College chapter 2 part 1


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College Chapter 2 part 1 of Geogacy a Sims 2 life story.

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College chapter 2 part 1

  1. 1. As the title suggests, I nearly made this a normal chapter. But, I got some college pics in! Enjoy XD
  2. 2. "Ms. Love, if I may intrude for a moment?"
  3. 3. "What can I help you with? "Master Gentry has informed me of an upcoming fundraiser for the TNLT. He believes you would enjoy the event and wishes your presence. If Miss feels up to a bit of socializing, of course?"
  4. 4. "I don't know, socializing so soon...." "I understand how you feel Miss. May I speak freely Miss?" "Of Course." "Thank you Miss. I must admit I am concerned over your health. If you will forgive me my bold words, you are looking quite pale. You barely eat at meals and you do not venture outside. You are in my care and it is my duty as well as my desire to see you happy and healthy. This fundraiser sounds like the perfect distraction. All I ask is that you think on the matter."
  5. 5. "I really appreciate your concern, but really I feel fine and I will think on it." *do do do do Hello Moto do do do do* "Oh, Please excuse me."
  6. 6. "Oh Hello Grandfather. It is good to hear from you. I am well. I will admit I am tired of all the fuss. Really I am ok. Hector's friend has been so kind." "If you will excuse me."
  7. 7. "I have a bit of news for you Grandfather. Did you know Gentry is throwing a fundraiser? I didn't think so. Don't worry, Alistair hasn't tapped my cell yet and the walls are sound proof. Hector insisted on it. Yes, I will be careful. As long as I continue playing the distort damsel, I'll have some freedom to move around. Sorry I can't do any outside work right now. Really? Well, if you are sure, I guess it will be alright. Oh, don't worry I will have a grand time at the party."
  8. 8. Welcome readers to the College Chapter for Generation #3, FINALLY!! We are going to jump right in with a party x 3. Generation 2 heir & spouse are graying today and little Bayl will be spinning into teenhood. (For a recap read chapter 2.4)
  9. 9. "Mommy, Daddy, I am ready to recite my wish for peace, happiness and free checking for the whole world." Go ahead Bayl. Your parents have gone into elder mood, which means for my game near bladder failures and making out. I swear, what is with elders and making out?
  10. 10. "Now, that I am older, I know I can help the world realize true peace and happiness by following the stock market and stimulating the economy." NOOOOOO!!! LUCY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!... Sniff, my little Bayl is a fortune sim. *Cry* Life is meaningless, a spinning vortex of cruel despair. "Please, don't say things like that Creator. This world is filled with all kinds of joy. To think what I could do with these hands." Sniff, you are right. You might not be a family sim, but you are still the nicest sim I have. "That's the spirit! Now, point me toward a calculator. I feel the need to budgeting coming on." *cry*
  11. 11. Here is the newly made over Bayl with his stats. Turn on: Creativity & Red heads Turn off: Unemployment Aspiration: Fortune *mubble stupid lucy mubble* LTW: Top the Oceanography Career (hmm, never got that before.) I sent him out for his birthday with Salty and friends in the hopes he might find a future 3 bolter. I have learned you can never start too early. :D
  12. 12. "I believe if we have a strong economy, then people would give more to society. Just think, people wouldn't be homeless because mortgage rates would be affordable and overall health would improve do to better quality of food and medicine because the coat of raw materials and processing would be carefully adjusted to demand and product flow. Don't get me started on global marketing." "Please don't" (Jeanette, Georgette's twin sister.)
  13. 13. "I thought I found a conspiracy But each time I came close it never come to be I was afraid my curiosity wouldn't be appeased I faced that dread alone But then you came along and helped me threw Now I know all I need is you" "Conspiracies are so hard to find But don't give up I'll be here helping you threw And one day we will find one Your dreams of Conspiracy will come true I'll share tham all with you Cause now I am here to help you threw" I apologize for butchering the 'Almost Paradise' song by Mike Reno & Ann Wilson.
  14. 14. I love this game! "You can do in Jeanette! Take as much time as you need placing that stick. Don't worry; I will keep my arms as far away from the table as possible. I can also sit perfectly still. I don't want to accidentally bump the table. I know, I'll stop breathing! The air from my lungs may disturb the pile." Ahh, it feels good to have a real nice sim around. :)
  15. 15. "Woo! I am in the lead, in your face Bayl." "Wow, you are good at this game. Oh look there is a bonus point to the left. There is another on the right straight ahead! Good you got it!"
