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The Human: Sound and hearing


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Published in: Education
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The Human: Sound and hearing

  1. 1. the ear and sound
  2. 2. soundssecond sense? particularly important for speechless used in user interfaces partly because annoying for others because less directional more diffuse strength and weakness
  3. 3. the spectrum of soundssounds vary in: pitch (frequency) volume timbre ... the ‘shape’ violin vs. big bass drum
  4. 4. the earsensitive from ~20Hz to ~ 20KHzchanges with ageingbalance organs also in the inner ear image:
  5. 5. two ears and the pinnatwo ears stereo sound => left-right detectionpinna (visible ear!) directional changes shape of sound => full 3D sound image:
  6. 6. time and spacevision: movie or static picturesound: no ‘static’ sound always about changevibration, movement, pressure waves
  7. 7. time and spacebinaural hearing distance between ears ~ 30 cm speed of sound ~ 340 ms delay left–right ~ 1 ms
  8. 8. time and spacewavelengths middle C in piano frequency: 261.6 Hz wavelength ~ 1.3 metres, 4 ½ feet affects propagation in spaces, resonance
  9. 9. in the interfacesimple sounds (beep, ring, and buzz) attention grabbing and feedbackecological (thump and gurgle) what is happeningspeech and music: recorded (download & play) live (streaming movie) delays, gaps, interactive (Skype and video calls) and jitter
  10. 10. the phone ...multi-tap with simulated key click to type f = ddd three ‘d’ presses kept doing four but only with sound on(delayed) aural feedback overcame physical feel
  11. 11. setting the moodthe movie soundtrack may not notice at the timeengagement in video games and VR the sub-seat woofer!
  12. 12. attention and backgroundcan focus aural attention the cocktail party effectbut also general sense of context Arkolaand can grab attention big bang or softly whispered name