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HCL in theRailroad IndustryTransforming Railroads by Driving Business through Technology
UNDERSTANDING                                                                                                             ...
PEOPLE IN ACTIONTHE RAILROAD TEAM•	 Understanding business processes pertinent to the industry and applying technology to ...
HCL Technologies: $6.2bn |   90000 people | 31countries                              •	 Customers - 20+ global customers i...
The World is noticingsomething unique about HCLAcknowledges HCL Technologies as the                                       ...
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HCLT Brochure: HCL in Railroads


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Railroad organizations including Class 1 railroads, Transit agencies, Intermodal operators and other Passenger train operators are witnessing increased demand. Being an economically cost effective alternative and an eco-friendly solution has surged the demand for rail services. HCL, led by its domain led approach partners with leading rail operators to help them manage the growing demand by aligning technology to business, adapting to regulatory demands like adoption of Positive train control, enhancing workforce productivity through mobility and transforming legacy systems keeping them adept with changing business needs.

Download our Services Brochure for the Railroads Industry to understand how HCL is partnering with Rail operators including 9 of top 15 railroads to help build sustainable competitive advantages and transform business through technology.

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HCLT Brochure: HCL in Railroads

  1. 1. HCL in theRailroad IndustryTransforming Railroads by Driving Business through Technology
  2. 2. UNDERSTANDING RailroadTHE INDUSTRY VALUE+ SOLUTIONS• Rail continues to take market share from trucking companies, offering an efficient alternative at competitive rates and HCL Offering Solution Overview and Value Proposition with Realized Benefits reducing the cost of doing business• Intermodal (shipping containers and truck trailers moving on railroad flatcars) has been the fastest growing rail traffic iMRO for Rail • HCL’s solution for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul that enhances the SAP ERP application segment in the past 25 years • Addresses the transportation industry’s requirements in Asset Induction, Inspection, Maintenance Planning & Resource Balancing, and paperless maintenance• In North America alone, the Railroad industry employs over 175,000 workers and has poured $500 billion into trains, tracks and terminals since 1980 • Off-the-shelf application that brings end-user benefits and operational efficiencies resulting in increased asset utilization, improved material availability, greater cost transparency and built in• The average rail shipper today can move nearly twice as much freight for what it paid 30 years ago while paying 45% compliance support. less when compared to the 80’s• Passenger intermodal is fast emerging as more and more users mix flight with railroad travel, and railroad freighters iCREW for Rail • HCL’s end-to-end solution for administering, assigning, planning, dispatching and paying crews are more willing to share routes and tracks • Extends the SAP ERP functionalities of human capital management to tackle the unique workforce management challenges of transportation service providers • Improves operational efficiencyBusiness Challenges • Reduces overall operating costs Geographically dispersed operations Operational efficiency and reliability iLINE for Rail • HCL’s solution for maintaining linear assets based on SAP ERP • Addresses unique requirements of linear assets that can stretch across thousands of miles • Complex asset tracking requirements • Aging IT systems limit resource efficiency and requiring regular inspection and both planned and unplanned maintenance • Maintaining optimal inventory levels at multiple undermines reliability in established rail markets, • Facilitates both planning and execution of linear asset maintenance, while maintaining detailed locations preventing companies from responding quickly to labor, material and other cost information to enable financial/compliance reporting changing needs; Inability to adopt newer, more flexible • Complex workforce scheduling requirements technology • Planning and scheduling of constrained Automotive Data • Decision support system that provides a single, integrated view of automotive business data • Lack of industry wide standards and efforts to identify Warehouse • Visibility of automotive operations - from manufacturer to dealer delivery - at the VIN level maintenance resources and automate processes through effective use of • Analysis of damage/compilation of occurrences and liabilities to optimize ramp locations, and • Increase in inter-company/ industry and cross technology accord comparisons and analysis of actual rail car volumes to budget and forecast estimates border collaboration • Visibility and real time information availability at VIN level • Improved cost analysis and utilization of ramps, rail cars and equipment by ~20% Resource management Increasing