  16. 16. "I can see them just fine. You shouldn't tell me where they are." "Sorry, I was afraid you would miss them." "The point is to get the most bonuses. So, when you see them get them." "But, if I do that you won't get as many." "It's a race, that's the point." "But, that doesn't seem fair. Why race when we can take turns?" " *sigh* "
  17. 17. "Hello, Creator! Oh so sorry to bother you, but, If I am not mistaken, this is the college chapter. Hence, you should be following me around and not the family babies." Sorry, I just have a bit more to cover with Salty & Bayl before I send them to college to join you guys. But, I guess I can do a few quick introduction.
  18. 18. These are the members of the Frat House. I know, the name isn't really creative. I couldn't think of anything. :P Standing row from left to right; Devin Davison: Fortune, LTW Hall of Famer 2/3/10/9/7 Biotite Higarashi: Popluarity, LTW Become the Law 7/9/9/9/1 Jack Davison: Knowledge, LTW City Planner 1/10/10/7/7 Eric Higarashi: Romance, LTW Rock God 7/9/9/7/2 Vince Davison: Romance, LTW WooHoo 20 Sims 2/10/9/7/1 Sitting row from left to right; Wes Higarashi: Romance, LTW Party Guest 7/3/5/10/7 Trent Higarashi: Pleasure, LTW 50 1st dates 7/9/4/9/1 Not pictured because he just had to go to class; Liam Higarashi: Fortune, LTW 6 Pets at Top of Career 7/9/9/7/2
  19. 19. Now for the girls or Mu Nu Omega. Better name, yes? I was going for the cat thing Mu sounds to me like meow. XD From left to right; Julia Higarashi: Family, LTW Graduate 3 Children 2/3/10/9/2 Vivian Gieke: Romance, LTW Party Guest 5/4/6/8/6 Ginger Gieke: Fortune, LTW Chief of Staff 4/2/4/9/7 Beryl Higarashi: Popularity, LTW Rock God 1/10/10/9/5 Breccia Higarashi: Pleasure, LTW 50 1st Dates 5/8/9/5/1
  20. 20. "Hey! Where is my intro?" You will get your when Salty & Bayl get here. I am moving you in with them because the Frat House is full. "What! Wait, first you neglect me as a child and now I am getting exiled to the kitty house with the babies?" They might be the youngest in the family, but they aren't babies any more. Besides, I thought you would enjoy living in a co-ed house.
  21. 21. "Co-ed? You know I would feel better being close to the young ones. You know, keep them out of trouble and stuff." Sure, I bet. *rolls eyes* "So, who will be joining my brothers and I at this Co-ed house?" I think I'll keep that info to myself for right now. Be patient "No worries, there isn't a woman alive that can resist Bruce of the Mighty hotness." ....Ok....Back to Salty & Bayl!
  22. 22. Hey Salty, are you busy? "Just waiting for George to get here. How do I look?" Umm, about Georgette. I've been meaning to say something about your relationship with her. You see you are a legacy child in the running for heirship. "Don't I know it and I am a sure win. I'm smart, buff & good looking, did I mention smart?" Yes, you did. Salty, are you aware that there are some rules that legacy heirs must follow?
  23. 23. "Well, yeah. No eternal life, no kaching, die platinum stuff like that right?" Well that's some of it. There is also a rule about marriage. "Oh yeah, the true love thing and the minimum 3 kid rules. I already got those things covered. Ok, not the 3 kid thing, but it's doable." Salty, you're making this very hard for me. *deep breath* You can't marry Georgette, she is a playable sim and therefore ineligible to become the spouse of the heir. I, I'm sorry.
  24. 24. "Woah, Is this some kind of Conspiracy against me? I can't marry George?" If you become heir, then no you can't. "Then I don't want to be heir!" I'm sorry Salty, but it's out of my hands. The Readers choose the heir and as a legacy child you will be on the poll. "This isn't fair! You're the Creator, take me off the poll!" I can't do that, there are rules even I have to follow. I am really sorry about this. I should have spoken up sooner. I am sorry.
  25. 25. "We have to brake up?" Oh Georgette, I'm so sorry I didn't mean for-- "What, for be to know?" Georgette... "I actually knew... about the legacy rules. I just thought maybe...."
