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Innovative Programming Discussion (NEKLS Technology & Innovation Day)


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Innovative programming discussion, held at NEKLS Tech & Innovation Day, April 2013. Links to brainstormed ideas will be added to the slides after event has ended.

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Innovative Programming Discussion (NEKLS Technology & Innovation Day)

  1. 1. InnovativeProgrammingBrainstorming DiscussionHeather Braum, NEKLS
  2. 2. Ideafrom leavenworth public library
  3. 3. Ideafrom carbondale city library
  4. 4. Ideafrom pinterest...
  5. 5. Ideafrom Sacramento Public Library...
  6. 6. Ideafrom Madison, WI...
  7. 7. BrainstormingRolestorming: Select a specific real orfictional character. Brainstorm from thatpoint of viewLong list: Brainstorm as many ideas aspossible (100+). Creativity occurs afterknown ideas are on the listCredit: Jill Hurst-Wahl,
  8. 8. BrainstormingOpposites: Consider the exact opposite ofwhat is normalBrand-Storming: Select a specific brand.Brainstorm from that point of viewCredit: Jill Hurst-Wahl,
  9. 9. Rules from IDEODefer judgmentEncourage wild ideasBuild on the ideas of othersStay focused on the topicOne conversation at a timeBe visualGo for quantity Credit: Jill Hurst-Wahl,
  10. 10. Your assignmentBreak into groups of 6-8 people -- 20 minsBrainstorm topic: What are crazyprogramming ideas for your communities?(all age ranges)Brainstorm Style: The long list – generate asmany ideas as possible. Aim for 75!Brainstorm on an electronic device & emailyour ideas to
  11. 11. SharingShare out your top three (craziest?) ideasHow might your library make this happen?Again, email your ideas list tohbraum@nekls.orgI will share out with all of the Tech Dayaudience