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Everything got started in Him, and finds it’s purpose in Him –Col 1:16bOur lives only begin to make meaning and find purpose when we connect our lives with the one who died to give us His life. All of our lives placements and achievements are God’s platforms of expressions. We have been given a platform, a unique position in society. We are meant to use it consciously to do our God given assignment

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Using your platform jun 29

  1. 1. + 35 Days Challenge - Testimonies How did you find the challenge? How has your knowledge of the bible and the world improved? What has happened to you in the last 35 days.Testimonies. Who was able to finish? How do you feel?
  2. 2. + UsingYour Platform to do God’s Will
  3. 3. Everything got started in Him, and finds it’s purpose in Him – Col 1:16b Our lives only begin to make meaning and find purpose when we connect  our lives with the one who died to give us His life. All of our lives  placements and achievements are God’s platforms of expressions. We have  been given a platform, a unique position in society. We are meant to use it  consciously to do our God given assignment. Col 2:6‐7 – Live Christ! School Over, it’s time to practice!
  4. 4. What does God expect from Us? • The GREAT Commission, Matt 28 ‐ 18 And  Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All  authority has been given to Me in heaven  and on earth. 19 Go therefore[a] and make  disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in  the name of the Father and of the Son and of  the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe  all things that I have commanded you; and  lo, I am with you always, even to the end of  the age.” Amen.[b] • Acts 1:8 “But you shall receive power when  the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you  shall be witnesses to Me[a] in Jerusalem, and  in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of  the earth.” • To Disciple:  Train, Teach and Instruct • To Witness • To Minister God has given you a Platform
  5. 5. Definition of Terms Ministry • ministry is an activity carried out by Christians to  express or spread their faith, the prototype being  the Great Commission. 2003's Encyclopedia of  Christianity defines it as "carrying forth Christ's  mission in the world” Disciple • The term "disciple" is derived from the Koine Greek word mathetes, which means a pupil (of a  teacher) or an apprentice (to a master craftsman),  coming to English by way of the Latin discipulus meaning a learner while the more common English  word is student. Witness • A witness is someone who has, who claims to  have, or is thought, by someone with authority to  compel testimony, to have knowledge relevant to  an event or other matter of interest • In Greek the word witness means Martyr, one who  bears witness by his death God has given you a Platform
  6. 6. Examples of Platforms – 2 Cor 10:13 Work, Job, Career, Business • Your Job, your career, and your business  are platforms for you to be a witness and  carry on the work of Jesus. How would he  like to live through you this week? Neighborhood, Community, City,  • You were placed by God where you are  deliberately, think about the people he has  placed around you, how would you allow  Christ to live through you this week? Sphere of Influence • God has deliberately given you access to  some people. Some of them can see you,  some read you, some touch you. How can  they experience Christ this week? God has given you a Platform
  7. 7. Expectation of Witnesses Tell all you know • Simply tell the truth about Jesus Christ to  those around you. You don’t need a college  degree or High IQ, you just need to know  the truth.  Tell what you have experienced,  • Do you have a personal relationship with  Jesus? Is he alive to you? Do you have a  testimony? Church is not the place to share  it. Do the telling, the Holy spirit will do the  convincing. Belief and experience is  important. Be loyal to the end • Be willing to speak up for him wherever.  Even willing to die for him. Be Bold,  Cooperate with the Holy Spirit. He wants to  live out through you, let go! When you  don’t feel like it, when things are hard,  difficult, sad. All the way. God has given you a Platform