  26. 26. "Don't worry, I am disowning this legacy." "What? You can't do that. To disown the legacy would mean disowning your family and that's something I would never let you do. Besides, being heir means opportunity. Think about your dream of becoming a Mastermind with legacy connections you could go far. Heck, you could create your own criminal underground."
  27. 27. "None of that mean anything if you're not there to see it!" "I can still be there... just as a friend." "It won't be the same and you know it. I could never see you as 'just a friend'. You will always be more to me."
  28. 28. "That's the sweetest thing you have ever said to me and I feel the same. So, I will wait and cross my fingers in the hope you're not the heir. But, if you are chosen just know you'll always have me as a friend."
  29. 29. "But, George, wait!" Sniff I, I'm sorry I really didn't mean for this to happen. If only there was something I could do.
  30. 30. "No! There is something you can do. You're the Freakin' Creator there is always something you can do. You just don't want to." But, I do want to help. I just can't. "Get OUT!"
  31. 31. Mu Nu Omega Sorority House.... "Do you really think so Mr. Cow? The Blue eye shadow always appeared too bold for my taste, but if you believe it will match my eyes, then I will try it." Good afternoon Beryl.
  32. 32. "Oh, what an unexpected surprise. It is good to see you Creator, it has been a long time." Not that long, just a few chapters. "Simply ages! But, never mind that, what may I help you with?" Oh, nothing really. I'm just here to see what's up. "Really? I was under the impression you would not be here until Basalt & Bayldonite came to join us. Have they already arrived? Oh my, time does fly." No, they aren't here yet. I think the boys need a bit of space right now. You know with the up coming trip to college and all, yes that's right! So tell me what's been going on?
  33. 33. "Nothing too special I am on a mission to make friends. I had so very few back in high school. But, this place looks promising, it is quite refreshing to be near such nice friendly people. Mr. Cow here is my 1st best friend. Isn't that wonderful!"
  34. 34. "Cousin Julia is finally coming out of her shell. I never realized how terribly shy she is. No matter, Vivian's out spoken ways seem to do the trick. Vivian may be vulgar at times, but, she is a good sort."
  35. 35. "Ginger and I share a fascination in the culinary arts. It's become a bit of a competition on who can prepare the best meal. Our judges, however, are much too polite. Breccia & Julia insist both dishes the best. I know they do so to spare Ginger's feeling, which is quite charitable of them."
  36. 36. "Breccia has an intensive desire to summon the Matchmaker every evening. It is quite unseemly for a lady of her age to wander about with so many men. She claims they are all friends, which I do not doubt. It is the degree of friendliness that concerns me. All in all, it has been quite uneventful. Yet, I have heard this is how college always starts out."
  37. 37. "Excuse me Creator, But may I ask how my sisters are doing? Since they entered high school I have barely seen or hear from them. I am sure I was the same way at their age and I shouldn't be concerned. But, I have this odd feeling something is amiss." Really? I, umm, wonder why that is? Oh, would you look at the time! I should check on the boys. It was good seeing all of you. bye bye.
  38. 38. Frat House.... Hey, guys how-- Oh come on if I had any doubts who's son you are, they are gone now. Will you please put some clothes on and use the shower next time. "One sec. I'm almost done."
  39. 39. Do you know how like your father you are? "Ya think so? Wow thanks." Sure... I came by to see how everybody was doing. "Isn't that nice of ya, checking up on us. Well, I've started on the Frat portraits. I'm done with Bio's and It came out mad cool, if I do say so myself." That's nice how is everyone else?
  40. 40. "Umm, let me think. I saw Bio downtown. He was working the counter at some coffee joint. He was mumbling somethin' about getting gipped out some cash." Really, isn't that odd. *shifty eyes*
  41. 41. "My Bro's had better days. He's got this fire bug thing following him around. Nearly burned our place down, I'm counting 3 times, no 4 I think."
  42. 42. "My Bro, Vince has got some social issues. So, we put him in charge of recruitment for the Frat House." Wouldn't that discourage people from joining? "That's a bad thing?" *sigh*
  43. 43. "I'm thinkin' my man Wes is confused. He says he's romance, but he can't get a lady to look at him twice. Even the strange desperate types want to 'just be friends'. If you ask me the guy is better off as a popularity type."
