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SSA Parent Meeting for Qualifying Students


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SSA Parent Meeting for Qualifying Students

  1. 1. Single SubjectSingle Subject Acceleration:Acceleration: Parent MeetingParent Meeting Underwood Elementary
  2. 2. Welcome & IntroductionsWelcome & Introductions
  3. 3. Desired OutcomesDesired Outcomes 1st-4th graders  Understand the process of cross grade for your child  Understand collaboration and support for your child's accelerated coarse. 5th graders  Understand the process of online learning for your child.  Understand the resources available to support your child in online learning.
  4. 4. 11stst - 4- 4thth Grade AccelerationGrade Acceleration Math & ELA Face to face instruction Modified daily schedule Differentiation Collaboration with AIG teacher  
  5. 5. Underwood’s Master ScheduleUnderwood’s Master Schedule
  6. 6. Fifth Grade AccelerationFifth Grade Acceleration Math Online:  • Holt Course 1 Textbooks (supplemental resource) • • Online calculators • • Online Videos   ELA Online:  ◦ Prentice Hall Common Core Six Edition ◦ ◦ Online videos and text ◦ ◦ Online collaboration tools such as Edmodo and VoiceThread ◦ ◦ Novels
  7. 7. Common Core Math 6 PLUSCommon Core Math 6 PLUS  Curriculum includes:  ◦ All of the 6th grade standards  Ratios and Proportional Relationships  Number System  Expressions and Equations  Geometry  Statistics and Probability ◦ ◦ Part of the 7th grade standards  All of the Ratios and Proportional Relationship Domain  Part of the Geometry Domain   Students will take the 5th grade EOG
  8. 8. Common Core Math 6 PLUSCommon Core Math 6 PLUS  Students on this trajectory will likely exhaust high school math course offerings by the junior year.  Common Core Math I and II taken in middle school will count for HS credit and appear on the student’s transcript but will not factor into the student’s GPA. 
  9. 9. 66thth Grade Language ArtsGrade Language Arts  The curriculum includes all of the 6th grade ELA Common Core Standards, such as:  A focus on argumentative writing with the use of textual evidence  Close reading of literary and information texts  Analysis of text for explicit evidence as well as inferred content  Comparison of different literary genres  Language instruction in grammar that includes pronoun case and proper usage, intensive pronoun usage, and the correction of vague pronouns  Students will take the 5th grade EOG
  10. 10. 66thth Grade Language ArtsGrade Language Arts *This course counts for high school credit and appears on the student’s high school transcript but does not factor into the student’s GPA.
  11. 11. Questions about OnlineQuestions about Online InstructionInstructionHow will assignments be submitted?  This may vary by assignment, but most submissions will be electronic. When assignments need to be handed in physically, they can be given to the AIG teacher to be placed in courier to the online teacher. Does the enrichment material run concurrently with the online course?  The enrichment units can be used for the start of the year to determine gaps. They will also be available throughout the online course as well. How will students be graded?  Students will be graded based on the middle school seven point grading scale, A-F. The grade will come from the online teacher. Will students receive a grade for 5th and 6th grades?  They will only receive grades for the courses in which they are enrolled, e.g. if in Math 6 PLUS - the student would only received a grade for this course. There would be no grade for a 5th grade math class. Are the same EOG restrictions placed on the students in middle school taking accelerated courses?  Yes, all students must take the EOG for the grade in which they are assigned. For the courses that require an EOC, students have to take both EOC and EOG. Approximately how much time should be anticipated from homework from the online course?  Approximately 10 minutes per subject per grade level therefore, for sixth grade coursework, plan for 60 minutes for Math or ELA.
  12. 12. Will students could max out of math courses by moving along this accelerated path?  Based on the level of acceleration…yes. What would the cost be for classes once a student “maxes out” of course offerings at the high school level; Who pays for these courses- the school system or the parents?  Courses will cost what the current rate for college courses is at the time of access; Parents will incur the cost for any course as well as the transportation. Will there be videos or will be all reading (like Study Island, etc.)?  There will be more reading than would be in a face-to-face setting. But there will also be videos to deliver some of the instruction. There will be a variety of tools. If students start to struggle, we need to be aware of this. However, we have to be conscious of the level of support provided. What technology will be available for students to communicate with the teacher face-to-face?  Students will communicate through online collaboration using Edmodo. The teachers are currently teaching other courses during the day. Could students have opportunity to instant message during the school day?  That is not a possibility during the school day. It will not be real time. What about the office hours?  There will be office hours for each teacher. Will the on-line course be self-paced?  The lessons will be posted in advance. However, only a few weeks at a time. Can students access the online course at home?  Yes. All assessments need to be completed at school. Can students access the 5th grade online course from home?  Students should be encouraged to complete the course during the school day. However, students will have access to the course at home.
  13. 13. AIG Support @ UnderwoodAIG Support @ Underwood AIG/GT Electives Teacher Collaboration ELA: ◦ Before, During & After reading strategies using higher level vocabulary while reading advanced text. ◦ Student creations showing understanding. ◦  Math: Enrichment units ◦ Real world connections ◦ Investigations
  14. 14. What to “Ponder”What to “Ponder”  Academically, the child should demonstrate skill levels above the mean of the grade desired.  The child should be free of any adjustment problems or concerns  The parents must be in favor of grade advancement, but the child should express the desire to move ahead.  child's maturity level should include input from parents and teachers  Child’s study habits, motivation, and ability to adjust and be flexible.  Social and emotional development 
  15. 15. SSA QuestionsSSA Questions Administration & AIG Staff Which teacher is responsible for the gaps in instruction since they have to take the grade level EOG?  Theoretically, we are not responsible for covering those gaps. We have to make sure to communicate this information to parents. In doing what is best for students, we have to make sure students have the prior knowledge to be successful. Will they always take the grade level EOG?  Yes, that is a state mandate. What are some creative ways to offer the SSA courses for students in grades K-4?  Each situation will be different each year. How do we handle specials if a student has to take a SSA course during specials?  By participating in SSA, parents are aware that they will miss something in order to take the accelerated course. It should be handled on an individual basis. What if a student is pulled out mid-year?  Students will get grades for the class to which they are assigned until the placement changes. 
  16. 16. Contact InformationContact Information  Ruth Steidinger, Sr. Director Academic Program and Support ◦, 919-852-3307  Brian Pittman, Sr. Director Middle School Programs ◦,  James Overman, Sr. Director Elementary Programs ◦, 919-431-7440  Wendy Carlyle, Director of AIG ◦, 919-431-7656  Christina Zukowski, Sr. Administrator Middle School Math ◦, 919-431-7474  Kathy Rhoades, Sr. Administrator Middle School ELA ◦, 919-431-7644  Michelle Tucker, Sr. Administrator Elementary Math ◦, 919-431-7646  Sharon Collins, Sr. Administrator Elementary ELA ◦, 919-431-7461  Tina Gallucci, Online Math Teacher ◦, 919-363-1870  Amy Walter, Online ELA Teacher ◦, 919-570-2285