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What Is I-Clay?


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What Is I-Clay?

  1. 1. What is I-Clay?‘I-Clay’ (Magic Clay), a polymer modeling compound is a product ofKorea which has the characteristic of modeling clay for developingcartoon characters, decorative goods, dolls & dummies withenhanced and distinguished features not found in similar products.
  2. 2. The product has proven itself to be successful in the household ofKorea and this was made possible through the continuous researchconducted by the R & D team of Institute ‘I-Clay’ Research, Koreaon growing children who has a natural evolution for developing theirmind and imagination by expressing and creating new ideas throughthese modeling products.
  3. 3. A M O S I - C l a y, a p o l y m e r m o d e l i n gcompound from Korea, its a world softestclay. It is light-weight boasting to be 30%less weight and more volume. I-Clay isavailable in bright colours and are nice tomix. It is extra soft and has super elasticitywhich makes crafting with this product apleasurable experience. No baking required,just air dry and finish product will not crackafter drying. I-Clay is clean to use and doesnot leave unpleasant residue on your finger.
  4. 4. I-clay, a well developed polymer modeling compoundencompassed with educational program will help children improverecognition and perception of colors and the ability to understandamounts and proportion. I-clay is a superior educational tool thatstimulates creativity and the development of logic and rationalthought. It can also improve a child’s concentration and EQ, aswell as aid personal development.
  5. 5. I-clay is NOT simply an Art & Craftmaterial, it is an effectiveeducational tool helping childrengrow intelligently and creatively.What’s more, with our easy step-by-step and fun ways to mix your owncolors, you can make all kinds ofpretty clay characters, dolls,dummies, figures, souvenirs,jewelleries and anything you canthink of!