  44. 44. "Now, his Bro knows how to live the life. Always in the white bar if you know what I mean. Lives life like it will end tomorrow."
  45. 45. "Liam is wacked out. I've seen him diggin' through the trash and dang is the guy cheap. For his mom's birthday the guy gave her our newspaper and keep the coupons."
  46. 46. "Eric has mackin' down to a science there ain't no chick that don't fall for his cheesey pick up lines. That's all I know." You don't seem to know that much about your own house mates. "I ain't there keeper, what they do is their business. Shouldn't ya be coverin' Bio's little Bros so, we can get this college chapter goin'?" *sigh* I going now. I hope things are calmed down. "Somethin' wrong at the main house?" Oh, No no. Everything is fine really. I better be going now. Nice seeing you.
  47. 47. Meanwhile somewhere in the shopping district..... "What a perfect day for male bonding!" "Would you stop saying stuff like that, geez man, and for the record we are not bonding. You are here to help me find a present for George, that's all."
  48. 48. "There isn't a need to feel embarassed, brother of mine. Should I have said 'chillin out' instead?" "Would you just go inside." "Of Course, brother of mine! Let us start this outting right. You want to get a snow cone?" "Please, just get inside the shop."
  49. 49. "So, is it her birthday? Should we get something for Jeanette too. I think we should." "No, it's not her birthday." "So, you are getting her something just because? That is a great idea brother of mine! We should get something for Mom then & Beryl & Breccia & Aunt Aiyana, Aunt Candice. Oh, do you think dad would would something?" "Geez, Bayl it's not Winter's Fest. We are only here to get George something nice. Now focus what does she like?" "Don't you know? She is your girlfriend." ".....You have a better memory. You actually listen when the girls talk about... girl stuff." (Winter's Fest is my sim version of christmas. XD)
  50. 50. "Ok, then how about this? George likes newage imagery, like horoscopes and aliens. OH and it's on sale!" "But, she doesn't believe in that stuff." "She may not believe it but, that doesn't mean she doesn't like the concept of it and it's on sale!"
  51. 51. "I don't know. Wouldn't she like something, urr, pink?" "You are getting Gerogette confused with Jeanette. Georgette likes darker colors. But, you know that. Don't worry I get them confused all the time too." "Yeah, confused."
  52. 52. "Good evening Mr. Higarashi. What brings you to the shopping district?" "Umm, shopping?" "Umm, yes...It is a good thing I bumped into you. It saves me the trouble of calling. As the new Chair Speaker of the TNLT, I am throwing a little fundraiser party. As the grandson of Mrs. Hitomi Higarashi, I would be honored if you and your family could find the time to attend."
  53. 53. "That is, umm, nice. I sadly have already made plans, but my brother Bayl here would love to go to a fundraiser for the less fortunate."
  54. 54. "I would love to represent my family at this fundraiser. I have heard such good thing about the charity my Grandmother founded and if I'm not too young, I would like to volunteer. Ever since my grandmother told me about all the good the TNLT does for the community I have been very eager to join." "Well, of course you can join. I believe Mrs. Higarashi would have wanted her family involved. I will send a formal invitation in the mail. Your entire family is invited. The TNLT would appreciate their presence." Not the brother I wanted, but I can make this work for now.
  55. 55. Conspiracy Blog, Entry 127, In my search for conspiracy, I have stumbled upon one against myself. The Creator "claims" the restriction on marriage for legacy heirs is written in stone. That she "can't" do anything about it. Ha! I have said it before, she can change the rules. She just doesn't want to. Therefore, I intend to ruin my chances as heir. I'm not sure how I can do that, but it will come to me. This means I will be entering college a little earlier then I wanted. I don't want Mom & Dad finding out about this, they wouldn't understand. Conspiracy seeker signing off.
  56. 56. "Dad I am ready to enter college." "Already? But, what about bring your son to work day? I was going to show you the warheads." "Really? I mean, no that's ok I can see them another time. I can, can't I?" "Of course, You take care my general. Always be on the alert, you never know when my Rival may show up." "Always alert!" "And watch over your sister's for me. They should be ok, I thought them the Art of Mighty Fury, but I still worry." "I will watch them like a hawk!" "Good boy."
  57. 57. *sigh* I should feel happy. Salty is off to college and Bayl will follow soon. *sigh* Ok, I'm a jerk or would it be jerkette? It doesn't matter I suck. :( I'll have to think of a way to make it up to him.
