Accelerating SharePoint Value with Work Management


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The key to creating value from managing work in your organization is to further leverage SharePoint to plan and track all types of work. As your core enterprise content management system, SharePoint is the central portal for all enterprise work and collaboration for all internal and external users. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can generate significant value from the use of the WorkEngine for SharePoint platform. With very little additional investment in your existing SharePoint infrastructure you can benefit from integrated work planning and tracking, detailed budget and cost management, resource capacity management and overall work management reporting and dashboards.

Please join EPM Live to learn how to create value in your organization by using the WorkEngine solution together with your existing SharePoint infrastructure.

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Accelerating SharePoint Value with Work Management

  1. 1. Accelerating SharePoint Value fromTotal Work ManagementTotal Work Management in EPM Live Delivers Value to theOrganizationJose Levy
  2. 2. TopicsDefining Value from SharePointWork Management as a FoundationAccelerating SharePoint Value with EPM LiveWork Management Usage Scenarios– Team Member, Manager (RM, PM), ExecutiveBenefits Summary
  3. 3. Defining Value from SharePoint
  4. 4. Increasing SharePoint Platform Integrated to ERP & LOB Data ApplicationsValue “Buy or Build” Collaboration Document Management Out of the Box Costs
  5. 5. Increasing Value With Process Complexity Integrated to ERP & LOB Data “Buy” Work Management ApplicationValue Collaboration Document Management Out of the Box Costs
  6. 6. Work Management as theFoundation
  7. 7. Work is Everywhere Select Plan Execute Control Close To dos ApplicationProject Tasks Issues Backlog Documents Defects Approvals User Recurring Stories Maintenance Incidents Changes Deliverables Testing Bugs
  8. 8. Work Management as the FoundationSharePoint as the Work Management System Organizational Performance Portfolio Management Project Management Resource Management Work Management (Define, Plan, Prioritize, Track)
  9. 9. EPM Live Provides the Work Management Platform Business Value Capabilities/ Performance Incidents Service Portfolio Incidents, Changes, Problems Projects Reporting Changes Metrics Dashboards Select Status Reports Application Portfolio Work Releases, Backlog, Test Cases Resource Management Demand Work Management Execution/Delivery Project Portfolio Projects, Tasks, Issues, Risks Work and Resource Management Foundation with EPM Live
  10. 10. Accelerating SharePoint Valuewith EPM Live
  11. 11. Introducing EPM Live Platform Portfolio Resource Cost Schedule Work Time Management Management Management Management Management Management Enterprise Demand Management Capabilities Project Application Service Management Management Management Pre-built Applications Tasks To-dos Approvals Changes Bugs Problems Backlogs (Work Processes)Issues Maintenance Deliverables Testing Service Requests Defects Work Features Integration with Systems/Applications Other LOB’s
  12. 12. Extensive Feature SetTask and Work Management
  13. 13. Service Requests Maintain all service requests from a single location Meet unique needs based type of service request Increase efficiency through instant visibility and assignment All service requests easily manageable
  14. 14. Agile Management Iterative development and maintenance of application assets Common tools for agile, projects and services Integration with TFS Integration SDLC tools like TFS Iterative application and product development
  15. 15. Project Schedule Management Detailed project schedules and assignments in a single system Bi-directional integration with MS Project Online Work Planner for non-MS Project Online Project Planner Microsoft Project 2007, 2010 users Detailed schedule management in SharePoint with EPM Live
  16. 16. Work Management Risks Updating Task Status Actions User Stories on All Work Assigned Issues Documents To You Defects Contracts Tasks Problems Defects Sign Up for Task Bugs Approvals Deliverables Status Alert Emails Recurring Changes Requests Maintenance Create New Work Items From a Single Manage and Track All Work View Assigned To You
  17. 17. Resource Management Gain Greater Control of Project Resources View Resource Assignments for All Work Resource Planning for Projects, Applications and Service related activities Resource Workload and Availability & Gain Visibility into All Resource Demands
  18. 18. Resource Capacity Planning  Forecast resource demand for all portfolio items  FTE or hours based planning  Resource Capacity Planning for all Portfolio items  Demand vs. Capacity Gain Visibility into All Resource Demands
  19. 19. Portfolio Management Advanced portfolio management tools What-if modeling and scenario comparisons Prioritization Strategic Alignment Advanced Portfolio Management Tools
  20. 20. Work Management UsageScenarios
  21. 21. Work Management Usage Scenarios 1. Define Work  Project, Service, Support 2. Status Work  By Priority  By Due Date 3. Review Resource Work Assignments 4. Review Organizational Capacity for Work
  22. 22. Benefits Summary
  23. 23. Overall BenefitsMost Complete SharePoint Application for WorkManagement (Resource, Project, Portfolio)Easily Configurable SolutionsManage “All” types of work in “One” system – Define, Plan, Prioritize, Track all types of work – Multiple Status and Time management capabilities – Reporting for analysis of work completion – Resource Management at different levels of organization
  24. 24. Try us
  25. 25. Jose Levyjlevy@epmlive.com469-328-9851