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  1. 1. Bonghee Han Bonghee Han Pink dress analysis essay G 10 Humanities/History BBeijing BISS international schoolDate submitted-January 19th 2012 Page 1
  2. 2. Bonghee Han In the Middle East, Palestine and Israel is divided into two countries with barrier. The barrier is built in Israel territory to protect Israel from Palestinian suicide boomers that send by some radical governmental politician and citizen coalition who does not want to be polite on Israeli. Palestine side sends suicide boomer and first reason for thatis more than 20 wars is occurring annually, suicide boom is to attack Israeli towin the war. Second reason is some Palestinian thought that barrier makes themnot comfortable which is affect of barrier. Barrier has 60 gates but those gatesare not always opened to Palestinian and Israeli. There are many artists whodraw on the barrier, which called graffiti. Banksy is one of the famous artists whoare aimed to express needs of peace to Palestine and Israel. Banksy is alwaysdraw paint on Palestine side of wall because Israel’s purpose is seems like theyjust want to protect their citizen dissimilar with Palestine. The shown work iscalled <Pink dress> and it is one of the art that drawn by Banksy in 2005.<Pinkdress> could be analysis to the message that claiming peace. First of all, graffiti artwork <Pink dress> is displaying variety of subjectand each subject is expressing the peace. There is two people cannot be alongwith one another soldier and young girl. Soldier is fully armed but girl does noteven have the gun she wore pink dress. Fully armed soldier two countries realitythat they are not being gentle to each other, Palestine and Israel is confrontingwith a hostile thought of doing every thing that they need to be done with. Dress Page 2
  3. 3. Bonghee Hanthat girl wore is to say this young girl has innocence of childhood. Use girl inpainting is to maximize the innocence because boy cannot be helpful accordingto usual thought. Unlike boys girl seems could express innocent. There is brokengun could be linked to desire of peace is more significant, necessity and strongenough than just having battle for their desire. Young girl try to check anddisarmament the soldier, which cause the irony of painting. Commonsensicallyartworks do not have right position, soldier has to check young girl to make surethere is no problem but it is still an irony. With soldier’s hands is up like theywere surrendered it is expressing hope of peace have to be dominant that havingaggressive thinking. In addition, background and place where it is painting is very importantbecause Depends on the place the <Pink dress> is placed it have differentexpression and the message. Banksy draw <Pink dress> on Palestine side of wallbecause he wants to change situation that is both countries dislike each other.Every suicide boom is from Palestine side, which means Palestine has pugnacityonto Israel. Banksy wants to calm down and cool down, also he thought thatPalestine have to approach more gently to Israel and ally with Israel for peace. IfBanksy draw <Pink dress> on Israel side of wall it could have different meaningto analysis. Meaning when it is on Israel side is they have to prevent Palestineassault. Preventing and separating is a lot better than the having army and attackto be aggressive. However, Banksy decided to draw on the Palestine side ofbarrier because he thought to make peaceful Middle East it is faster to draw onPalestine side, Palestine is more hostile to Israel than Israel do to Palestine. Page 3
  4. 4. Bonghee Han Finally, <Pink dress> has variety of color to express theme more deeplyand faster. As the title shown up not a main color but focal point of this graffiti ispink. Observers have to be more focus on pink color because it has the maintheme through contrasting pink and dark color. Background of the <Pink dress>is mostly grey and the other person solider also has dark green. Pink is only colorthat illustrate for the light color. Pink is expressing girly-girly color that is talkingabout pure heart of thought. Pure color is needed to express the peace. Otherdark color is the symbol of reality that what is happeningin the Middle East.Contrasting technique strengthen the expression and desire of peace. In conclude, Banksy decided to draw <Pink dress> because he respectsthe peace, which does not exist in Middle east. <Pink dress> is the graffitiartwork, that has to be draw quickly and meaningful, Banksy who is artist of<Pink dress> had been successful drawing. People could easily approach withthe message that is hope; peace is possible to occur in reality, of artist Banksy.Observer could effort for peace and is more tranquil Middle East. Final goal ofBanksy is to reduce the war and also reduce casualties. Peace is needed to inMiddle East to be more enhanced world. Page 4