  58. 58. "Dad I was thinking. Now might be the best time to go to college." "So soon? But, your brother just left. Literately just look at the last slide." "I know, But I feel I can't go forward with life if I don't go and as a fortune sim I have been rolling the want daily. Mom even has the want locked." "If you think this is for the best, than I can't stop you. Just promise me you'll be careful and mind you older siblings." "I will father."
  59. 59. The next morning Bayl called the college taxi. It's sad no one is around to wave goodbye to him. Lucy is at work so I didn't except her to, but Al should have been here. Oh well, time for college.
  60. 60. "My baby generals have all left me Father. They could be targeted by my Rival and there is nothing I can do!" (This is where I found Al as Bayl was leaving.)
  61. 61. "About time you showed up. Now, step aside and let the babes through."
  62. 62. "We were meant to bring infants?"
  63. 63. "The Creator told me you guys would be bring chicks." "Why would we bring chickens?" "Chicks, Babes, Dolls, Women not chickens. What do you think Co-ed means?" "Corporate Education?" "Argg! Salt explain it to Mr. CEO."
  64. 64. "It means we're going to be stuck with some chick the Creator deems worthy. She probably has our futures planned out already. Well, I'm not going to stand for it!" "Are you ok Brother of mine?" "What's with the hostility, Salt?"
  65. 65. "And here I thought they would be happy to see us, Georgie." "Hey, Salty!"
  66. 66. "That doesn't seem fair. Where's my lip lock greeting? Hey Bayl come here a sec."
  67. 67. "How did you get here? Does the Creator know?" "It would be hard if she doesn't. She was the one who sent us here." "So, she was planning to send you here the whole time?" "Well, no there is someone else coming. But, that doesn't matter the Creator felt really bad so, she's thinking up a solution." I have an idea, but I have to talk to Circe first. "See, Creator I knew you could do something." I haven't done anything yet. But, I will try.
  68. 68. "Hey, Creator, where are the real babes? You don't serious expect I'd go for Jeanette, did you?" What are you talking about? What do you mean "go for"? Don't you have a girlfriend? "So, naive dear Creator. I haven't forgotten about Min Fei. But, this is my college years. Time to sew stuff, oaks I think. You get my meaning?" You want to sew? Well, we do have free time installed. I can buy you a sewing machine if you want.
  69. 69. "No, I do not want to sew! Will you stop playing games!" "Brucie?"
  70. 70. "Min baby, looking good. Ever since the Creator mentioned I would be moving to the Co-ed House I was looking forward to seeing your pretty face." *cough Lair cough cough* "So, you knew I was coming?" "Of Course I did, baby and if the Creator had someone else in mind. I would have demanded she let you come too." *COUGH COUGH LAIR COUGH COUGH* "Maybe you should see someone about that cough. It sounds real bad." Don't worry, Min Fei, I'm fine really.
  71. 71. Here a re the members of Co-ed House, again I lack imagination with the name. :P from left to right standing row; Brucite Higarashi: Romance, LTW Rock God 7/9/9/9/1 Bayldonite Higarashi: Fortune, LTW Oceanography Career 1/9/6/3/8 Basalt Higarahi: Knowledge, LTW Criminal Mastermind 7/7/8/8/3 Zack Davison: Popularity, LTW Become General 10/2/6/8/0 Georgette Gieke: Knowledge, LTW Maxout 10 Skills 10/7/2/5/6 From left to right sitting row; Min Fei Wu: Popularity, LTW Celebrity Chef 7/5/4/8/7 Jeanette Gieke: Romance, LTW Woo Hoo 20 Sims 4/8/6/8/4 All the college student are now here. So, it's time to get started with the college portion of today's chapter!
  72. 72. What better way to officially start a college chapter, then seeing a cow stealing a garden gnome. This is Alon the resident Cow Mascot. He is tolerated for Beryl's sake. He is currently her only friend and has saved her from aspiration failure several times.
  73. 73. "Hey, Mom I want to call and thank you for the present." "That's nice dear. Since I have you on the phone, have you seen my Treasure Chest? The really shinny one with the gold coins and gem stones? I've been looking every where for it. Your father thinks it was stolen and I am beginning to believe him. If I get my hands on that thief I'm going to rip his arms off and give him to your father for questioning." "Urr, No haven't seen it." "Oh poo. So, you like the pot holders?" "Oh yeah! I use them everyday, I love them." "Good, well I have to go sweetie. So, good of you to call. You're such a considerate son. Bye bye."
