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An attempt to explain why we are so excited about linked data.
Linked data can to so much for us in terms of data and information integration across heterogeneous applications or in an inter company data exchange scenario.
This presentation attempts to explain, how linked data could be used to share data and solve meta- and master data issues in supply network scenarios.
We all know the problem of keeping track of even the most simple information as for instance locations, contact persons or in more advanced cases item lists, item numbers or information on the range of products that are being offered by a supplier.
This kind of information is currently being published on html based websites.
What if we were to publish this information in rdf and thus would afford our business partners to automatically consume and recycle it. Wouldn't this automatically solve all of our master data issues?
We believe that using the linked data paradigm to integrate and share information within or across companies is the way to go for the future.
Linked data has repeatedly demonstrated that it is robust, efficient and effective. This is why we now have 50 billion triples already linked out there on the semantic web. It really works and it is very affordable and easy to use!
No need to implement expensive EAI or EDI solutions to automate communication with a new business partner....just ask him to put his data on the security certificates and start linking and sharing realtime information!

Hope you have fun doing it.

If you have any questions..we do provide integrated enterprise solutions and support for publishing and consuming linked data and we will be happy to help!

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Eccenca linked data_101 (en)

  1. 1. Linked Data
  2. 2. Let us look at how it evolved and what it did for supplier-customer information exchange and integration!1992
  3. 3. Drawback then Little transparancy Few well established standards1998 Low market penetration
  4. 4. Drawbacks then Too many different formats Too many different portals Too little standardization 2002
  5. 5. Drawbacks now Expensive and isolated silos Globalization becomes a problem2008 Low acceptance on part of suppliers
  6. 6. Goal Cost reduction Increased compatibility Increased market penetration 2012
  7. 7. Problems Lack of flexibility Focus on smallest denominator Single vendor dependency 2014
  8. 8. Linked Data Management2018
  9. 9. Linked Data ManagementWhy don‘t we do it in 2013?
  10. 10. 0€* INEXPENSIVE UPDATED FLEXIBLE EASYLinked Data Management
  11. 11. Linked Data => Already a global standard
  12. 12. Longjump Mike Powell 8,95 Tokyo 1992Association of facts creates meaning
  13. 13. Mike Powell 0.3 m/sA quantum leap:Subject-Predicate-Object triple create „Lingua Franca“ of Machines
  14. 14. How work? it doesLinked Data Management
  15. 15. Locations Contacts Company Information ProductsLD-Publishing: „Put your data on the web!“TBL
  16. 16. Company 1: Company 2: Contact within Co. # 2:name: brox IT-Solutions GmbH name: eccenca inc. given name: Sörenstreet: An der Breiten Wiese 9 street: Johannisgasse 26 name: AuerZip: 30625 Zip: 04103 Co. name: eccenca inc.Place: Hannover Place: Leipzig Ext.: - 173 Mail: xy@eccenca.comBusiness units: Business units:purchasing purchasing Associations:sales sales University of Leipziglogistics logistics University of Chemnitzproduction production InfAIdesign design FP7 DBPediaHolding: Holding:eccenca inc. none URL or URI: URIs allow the dereferencing of the links within the graphSemantic Navigation across Supplier Data Sites
  17. 17. Simply send and receive by way of „Linking“
  18. 18. Supplier• Publishes relevant data as triples• Authorizes web access• Defines access rights Customer/Cosumer • Subscribes to supplier site by way of „Linking“ • Establishes security certificate authentication • Accepts automated update feeds • Negotiates additional types of data to be automatically provided or exchanged
  19. 19. We are the guys that brought you Dbpedia* DBpedia as the central hub of the linked data web, it helps to synchronize more than Triples* Sören Auer had the idea and implemented it in collaboration with a few reasearch partners inkl. Chris Bizer
  20. 20. Many corporations have already identified and cashed in on the benefits of Linked Data. When will you become a part of it?
  21. 21. eccencaThe Linked Data Company Hans-Chr. Brockmann Geschäftsführer An der Breiten Wiese 9 D-30625 Hannover +49.511.336528-10 +49.511.336528-9810 +49.173.36986 - 10