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  • The key to a good presentation is not having to many words or information on a slide. Keep it simple, sometimes you don’t even need to have words on the screen, maybe picture can do it. the key is to have to audience listen to you, not just be reading the slides.
  • don’t insult the audience’s intelligence. lists and long paragraphs of text will do that. if you have those then there is no need for you to be up there giving the presentation
  • effects were cute in middle school, but when giving a professional presentation, people dont want to see text flying in from the sides of the screen. keep it simple and don’t use effects.
  • this slide might as well say be confident. the audience will know within 30 seconds if you know what you are talking about or not. so act professional, talk with a stern and loud enough voice so everyone can hear you. and over everything else, make sure you know what it is that you are talking about.
  • add something in your presentation that will make people remember it by. you don’t want to be just another person giving a presentation. make it you own some how.
  • if you have too much going on in your slides that will take the focus off of you. you are the main point of the presentation, remember that.
  • use your text color wisely, nothing is worse than when you are viewing a powerpoint and spending more time trying to figure out what it says on the slide then listening to the presentor.
  • use a good, strong, bold font. San Serif fonts are the best to use because they are easy to read. also use BIG FONTs. the bigger the better, it will be easy for the viewers to see and will make sure you don’t have too much written on a slide.
  • tell the audience something new that they don’t already know. nothing is worse than sitting through a powerpoint where all the presenter does it state obvious things.
  • make sure that your presentation has a good flow to it and that you are prepared and know the ins and outs of your presentation.
  • Top 10 tips hb

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