  74. 74. "Must find another...."
  75. 75. "What the hack are you doin' Bio?" "I can't find it!!!" "Find what?" "The chest, the Treasure Chest!!" "You have officially lost it my friend. You are taking the day off. No class for you." "Why can't I find the shinnies?"
  76. 76. Bio did take a much needed day off. With a great deal of encouragement from Devin, he called the matchmaker. In the words of Devin himself; "Man, you're wacked out. Get yourself a gal and relax."
  77. 77. And so, meet Downtownie Maria Bar. I like Maria, why? She has 3 bolts with Bio. Yeah, she has black hair and I was hoping for something different, but beggars can't be choosers. If I am cursed with the black gene forever so be it. It can be the family trademark or something.
  78. 78. "Vo Gerbits Bio Bio he's the guy flirt that lady 'til she sighs! Vo Gerbits" Ally, I don't think that is helping.
  79. 79. I could be wrong. Hey Ally mind sticking around a while?
  80. 80. "I know we just meet, but would you like my 'My Simpage' user name?" "Only if I can add you as a friend on 'Simster'." Yes, she is popularity. She also likes black hair, works in the Culinary career track, and enjoys long walks on the beach. It's amazing the things you can find out from the 'ask' option. XD
  81. 81. She seem to have this thing for games. She won't leave the pool table alone. Which is a plus for Bio. He built up quite the rep during high school as the master hustler.
  82. 82. "So, Ally want to swing by the bar and get me a drink?"
  83. 83. "Can I shove it down your throat." "I simple no would have worked." psycho
  84. 84. "Mooo." who is this vision of utter hotness?
  85. 85. "Well, hello there. It's not everyday a goddess comes down from the heavens." "Grrr" What kind of crap line is that!
  86. 86. "How would you like a tour of the dairy farm." "Urr, maybe another time." "Grrrrr!!"
  87. 87. "Bio, I'm calling it a night. see you around." "Grrr, Cow."
  88. 88. "What was that, Alon? You ruined my chances at a dream date. What if she doesn't want to come back?"
  89. 89. "You are not worthy of my Goddess. I will never allow her to enter this house again"
  90. 90. "You better watch it Cow. Just because your Beryl's best friend doesn't mean we won't beat the milk out of you. Now get stepping before I have to call Beryl about her deceased friend." You tell that cow, Wes. Out cow, out!
  91. 91. "It's over! She'll never come back." What? A little cow flirt isn't going to ruin your relationship. "Then, why do I have a cheating memory? sniff" That's nothing, the Cow tried to brake up Devin's parents too. But, it didn't work. It actually made their relationship stronger. Maria isn't going anywhere. Now, get your pizza off the counter, that can't be sanitary. "Sniff, but Devin just cleaned it." *shiver* Exactly, up with that pizza!
  92. 92. "Against my better judgment, I have decided to use your services. If it can work for Bio it can work for me. Here is $10." "Urr, since you are new to this deary, I will tell you a secret. Finding true love depends on how willing you are to achieve that love." "I am willing. Very willing." "Urr, what I mean is if you want the best, you must sacrifice a bit." "Oh, I have scarified. That is a real $10 bill." *sigh* "you try to do something nice...Ok here you go the $10 special."
  93. 93. "Hehe I hope the sacrifice was worth it." "This wasn't what I had in mind Gypsy."
  94. 94. "How dare you interrupt my plotting time! I was on a roll!" "Hey, this is not the way it works. Where are my hearts?" "Thank you for the business. Have a nice night."
  95. 95. "Some investment you are! $10, Ha! More like $2. I am going to sue that swindling Gypsy."
  96. 96. "One word, Cricketta" Quick, Liam inside! Please Circe, don't hurt him! Remember our deal? You can't hurt him! "Oh ho! Hear that big bad Circe? Now be a good little simself and trot on home." Liam! Apologize, for the love of Plumbob apologize! "Ha! To little pet simself? I think not."
  97. 97. "That's it! To heck with the deal!" "What, little simself is going to hit me?" *covers eyes* I can't watch!
