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Validating the Visual Practice


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Presentation of Research on the Value of the Visual Practice results and methods at International Forum for Visual Practitioners annual conference 2013 by Heidi Forbes Öste. The study was done as part of doctoral research and is ongoing and hosted at The methods paper is available for download.

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Validating the Visual Practice

  1. 1. When Anecdotal Data is Not Enough Measuring the Value of the Visual Practice, Why and How. Heidi Forbes Öste, PhD Candidate (Global Social Strategist & Visual Practitioner) presented at International Forum for Visual Practitioners New York City, 25 July 2013 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB
  2. 2. 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB What We Know/ Feel / See -- 140 characters versus 1000 words --
  3. 3. 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB The Magic 8585%
  4. 4. Why it Works apple AppleApple 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB  Multiple sensory interactions  Lead to greater understanding  Leads to stronger memory retention  Also leads to innovative ideas on change and opportunities for improvement
  5. 5. Visual Practice: forms share common values 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB
  6. 6. Visual Practice: A Shared Lexicon 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB Lexicon created by Heidi Forbes Öste as part of report on the Value of Visual Practice 2013 ( Based on definitions used by The Grove, AlphaChimp, The Art of Hosting, Chaos Pilots, World Café and Doodle Revolution
  7. 7. @rohdesign @forbesoste Sketchnotes: -personal notes Capturing perspective -Notebook or Tablet 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB
  8. 8. Graphic Recording: -Capturing Speaker, dialog or group for purpose of shared Understanding & Memory -Large Scale or Digital 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB
  9. 9. Graphic Facilitation: - Facilitating meeting +/- process to improve collaboration & understanding of common purpose - Large Scale Imagery for Big Picture thinking 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB
  10. 10. Strategic Visualization: - Using graphic facilitation techniques for strategic processes: Change Management, Visioning, Organizational Development - Large Scale 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB
  11. 11. 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB Survey: Global Participants
  12. 12. The Survey: Capturing Demographics 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB understand your data & validate your results
  13. 13. 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB Survey Results: Value of Practice: 80+% More effective than traditional meetings in all Categories! (even when filter out Practitioners responses)
  14. 14. 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB Survey Results: Value of Methods 90% client satisfaction & exceeded expectations Room for Improvement: *Educate clients on use of charts and visuals! *Need more practitioners!
  15. 15. More Data is Needed 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB
  16. 16. 2013©HeidiForbesÖste,2BalanceUAB Collect, Share Data to Grow the Visual Practice Survey & Intro live at: Share with clients to aggregate feedback Your are welcome to use the research and data, please simply cite your sources! Found new research? please share it! info (at)