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Senior ipt term4_casestudy

  1. 1. Hillcrest Christian College Hillcrest Christian College Information Processing and Technology SEMESTER 2 2013 NAME: DATE: 21/10/13(Yr 12) 28/10/13 (Yr 11) ASSESSMENT ITEM NO Yr 11 - 5, Yr 12 - 11 TYPE OF ASSESSMENT Formative (Yr11) Summative (Yr12) ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUE Extended Response (Case Study), Individual ASSESSMENT CONDITIONS Unsupervised Yr 11 – 3 Weeks, Yr 12 – 2 Weeks Year 11– Draft, (Week 5) 8/11/13 DUE DATE – Final(Week 6)15/11/13 Year 12– Final (Week 4) 28/10/13 – Final(Week 5) 4/11/13 TOPIC/S ASSESSED Computer Systems Human-Computer Interaction Social and Ethical Implications CRITERIA ASSESSED Knowledge & Application Analysis & Synthesis Evaluation & Communication Results Knowledge & Application Analysis & Synthesis Evaluation & Communication
  2. 2. Hillcrest Christian College Task (Case Study): In this task you will analyse a computer system within a workplace of your own choosing (can even be the workplace where you are currentlyemployed). You may opt to do this as a group of up to 3 students (maximum), to make it easier for the entire class in finding and researching various systems. However, all work submitted for the written case study of the particular computer system must be the individual’s effort alone. You (or your group) are to choose a business/organisation to base your case study on and then plan to visit that system in order to analyse it fully.It is required that at least one (can also be a number) of the workplace employees as well as one managerial personnelbe interviewed regarding the computer system in use within their company. A current workplace or family business would be an excellent starting point for a site to base research on, and a current boss, parent, friend or relative would be a useful and suitable contact to have when organising interviewing. Suitable sites will need to be contacted beforehand and arrangements made to visit the various systems. Our college Library or IT Technical department are good alternatives should it not be easy or convenient for you to locate a system external to the college. A generic letter notifying different workplaces and key persons of our intent to carry out an investigation on their computer system, as well as acknowledging certain limitations we may need to work within, is included below. Please present this to them at least a few days prior to your investigation as a show of courtesy and to give them some context for your intended computer system analysis.
  3. 3. Hillcrest Christian College In order to carry out the case study youwill work through the following stages in order (Individually): [Design]Devise a questionnaire for use during the interview that covers all of the major aspects of the workplace’s computer system. This should include a re-wording of the following key ideas: Purpose – What is the main activity of the organisation (its core business)? In whatways does the computer system support this? What other supplementary activities (ifany) does the system support (WP, accounting, inventory, etc.)? Who are the clients ofthis enterprise; what procedures are in place for dealing with these clients? Is anyoutsourcing used? Hardware – Whattypes of devices (in particular PC’s) are used in the enterprise? Determine the varietyof input and output devices in use. What forms of secondary storage are used? If possible cost the system. What physical security is in place? Software – What operating system(s) is used? List some of the major programs employed. Identify the backup system (form, frequency, storage). Determine softwaremaintenance and programming (if any). Human systems – Determine the variety of tasks performed in operating the system; How is the system administered and maintained? What training of staff occurs? Whatlevel of user support is in place? How are new staff recruited? What form does HRmanagement take? Investigate user comfort (hardware, furniture, programs) Networking – What type of network is in use? What is the number of users? How good isnetwork performance? Is wireless networking used? Establish the role of email andinternet in the organisation; What protocols are supported? What forms of networksecurity are in place?
  4. 4. Hillcrest Christian College [Develop]Fill in answers to the questionnaire on the basis that such information is available. [Develop]Summarise your case study in a brief and concise 800 -1000 word report outlining all aspects of the company’s computer system. This main written section should be set out using the following accepted structure: Introduction Introduce the main aims of the case study, the context for computer system investigation, methods for investigation and allude to conclusions that will be reached by the end of the report. Body Be sure to use the main subheadings as outlined in the questionnaire and involve all of the major aspects of the workplace computer system addressed within the questionnaire. Summarise in paragraph form the findings for each critical component of the computer system. Conclusion Within the last section of the report you should make a clear recommendation as to how the company could improve their computer system to best suit their day-to-day operations (within reason). Discuss the major areas for attention and give explicit advice for ways in which these under-performing components of the system could be addressed. [Evaluate] Focus questions for you to consider in the Conclusion (NOT LIMITED TO): 1. Assess the overall effectiveness of the system you have visited. To do this you must identify the purpose and function of the system. In your opinion does the system support the operation of the enterprise significantly? If so, in what ways, if not how could it be improved?
  5. 5. Hillcrest Christian College 2.What is the current standard of hardware devices within the system? (i.e. Age, Specification, Type). Is there any hardware which is denigrating the intended productivity and efficiency that would be expected within the organisation? 3. Is the software currently being used in day-to-day operations appropriate for the amplified functionality and efficiency required within the organisation, or are there changes required? 4. When considering the various Human Systems related to the case study, are there any further needs or elements to be revised so that a greater cohesion is achieved between the user and computer system in question? i.e. Discuss the ease of use of the system. In your answer refer to the hardware and software ergonomics, the support given to users, and the functionality of the user interface. 5. In what ways is the current use of networking an advantage or disadvantage to the organisation? 6. Comment on the security system in place. Is it in your opinion effective, or could it be improved in some way? Submission: Collate your assignment in a digital format (word document) for submission via the ‘Assessmentdropbox’ by the due date on our Senior IPT, Term 4myPLS course page. Include a: cover page, table of contents, page numbers and criteria sheet(copy/pasted from task below) attached after the end of the document.
  6. 6. Hillcrest Christian College Analysis and synthesis Task Criteria: A selects pertinent issues and identifies a connecting central idea; makes a detailed interpretation and analysis of the different arguments from multiple perspectives; designs and develops an efficient and elegant critical review that demonstrates insight into the key issues, linking them through the central idea, and integrating evidence from outside sources B selects relevant issues and identifies a central idea; makes a comprehensive analysis of the different arguments; designs and develops a critical review that demonstrates awareness of the key issues and the central idea, utilising evidence from outside sources C selects three issues and a central idea; makes an analysis of the different arguments; designs and develops a review that demonstrates some awareness of issues and central idea, providing evidence of outside sources D identifies issues and different arguments; develops elements of a review with some awareness of issues, little evidence of outside sources E states issues or arguments; superficial review with little awareness of issues
  7. 7. Hillcrest Christian College HILLCREST P | 07 5593 4226 CHRISTIAN E | COLLEGE A | 21 Bridgman Dr, Reedy Creek, QLD 4227 2013, Term 4: Computer Systems Extended Response - Case Study Dear Sir/Madam, The Senior Information Processing and Technology class at Hillcrest Christian College are currently doing a unit covering the use of computer systems in a company setting. The work they are covering includes computer systems, network structures, ergonomics, security, privacy, equity and accessibility, backup procedures and disaster recovery. As part of this unit of study, students are required to do a case study of a computer system. We would appreciate if you could help by allowing our students to analyse and write a report based on the system at your workplace. You don’t have to allow the student access to the system (you may be happy to even if only superficially – i.e. taking photos), but if you could spend a short time answering their prepared questions (verbally or via email) that would be greatly appreciated. You can answer as detailed as you feel necessary, and students understand that you may not want to divulge particular information as some aspects of a company’s computer system are sensitive. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Nicholas Miles Head of Information Technology Hillcrest Christian College 07 5593 4226