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HB offers Black Belt Training by Experts. Call 89393 08896 for details and registration

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HB Black Belt Training in Chennai

  1. 1. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Program ĞĨĞĐƚƐ ƉĞƌ DŝůůŝŽŶ^ŝŐŵĂ ĞǀĞů ;Ϳ WĞƌĐĞŶƚ ĞĨĞĐƚƐ ;йͿ WĞƌĐĞŶƚ ^ƵĐĐĞƐƐ ;zŝĞůĚ йͿ ĂƉĂďŝůŝƚLJ ;WͿ KƉƉŽƌƚƵŶŝƚŝĞƐ ;WDKͿ ϭ ϲϵϭ͕ϰϲϮ ϲϵ ϯϭ Ϭ͘ϯϯ Ϯ ϯϬϴ͕ϱϯϴ ϯϭ ϲϵ Ϭ͘ϲϳ ϯ ϲϲ͕ϴϬϳ ϲ͘ϳ ϵϯ͘ϯ ϭ͘ϬϬ ϰ ϲ͕ϮϭϬ Ϭ͘ϲϮ ϵϵ͘ϯϴ ϭ͘ϯϯ ϱ Ϯϯϯ Ϭ͘ϬϮϯ ϵϵ͘ϵϳϳ ϭ͘ϲϳ ϲ ϯ͘ϰ Ϭ͘ϬϬϬϯϰ ϵϵ͘ϵϵϵϲϲ Ϯ͘ϬϬ
  2. 2. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training ProgramSIX SIGMA The Proven statistical method in order to achieve the conformance level of 99.9997%. Aiming atalmost Zero defect in any process.SIX SIGMA WORKSRecognition : The issues are pertaining to business and process strategiesCharacterization: Defining and measuring using statistical principles.Optimization: Analyze and improve using statistical tools and techniques.Institutionalization: Control and Documentation, Various integration methods such as control plan,SOP, System Development.HELPFUL TO BUSINESS1. Quick decision.2. Data based decisions support system.3. Customer driven approach4. Minimize quality cost, adding value to customers.5. Reduce wastages of all 8 types.6. Prevent customer complaints.7. Prevent delays, waiting times in deliveries.8. Customer Satisfaction
  3. 3. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training ProgramLearning Methodologies and Training to Individuals Through CONTINOUS LEARNING AND INTERATIVE PROGAMME, Conducting test withReal time application of projects with exposure to data analysis using simple excel sheet up toSoftware presenting Case studies, group discussions and Quiz will be organized, Easy learningwith enjoymentParticipants Gain from this Six Sigma Training : * Decision Making based on data analysis * Recognition from the management and associates * Priority in Placement * Confidence of Promotions * Quality culture with Quantitative AnalysisSIX SIGMA HELPS PARTICIPANTSCompetitiveness Enrichment of the product and the individual During the interview.Develop skills among Participants to analyze and conclude data based decisionCompetency in identifying chronic problems in the use of high level statistical techniques.Enhances existing knowledge and confidence for achieving target results.
  4. 4. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training ProgramContents Covered in Black Belt Training : Overview of Six Sigma Methodology Identification, Prioritization and selection of Improvement opportunities Roles and responsibilities in Six Sigma implementation Over view of Six Sigma Project execution DMAIC DFSS(DMADV) Development of Project Team and Charter SIPOC, Process Flow Map and Identification of Critical to Quality using CTQ Tree Type of Data Knowledge of Statistical distributions Binomial, Poisson,Normal and other continuous Distributions Prioritization Matrix and FMEA and use of it in Data Collection Planning Introduction to various statistical software packages for data display analysis like Excel, Minitab, understanding in usage interpretation of output along with each topic
  5. 5. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training ProgramMeasurement System Evaluation (Gauge RR) for variables as well as for attributeUnderstanding variation-special causes vs. common causes (like dot plots, box plots,Histogram and control charts)Stratification methods (like Pareto, Bar Diagrams, stratified dot plot, stratified scatter plot,BoxPlot) y , p yNormality test of a data, evaluation of Process Capability for data from aNormal/Non- Normal distribution and concept of confidence intervalEvaluation of Process Capability for Data from Normal/Non-Normal DistributionConcept of Short Term, Long Term Process Capability and assessment of Sigma levelIdentification of value added and non value added activities (use of lean concept)Organizing for potential causes using cause and effect diagram, FMEA Tree DiagramVerification/validation of causes using work place investigation (GEMBA)
  6. 6. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training ProgramConcept of correlation and regression and use of the same in validating causesConcept of Test of HypothesisConcept of Multiple Regression and use of the same in validating the causesConcept of logistic regression and use of the same in validating the causesConcept of Design of experiment and details of full factorial, fractional factorial DesignsSolution Evaluation Criteria, Evaluation of solutions and selection of solutionsChange Management Process dealing with resistance to changeProcess of piloting the solutionsPlanning for full scale implementation (use of Gantt Charts, Microsoft project, planning Grid,involvement Matrix,Evaluation of results after implementationMonitoring the results through statistical Process Control
  7. 7. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training ProgramLEAN Concepts and Techniques : • LEAN History • LEAN Concepts • 5S • VSM • POKA YOKE • KAIZEN • KANBAN • TAKT • PULL SYSTEM • Integrating Lean and Six SigmaEligibility/Requirements for the Black Belt Program : * ELIGIBILITY : * Must be a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt * Preferably Minimum 3 - 5 Year of Professional exp. * Interested towards Statistical Calculations * Fascination to work with Excel Minitab *REQUIREMENTS : * 100% attendance compulsory * Approximately 6-8 days of Classes * Exam will be conducted on the last day of training * Minimum of 70% to be scored to clear the test * Course Completion certificate will be given for candidates who successfully clear their exams
  8. 8. Fully furnished labs with cutting-edge cutting- infrastructure.
  9. 9. HB Educational ServicesNo.29/40, 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020.Contact: 044 – 42115338 / 8939308896 www.hbservices.in