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  1. 1. Shanghai 上 海 市
  2. 2. World’s largest, busiest port Population 18 million China’s first international city Largest city in China
  3. 3. Shanghai began as a fishing village in 770 BC. The fishermen invented a bamboo device called a “hu” to catch fish with. The village was called Hu Du before it became Shanghai. “ Hu” is still used as a nickname for Shanghai.
  4. 4. Shanghai became a “treaty port” in 1843 after the Opium Wars
  5. 7. The Bund at night
  6. 8. Oriental Pearl TV Tower, framed by newer buildings
  7. 9. Shanghai Financial Center Jin Mao Tower
  8. 10. Zhujiajiao
  9. 11. Nanjing Road
  10. 12. A Shanghai alley
  11. 13. Xin Tian Di 新天地
  12. 14. Shikumen buildings
  13. 15. Entrance to a Shikumen courtyard. “ Welcome to my Shikumen,” the girl might be saying.