knowledge. This product knowledge coupled with its to govern the entire business professional services capabilities help environment according to industry organizations to transform their data centers norms & business requirement and achieve G3 objectives – Green, Governance and Growth. HCL’s Play EMC’s Play Data Center Build Low Power Disk Data Center Drives Consolidation GREEN Data Center Fully Automated Storage and Backup Virtualization VMware and Hyper V Support Business Continuity Information Lifecycle Plan Management Disaster Recovery GOVERNANCE Services Integrated Archival and Backup Software Data Center Security RSA Security Solution Data Center Scale out Architecture Transformation Managed Backup and GROWTH Shared DC Services Strategic Outsourcing Storage Zero Data Loss Solutions
  5. 5. GREEN ServicesHCL data center build, consolidation and 15 to 35% reduction in energy cost overvirtualization help organizations in assessing, the period of three yearsplanning, integrating and transforming data Image of socially responsiblecenter environment. The objective is to organization by reducing carbonoptimize the entire environment with less emission by 20 to 30%power requirement, high asset utilization and Improved asset utilization by up to 65%minimal carbon emission.Alliance with EMC helps in building storageand information lifecycle managementsolutions and results in a Greener data centerenvironment.GOVERNANCE Services HCL disaster recovery and business continuity services have been developed to help enterprises in adhering to industry norms and Robust BCP plan with defined recovery save their business by natural calamities and time objective and recovery point disasters. The BCP plan assesses data driven, objective business driven and event driven risks and Seamless integration of data with an forms a strong road map to address them. The uptime of 99.8% objective here is to provide a secured data Customized solutions according to center environment with 99.8% uptime. industry compliances and regulations EMC’s Information life cycle management solutions and security services (RSA) help HCL in building customized governance solutions according to CIO’s needs.GROWTH ServicesHCL data center transformation services focus oncreating sustainable business growth throughoperational excellence and reduced cost. They Reduced total cost of ownership throughalong with strategic sourcing services have been asset consolidation, shared services andinnovated to help CIOs in transforming the entire flexible pricing optionsbusiness environment by optimized use of IT and Scalable and responsive data centersconsultancy services. Shared service help our which help in addressing businessclients by giving them various technical and challenges in a faster and efficientcommercial options which suit their business mannersneeds. Optimized and transformed IT environmentEMC’s leadership in innovation and back uptechnology help clients to achieve a sustainableand regular growth through managed back upservices and zero data loss solutions.
  6. 6. SummaryG3 data center services will form the core of IT strategies of CIOs looking to deliver more with lessand stepping into shoes of a “Business Leader” from “Business Enabler”. As green data centers havebecome a quintessential need for the organizations, CIOs are looking not only to cut the power costbut to gain the carbon credits for their organizations. Industry norms, business risks and need for arobust governance framework will be the another key data center requirement for the CIOs lookingto make their business risk free by mitigating business, event and data related risks. Finally, as CIOshave taken the leadership role, growing the business in sustainable manner by transforming the ITlandscape will be the top priority of CIO strategy. Organizations adapting to G3 data centers andaligning their data center strategy with 3 Gs will be able to transform their IT infrastructure andachieve business benefits in a faster and efficient manner.