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The Kitchen Cooks' 'Chefs International' App for The APPrentice, March 2012.

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Chefs International

  1. 1. The Kitchen Cooks CHEFS INTERNATIONAL Cara Marcuccilli, Gemma Maitland, Emily Hobson and Kyle Mitchell
  2. 2. Marketing This is a fun, educational game for cooking. Our app is aimed for 7+ players from young to old our step by step cooking instructions will be useful for young go getters to middle aged amateurs in the cooking department. This is the next generation of cooking it’s cooking without the mess, no washing or cleaning up after the game does it for you. Our phenomenal app will be marketed for 59p and it will increase numeracy and literacy skills by reading recipes and measuring volumes of liquids and different types of food.
  3. 3. This app is a fun, productive experience ofcooking. Our app links to health and wellbeingalso numeracy and literacy. Step by step simpleinstructions which suits 7+ players and older,maybe less experienced adults who are challengedin the cookery department. It will be sold for only59p a fantastic price for such a fun app. Many good features on our app is cooking withoutthe mess, no washing or cleaning after and learnhow to cook at a very early age.
  4. 4. Characters and EffectsThe app features two characters, Raymond and Gemma they are competitive and are fantastic cooks but have very different personalities.So try it out and see which one you prefer.Below is a picture of Raymond and Gemma and Kyle’s fish.