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  1. 1. 1º TESTE DE INGLÊS<br />Tempos livres e entretenimento<br />Actividades de tempos livres e férias.<br />Watching sports and games – ver desportos e jogos<br />Watching plays – ver peças de teatro<br />Going to popular music concerts<br />Going to classical music concerts<br />Going to the opera or ballet<br />Playing games on portable machines<br />Acting in plays <br />Bird watching <br />Dancing - dançar<br />Visiting museum and galleries – visitor museus e galerias<br />Hiking – dar longas caminhadas a pé<br />Going on picnics – ir a piqueniques<br />Camping - campismo<br />Doing sports – praticar desporto<br />Eating in restaurants – comer em restaurantes<br />Going to parties – ir a festas<br />Hanging out with friends – passear com os amigos<br />Keeping fit – manter-se em forma<br />Listening to music – ouvir musica<br />Sunbathing – tomar banhos de sol<br />Hobbies.<br />Collecting antiques – coleccionar antiguidades<br />Collecting coins – coleccionar moedas<br />Collecting medals - coleccionar medalhas<br />Collecting picture postcards – coleccionar postais ilustrados<br />Collecting stamps – coleccionar selos<br />Doing sports – praticar desporto<br />Exercising – fazer exercicio físico<br />Painting - desenhar<br />Photography - fotografia<br />Playing basketball – jogar basketball<br />Playing chess – jogar xadrez<br />Playing darts – jogar dardos<br />Playing dominoes – jogar dominó<br />Playing draughts – jogar ás damas<br />Playing the guitar tocar guitarra<br />Shopping - fazer compras<br />Singing - cantar<br />Watching films – ver filmes<br />Fazer as malas<br />Jeans - calças<br />Shorts - calções<br />Swimsuit – fato de banho<br />Trunks – calções de banho<br />T-shirt – camisole de manga curta<br />Trainers - sapatilhas<br />Pyjamas – pijama<br />Hoody – camisole com capucho<br />Sandals - sandálias<br />Tracksuit - <br />Toothbrush – pasta de dentes<br />Dress – vestido<br />Light clothes – roupas leves<br />Mini-skirt – mini-saia<br />Skirt - saia<br />Tipos de música<br />Jazz<br />Hip hop<br />Rock<br />Electronic<br />Dance<br />House<br />R&b<br />Techno<br />Instrumentos musicais<br />Cello - violoncelo<br />Drums - bateria<br />Electric guitar – guitarra eléctrica<br />Flute - flauta<br />Piano - piano<br />Saxophone - saxofone<br />Trombone - trombone<br />Violin – violino<br />2-Descrever hábitos relacionados com:<br />Actividades de tempos livres<br /> Hobbies<br />Acções presentes e passadas<br /> - - - - <br />- -<br />- -<br />- -<br />- -<br />- -<br />- -<br /> <br />GRAMÉTICA<br />Present simple<br />(A)<br />- to be – affirmative<br />Am<br />Are<br />Is<br />-to be – interrogative<br />Am<br />Are + subject + ?<br />Is<br />-to be – negative<br />Am<br />Are + not<br />Is<br />(B)<br />Outros verbos – <br />Infinitive – 3ªp. sing + s<br />Verbo o; s; ss; sh; eh; x; + es – (go - goes; watch – watches)<br />Verbo cons+y – y+ies (study – studies)<br />Verbo have – ve+s (have – has)<br />Negative-<br />Do + not + infinitive <br />Does<br />Interrogative-<br />Do + subject + infinitive + ? <br />Does<br />Present continuous<br />AFFIRMATIVE<br />Am eg.:<br />Are + infinitive + ing You are writing on the notebook.<br />Is You are looking at the teacher.<br /> I am talking to/with my students.<br />NEGATIVE<br />Am eg.:<br />Are + infinitive + ing Susan isn’t eating a cake.<br />Is We aren’t sleeping.<br />INTERROGATIVE<br />Am eg.:<br />Are + subject + infinitive + ing + ? Are you going to the cinema?<br />Is Is Paul cooking dinner?<br />Past continuous<br />AFFIRMATIVE<br /> eg.:<br />Was + subject + infinitive + ing He was cleaning the t-shirt.<br />Were They were playing basketball.<br />NEGATIVE<br /> eg.:<br />Was + not + infinitive + ing I wasn’t cleaning my house.<br />Were They weren’t playing football.<br />INTERROGATIVE<br /> eg.:<br />Were + subject + infinitive + ing + ? We Mary reading a book?<br />Was Were you writing a letter?<br />