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  1. 1. IPT Major Project Logbook By Mark Johnman
  2. 2. Entry 1 - 18/8/11 Today, I familiarised myself with Major Project Task, making sure that I understood all the design phases and their respective components. Following this, I created the layout for my documentation, with title and contents pages, and then selected the web application that I will develop – “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. Entry 2 - 21/8/11 Throughout today, I have worked on and completed Phase 1 of the Major Project (Aim and Problem Definition). Entry 3 - 28/8/11 Over the past few days, I have been completing, and have now finished, sections 2.1 and 2.2 of the documentation. Entry 4 - 3/9/11 Today, I finished the pseudocode for my Major Project (2.3), thereby completing Phase 2 of the documentation. Entry 5 - 5/9/11 Finished the main layout for the application and created a countdown function to display a five second countdown to the start of the game, which leads into the in-game screen (currently blank with no content – i.e. questions, answers, etc – on it). Entry 6 - 7/9/11 Today, I managed to get the questions and answers to display in the in-game state, reading in correctly from Questions text file. Entry 7 - 15/9/11 Over the last few days, I have been working on the selection of answers when a player clicks on them, the checking of answers when a user locks them in, and on the Winner’s Cheque screen that displays upon winning the game. Entry 8 - 16/9/11 I had an extremely productive day today. Firstly, I successfully designed and implemented the timer option of the web application, enabling it to count down to 0 and then display an
  3. 3. alert box telling the user that the timer has run out (then redirecting them back to the Start Menu as they have lost the game). I then managed to find pictures for each of the in-game lifelines and get them to display on the left side of the in-game screen, with a confirm box popping up whenever a player clicks on one of them (to make sure that the player wants to use that particular lifeline). Finally, I managed to get the Fifty-Fifty lifeline working fully, so that it randomly crosses out two incorrect answers to a question Entry 9 - 19/9/11 Today, I finished coding my Major Project! Yesterday, I completed the rest of the lifelines, ensuring that they worked and functioned as they were supposed to. Then today, I was able to get the levels (from $100 to $1,000,000) to display on the right side of the screen, being highlighted as a player progresses throughout the game. Entry 10 - 20/9/11 I completed the testing phase of the documentation today. However, I found it difficult to recollect all of the testing (and its results) that I had done on the game as it was being developed. In hindsight, I should have completed this phase of the documentation as I was coding the application, as it would have saved me time and effort in recollecting this information, as well as potentially improving my speed in solving error/s as I would have be able to keep a better track of what I had and hadn’t tried to fix the error/s. This is a lesson that I will definitely apply in future projects like this; at school, in university and in the workforce as the need arises. Entry 11 - 22/9/11 Finally! I have completed the Major Project! Over the past two days, I have been working upon the evaluation component of the assignment, which is comprised of a product and process reflection, as well as a listing of possible modifications to the design/implementation of the single page application (SPA) to make it more efficient and effective. Overall, this assignment has been incredibly taxing, both in terms of time and cognitive effort. However, upon completion, I am really proud of the work that I have done and what I have been able to achieve. I look forward to hopefully using the skills that I have learnt and consolidated within this assignment during the rest of my schooling, university and working life!