regulations & capital spend • Improved transit time(~15%) by reducing the dwell time – minimizing revenue leakage • High cost labor - Rail workers are amongst the • In the US alone, 40 cents per revenue dollar was most highly compensated workers invested back into a rail network since 1981 - the Crew Scheduling • Schedule Management through automated crew calling; end-to-end visibility throughout yard and road assignments • Large-scale retirements and massive intellectual railroads are estimated to spend nearly 17 % of revenue on capital expenditures annually • Complete visibility within the pools, assignments and employee status capacity exiting the labor-force at the same • Adherence to FRA ‘Hours of service’ regulations time - the increasing age of baby boomers in • Railroads are committed to meeting the Positive Train the active labor force continues to be a major Control (PTC) deadline, but it will cost up to $13.2 • 20% improvement in crew productivity • 100% reliability with 24*7 support offering complete visibility of pools/assignments and concern billion to install and maintain PTC over the next 20 employee status • Unionized workforce with increased bargaining years (while PTC will yield just $1 in benefits for every • Improved ROI through efficient crew management power - approximately 85 % of Class I $20 spent on it) employees and around, belong to a union Wireless Yard • Provides an automated process that “reads” the legacy system switch list where each car in Switching the list has been “marked up” for further disposition • Sends the signal to the yard switch control panel to manipulate the yard switches according to HCL – Here to help the marked up switch list, increasing the productivity and safety • Effective control of switching operations • 500+ domain & technology professionals • Yard switching in sequential order, marked as per the switch list • Improved communication and safety for yard personnel • Experience with Class 1 North American railroad companies • Centralized system-driven switching operations for car disposition within the classification yard • Transformation capabilities in functional areas core to railroads - Product Engineering, Enterprise Asset Management, Workforce Management, Revenue & Cost Management, Corporate Performance, Global Trade & Compliance, and Maintenance of Way • Mobility solution for maintenance staff on field, providing real-time connectivity with core Enterprise Resource Planning systems from remote locations • Real time update of information on assignments and deviations to the system • Transformation solutions for Maintenance Repair & Overhaul, Crew Management, Liner Asset Management, Decision making basis Event Correlation, Shipment tracking, remote workforce enablement and Mobility enabled solutions • 20% improvement in field staff productivity • 100% visibility about service assignments and status • Addressing the most pressing challenges – system modernization without impacting customer services, improving • Improved resource utilization employee productivity, increasing operational efficiency and real-time supply chain visibility, simplifying travel experience, enhancing digital presence, and grooming to regulatory demands
  3. 3. PEOPLE IN ACTIONTHE RAILROAD TEAM• Understanding business processes pertinent to the industry and applying technology to enhance customer experience• Dedicated customer academies to expedite resource on-boarding and productivity through domain led delivery• Offering a ROI based, proven Application Management methodology with predictable outcomes designed to alleviate the central issues of value addition, business alignment and cost reduction; Guaranteed savings accruing from reduced cost of operations -‘Run the business’, are ploughed back into transformational initiatives focusing on ‘Change the SUCCESS Business’ Practice Snapshot Domain Expertise Solutions & Frameworks Partnerships & Industry Alliances Comprehensive services across the ecosystem Unique Business Models STORIES • 500+ domain & technology • iMRO Leveraging strategic • Enterprise • Collaborative professionals alliances with Fortune Transformation Co-Sourcing • iCREW 1000 firms Model • Delivering services to 9 of the top 15 railroad • iLINE • SAP • Product Engineering & Development (provides flexibility & Testimonials Case Studies companies, globally scalability as • Automotive Data • Oracle • System Integration Business Transformation • Engaged with North Warehouse a customer can retain “The introduction of the new integrated America’s Class 1 • Microsoft • IT Services, control over all system will lead to a business change across SAP enabled business transformation across Finance, HR, railroads; proven case • Crew calling Management & Procurement and Crew Management providing executive the strategic studies to demonstrate Solution • TIBCO Operations aspects Transport for London organizations and that reporting for the transport system in Greater London, experience and subject • Optimized • Red Prairie • BPO of IT while will dramatically improve our efficiencies and including providing a shared services model. Results: matter expertise leveraging our Projected $400 Mn in realized savings. Maintenance capabilities benefit all of the London’s