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Module 1 tuition


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Module on Tuition

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Module 1 tuition

  1. 1. STUDENT OPTIONS Tuition/Fees • Drop course; Receive a tuition/fee refund (or) • Withdraw from course; Receive no tuition/fee refund • Have TCC retain funds to apply to courses upon student return Deposited Funds Receive refund for any funds held on deposit, such as remaining balance on Storm Card. Textbooks/Course Materials TCC Bookstore encouraged to refund student for textbook and course materials purchased. 1
  2. 2. PROCEDURE: Step I Student will: Contact any TCC Campus Dean of Student Services or the CMVE Director of Military Student Support Services for assistance. Student must provide: • Student name • SIS • Copy of Orders or other documentation indicating the student is leaving the area for military service. 2
  3. 3. PROCEDURE: Step II Dean or CMVE Director of Student Support Services will encourage student to identify implications for course and degree completion by speaking with his/her: • Academic Program Advisor • Financial Aid Advisor • Military Benefits Advisor 3
  4. 4. PROCEDURE: Step III Student will work with the Campus Dean or CMVE Director of Student Support Services to select and sign a written statement electing one of the following options: • Withdrawal from the College • Must provide all documentation to campus Business Manager within 6 months of withdrawal for refund of tuition/fees or retention of funds for future classes. • Administrative Withdrawal without Tuition Refund • Best option for students who are leaving after receiving a financial aid refund check or direct deposit as a result of their financial aid. 4