  8. 8. How to START – Matt 5:14‐16, Matt  10:40‐42 Shine the Light where you are! • God Put you there because he wants to  shine His light there, don’t cover it up. Do  good, share the gospel. Be generous with your lives! • God is doing things in your life so you can  share with others. You want God to do  more? Share more. Consciously Engage • Write, Speak, Touch, Love! Give a cup of  water, package a meal, gift or message. Get  out of yourself to reach out to others. The  smallest work makes you a disciple or  apprentice. God has given you a Platform
  9. 9. Consequences of Using Your  Platform for God The Boat – Luke 5 • When he uses you, he gives you access to  what you couldn’t get yourself 5 Loaves and 2 Fish – Matt 14 • When he uses what you have, there is  more than enough left. Hannah and Samuel – 1 Samuel 2/3 • When you make yourself available for him,  you’ll get more than what you wanted. God has given you a Platform
  10. 10. Prayer for this Week! Give me Opportunities to be your witness • Give me boldness and utterance to declare  your message. Help me to allow Christ to  live through me. Give me Opportunities to teach, train and  instruct those I meet. • Let me realize your purpose behind all my  engagements. Let me be conscious of your  life within me this week. Help me to live out your life in me fully. • I want to shine your light! I want to express  your love, your mercy, your understanding  and power. Come afresh on me Holy Spirit. God has given you a Platform
  11. 11. + Words on Marble “We all are called to make disciples! There are only two kinds of people who cannot disciple, and that is one who is not a follower of Christ and/or one who disobeys God's command and refuses to disciple
  12. 12. + 42 Days in God’s Agenda! Testing the Claim! – 7 Extra Days! Pray for the World daily for 30 days Read through the New Testament in 30 days Sacrifice your money for a specific reconciliation/gospel purpose. Connect your giving to your going. Spend your time in another context, go out to somewhere different from your normal routes and routine. Don’t’ just sacrifice your money, give yourself! 1 day. Choose a project. Commit your life to a multiplying Community (HCCC). Witness and disciple others to grow the Church and community you belong to. Invite 4 (8times) this 35 days.
  13. 13. +World Prayer Plan ( Afghanistan Czech Republic Iraq North Korea Austria Denmark Israel Pakistan Bosnia Dominican Republic Italy Peru Bhutan Egypt Japan Philippines Armenia Ghana Libya Portugal Botswana France Malaysia Romania Brazil Germany Mexico Rwanda China Greece Moldova Saudi Arabia Cambodia Guatemala Mozambique Slovakia Congo DRC Haiti Myanmar Slovenia Costa Rica Hungary Nepal South Africa Croatia India Nicaragua South Korea
  14. 14. +Bible Reading Plan 1. Matthew 1-9 2. Matthew 10-15 3. Matthew 16-22 4. Matthew 23-28 5. Mark 1-8 6. Mark 9-16 7. Luke 1-6 8. Luke 7-11 9. Luke 12-18 10. Luke 19-24 11. John 1-7 12. John 8-13 13. John 14-21 14. Acts 1-7 15. Acts 8-14 16. Acts 15-21 17. Acts 22-28 18. Romans 1-8 19. Romans 9-16 20. 1 Corinthians 1-9 21. 1 Corinthians 10-16 22. 2 Corinthians 1-13 23. Galatians – Ephesians 24. Philippians – 2 Thessalonians 25. 1 Timothy – Philemon 26. Hebrews 27. James – 2 Peter 28. 1 John – Jude 29. Revelation 1-11 30. Revelation 12-22
  15. 15. +This is who we Are! This is Who I Am! I am Heaven’s Citizen! I am God’s, totally God’s. I am God’s Representative Here on the Earth! He finds expression through me. I am the House that God is Building! I am a living stone, fitted together with other believers into the House of God! I belong to God’s Kingdom! I am a Son of God, A Heir of God, a Joint Heir with Christ. I have no personal AGENDA! I have no personal AMBITION! God’s Will is my Agenda! God’s Service is my Ambition! I am Crucified with Christ! The Life I now live is Christ’s! I live by the FAITH of the SON of God who Loved me, and Gave himself for ME! Jesus is my Lord! He is the VINE, I am a BRANCH! I bear fruit when I abide in Him. I ABIDE in JESUS!
  16. 16. +Heaven's Citizens Christian Centre - Give to God’s Work! Skye Bank: 1771433001 Apapa Branch. GTBank: 0148495211 Ojodu Branch