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Explorers power point presentation


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Explorers power point presentation

  1. 1. WCPSSExplorers Program
  2. 2. The purpose of the Academically orIntellectually Gifted (AIG) Program isto provide an appropriately challengingeducational program for students whoperform, or show potential forperforming, at remarkably high levels ofaccomplishment…~from WCPSS 2010-2013 AIG Plan, page 1
  3. 3. AIG Program Service DeliveryK-2: Consultation/Collaboration for IDEP studentsGrade 2 (Q4)/Grade 3 (Q1): ExplorersGrades 4 & 5: Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction AG Elective classes Consultation/Collaboration Team teachingGrades 6-8: Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction Consultation/Collaboration Small group learning experiencesGrades 9-12 Advanced course selection
  4. 4. Explorers ClassesStudents whodemonstrate potential inthe activities will receiveenrichment/extensionactivities in languagearts and/or math underthe guidance of the AIGteacher.Whole group experiences Small group experiencesThe AIG teacher worksin partnership withclassroom teachers toprovide a variety of in-class experiencesdesigned to elicit highacademicperformance.
  5. 5. Team EffortStudentsAIG TeacherTeachers
  6. 6. Explorers Classes Whole class introductory lessons in the 2ndgrade (Q4)/ 3rd grade (Q1) classroom. Assessment of student performance andproducts Small group enrichment activities facilitated bythe AIG teacher Units of study include reading/languagearts, math, and writing
  7. 7. Criteria for Small Group Participation Observational checklists by the AIG andclassroom teachers Rubrics for the products Student communication skills Student interest Student motivationGroups are flexible asunits of study change.
  8. 8. Student ParticipationParticipation in a smallgroup experience does notmean that a student hasbeen or will be identifiedfor future AIG services.
  9. 9. Explorers Portfolios• Student work samples• Products• Rubrics• Journals• Teacher checklistsPortfolios may be a part of the spring AIGidentification process for 3rd grade students.
  10. 10. AIG Identification ProcessInformal Indicators• Student Learning Behaviors• Student Performance• Grades• Profile Cards• Student Portfolios/Work samples• Student Interest• Student MotivationFormal Indicators• Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)• Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)
  11. 11. Keeping You Informed…..• AIG Program Brochure• Parent informationalmeetings• School/ AIG• Email for questions andanswers:
  12. 12. Our goal is to supportclassrooms witheducators workingtogether to help eachstudent grow anddevelop as fully aspossible.~AIG Explorers Goal