commuters and • Significant investments Scheduler • eBiznet • Infrastructure in railroads - Solutions, Services for operational visitors.” • Maintenance • Daon execution and Finance and Payroll Accelerators, excellence) of Way Mobility • Custom Application Methodologies & Solution • AvFinity Development Managing Director, Finance and Enabled real-time management information and Frameworks, addressing • Risk-Reward implemented world- class financial processes across unique functionalities • EMC Sharing Planning, Leading Urban Transport • Rail Yard • Legacy Accounting, Planning & Budgeting, GRC and Payroll for the providing competitive value for customers across key Management Modernization Authority in London largest Class I Railroad in North America. Results: Adheres • HP • Output Based performance parameters Pricing to industry specific requirements such as STB reporting • Master Data • CA Management and STB compliance, and financial transparency. • JVs • Misys • EDI/B2B Services Crew Management • Informatica For the largest railroad company in Canada, we modernized the existing crew management system by migrating from 20+ Global Customers a mainframe infrastructure to a fully integrated midrange solution. Results: Vaulted this client to a leadership position in employee productivity and cost control by reducing its dispatching costs, deadhead and layway costs and ensuring guaranteed payments. Results: $60 Mn annual savings projected. Customized Solutions For Singapore’s premier public transport rail service provider, we provided a solution to overcome specific problems in their preventive maintenance plans. Results: Problem response time was reduced by 20%; cost in spares inventory was reduced by 33%; provided One Platform for all HR systems
  4. 4. HCL Technologies: $6.2bn | 90000 people | 31countries • Customers - 20+ global customers in North America, Europe, India & the Middle East, APAC and ANZ HCL’s Railroad Team • Team - 500+ technology & domain consultants • Services – IT Applications Development & Maintenance, Enterprise Transformation, Legacy IMPACTING THE WORLD Modernization, Business Intelligence & Reporting, Product Engineering & Development, Business Process Outsourcing, Infrastructure Services • Solutions & Frameworks – iMRO, iCrew, iLine, Rail Yard Management, Automotive Data Warehouse, Mobile Data Terminal, Positive Train Control, Optimal Yard Switching, Wireless Yard Switching • Partnerships – SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, TIBCO, Red Prairie, eBiznet, Daon, AvFinity, EMC, HP, CA, Misys, Informatica
  5. 5. The World is noticingsomething unique about HCLAcknowledges HCL Technologies as the HCL’s Employees First is a new and HCL’s Employees First and ‘democratization’ radical management philosophy which willworld’s most modern management of management concept could ‘bring about a catch on with the world sooner or laterHCL is also the only Asian company whose corporate renaissance’CEO featured on Fortune’s ‘Dream Team’ Darden School of Business has done a Harvard Business School teaches case study on the impact created by HCLHCL is in the Elite “Thinkers 50” List through its “Employees First Customers about HCL as a case study on business transformation highlighting the Employees Second” practice First initiativeFor the fourth time in a row, WorldBlu lists HCLas one of the Most Democratic Workplaces inthe World Honored with the Forrester Groundswell Award Ranked as the world’s Most Innovative 2011 in the ‘Management – Innovative Systems’ Company in its workforce practices category for ‘Value Portal’ – an employee idea exchange platform where employees collaborate,Publishes a Case Study recognizing the innovate and lead the implementation of theirbusiness value of HCL’s Employees First - Gartner ideas to deliver value to HCL’s customers“For HCL customers, improved engagementand employee passion translates into Exclusive report on EFCS recognizes thatgreater flexibility, proactive innovation, and a this philosophy empowers HCL’s frontline Published by Harvard Press,desire to do the right thing for the customer, employees to make decisions and take Employees First, Customersregardless of what the rules might say”, actions for the benefit of customers Second is admired by global thought it says. leaders - Tom Peters, Tony Hsieh, Gary Hamel, Judy McGrath, Ram Charan and Victor K. Fung; Ranked No. 17 on the Best Seller list in 800-CEO-READ; Listed amongst the ‘Best Business Books of One of Britain’s Top Employers for the 2010’ by the Library Journal of America; RankedWins the Asian Human Capital Award 5th Consecutive Year No. 7 on Amazon UK’s listing of ‘Best Business2011 for innovative and impactful peoplepractices centered on the Employees Books of 2010’.First, Customers Second philosophy The ‘Employees First’ philosophy at HCL, the first such articulation in the IT Industry, is at the IT IS core of our efforts to provide our employees EMPLOYEES FIRST with a work environment and culture that they can take pride in. Employees First. When you channelize the energies of 90,000 employees and pour it into a funnel, you get a potent concoction gushing out of the other end that will send your company’s engines racing. We call this the Employees First effect.