Reimagine Ed: The Library as "The Field of Dreams"


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This presentation is the result of work done at the Reimagine Ed: Rethinking the Future of School Libraries Design Challenge, September 23-25th in Atlanta, Ga. The idea of the future school library as "The Field of Dreams" was developed and nurtured by Buffy Hamilton, Diane Cordell, Elisabeth Abarbanel, Michelle Fromme, and Heather Braum.

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  • michelle - why we did this -- became a new cohort....\n\n\n
  • buffy\n2. seed image - corn kernel\nWe want to compare the library  experience to the field of dreams. Possibilities.\n\n
  • \n3. slide - cornfields - introduce the concept of field of dreams\nField of dream is a movie about ray kinsella who follows a voice that leads him to build a field of dreams in the cornfield, against the wisdom of the crowd.\n\n
  • \n4.Question slide - in the movie he hears a voice that tells him, ease his pain, he questions whose pain, and why? It is ray's questioning whose pain that leads him to build the field of dreams.\n\n
  • \nEisabeth\n5. So how could library experience be like the field of dreams\nqualities - one is that it is permeable - school libraries should be able to easily enter and exit , seamlessless, with many possible entries - the future school library being several spaces and access points. face to face, embedded in classrooms, virtual spaces adn mobile apps.\n\n
  • . in Ray's field, it is ok to have failed - especially for sholess joe jackson - who wasnt judged there and was able to grow. We want our libraries to by like that place\n\n\n
  • 7.4 slides Play - Safe place to play for playing sake..not about winning, but about comunicating, experimenting, playing, enjoying,\n\n\n
  • Play\n
  • diane\n8. tug or war team w spectators - Choice - there were choices about how to experience the field of creams  - paritipant/spectator, solitary, member of team\n\n
  • \n9. cheering - senses - sense of camraderie - communitiy - nurturing place - ray and his family, team members, team with the community and fans, fans interacing - nourished the passion. They nurtured Moonlight graham. there were mentors and novices.\n\nHeather\n10 - passion -  able to explore their passions. AWatching baseball. Playing the game they loved in whatever way they loved. And doc ?? Used his passion to save a little boy.\n\n
  • \nMichelle\n11. senses - the field of dreams shoeless joe recalls the memories through this senses  - the feel of the grass, sound of the crowd, smell of glove\nthe library is a multisensory experience.. Through these sensoriy experiences memory and attachemnts are made and experiences are internalized.\n\n
  • Senses\n
  • \nHeather\n12. story - through this internalizations of multisensory experiences that people build their diverse stories, from the suburban child, to the inner city middle schooler, to the rural high schooler, the field of dreams the library represents a diversity of many stories and experiences to be told and acknowledged.\n\n
  • Story\n
  • \nBuffy\n13. It is people questions and needs that lead them to the library and the sensory and attachment that keeps them coming back\n\nthe sweet spot of connection to the library is attachment.\n\nattachment comes from the internalization and creation of story. WE can begin building this future now. It's the ideas and these attachments that will stand the test of time. Trends will come and go, but it's the attachment and the story of learning that are at the core of library\n
  • as the field of dreams. Are we willing to plow under the cornfield of our sacred cows of library..\n
  • [Buffy on stage holding bat]\n
  • Let the story begin\n
  • Reimagine Ed: The Library as "The Field of Dreams"

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