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Using mobile devices in art instruction!


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Published in: Education
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Using mobile devices in art instruction!

  1. 1. Heather B. Askea Instructional Technology Coordinator UVAWISE’s Center for Teaching Excellence
  2. 2. • The World is mobile • Digital arts vs. Traditional arts debate
  3. 3. • Learning about Art • Art Instruction/Tutorials • Digital arts apps
  4. 4. •National Gallery of London •Art Lite Game •Art2Go •Public Art PDX
  5. 5. There are thousands of fun, cool, even useful art apps, the key is to focus on the skills they foster and not the particular tool.
  6. 6. • It’s ok, you can get excited! • Most realistic art tool I’ve ever seen. • Available in several additions other than mobile version.
  7. 7. • Has many key features of other versions • Exports to email & Photo Gallery • Gestures for brush sizing and undo. • Quick access tool and color selection • Built in quick references and basic help files • Share files with desktop versions of ArtRage via iTunes.
  8. 8. • Walter Foster App (iPad) • Small ARTtools (Android Market) • Art Apps Showcase (iPad, Galaxy)
  9. 9. •Photoshop Express for iPad •Instagram •Hipstamatic •Picplz •Shutterfly
  10. 10. 1. Art Education 2.0 – Connect with art educators around the globe. 2. Art Snacks – Help for aspiring young artists 3. – National Art Education Association 4. Asia Region Art Educators – Art educators living, working or interested in Asia
  11. 11.