  98. 98. "Are you insane!? What were you thinking? It's a good thing the Creator came and got us or you would be dead man. You hear me? DEAD!" Thank you guys for helping me get Circe off him.
  99. 99. "Haha!! Muhahaha!!" "Family or not, if you get into it with Circe again, I WILL hold you down for her. I am not going to be on the relieving end of those nail." "Haha you haha got beat up hahaha *gasps for breath* by Circe muhahaha!!"
  100. 100. "It won't scar will it?" Scar! That is the least of your worries! Liam, I can't believe you said those things to her. You have to remember Circe is like a cat. She'll hiss and swipe from time to time, but she keeps to herself mostly. You piss her off and she'll do some real damage. "Haha you haha scream like a girl muhahaha!!" "Gee, thanks for the comfort, Creator." Comfort? Take it as a warning. You don't think she'll forget this do you? Sorry to say, but watch your back mister and good luck. ".....oh...." "Haha hunted for life hahaha!!!"
  101. 101. Bio & Wes both have a passion for sports so I got them some nifty Soccer/Football nets. Aren't I nice. XD
  102. 102. "Bio, your heads not in the game. Don't tell me you're still thinking about last night."
  103. 103. "Listen, if you're that worry why don't you call her? Take her out somewhere nice." "That's if she'll agree to go. Let alone answer her phone." "It won't hurt to try. Besides, how can I gloat about kicking your butt, if your mind isn't in the game?"
  104. 104. "Hey Maria---" "Bio, I'm so glad you called! Want to go out tonight? I know this little cafe` with the best coffee and tea selection you'll ever see." "Uhh, ok? I mean, sure. What time is good for you?" "Pick me up at 7pm, I'll send you my address via email."
  105. 105. "I want to apologize for the way Alon acted last night. According to my sister, she is his only friend. So, we let him hang with us from time to time. I don't know what got into him--" "Bio, don't apologize for him. I spend most of my time downtown, I'm use to that type of stuff. It's water under the bridge, really it doesn't bother me." "Are you sure?" "Yep, now I'm hungry. Where's the food?"
  106. 106. Look at him. how dare he sit at my goddesses table and talk to her so causally. Humph, I bet that's veal he's eating to, the monster!
  107. 107. Ahh, such a divine creature. Worry not my lovely goddess. I will find a way to release you from that devil's grasp. It's just a matter of time.
  108. 108. Bio may have missed his chance for a dream date last night, but tonight more than made up for it.
  109. 109. In a big way. xD
  110. 110. Meanwhile at Circe HQ...... “ I thought it was odd seeing Gentry talking to Salty. From what I could hear they were talking about the TNLT.” “ That's not too strange. Gentry runs it now, doesn't he?” “ True, it could all be nothing. But, from the way poor Salty was trying to end the conversation and Gentry pushing for him to come to a TNLT meeting, it just didn't seem right.” (Jesi has a new simself hair style. I't's very cute. XD)
  111. 111. “ Ms. Rice, may be right. whenever I chance to overhear his converstaions--” “ It's called eavesdropping, Di.” “ Ahem, as I was saying. When I chance to hear him, he never breathed a word about the TNLT to anyone, unless asked directly. To openly discuss it with young Higarashi seems quite odd indeed and I was not eavesdropping.”
  112. 112. “ Call it what you will Milady. You were very much eavesdropping.” “ I beg your pardon? I have never eavesdropped a day in my--” “ Circe?”
  113. 113. “ Having a jam section without me?” “ It's about time you came out. It was the promise of bubbles wasn't it?” “ We were discussing whether or not Di was eavesdropping.” “ You are mistaken, Ms. Rice. I would never eavesdrop.”
  114. 114. “ So, spill. What have you been doing all this time? Cat Cat said you were plotting.” “ I promise to tell all, but first I have a few financial things to go over with Cat Cat and then I promise to fill everyone in.” “ As long as you don't take too long. I don't think I can take another week of waiting.” “ No, not long at all if everything works out as it should. Hehe.” “ I hate to say it but I've missed that evil expression! It's good to have to out and about.” “ Good to be out. Now, I'm off to find Cat Cat.”
  115. 115. "Hello Cat Cat." "...." "Still mad I see. Well, I have already said 'I'm sorry'." "Actually, you haven't." "Well, I am and to make it up to you I have a little business matter that I know you will love."
  116. 116. "I already told you I am not managing 'Makeoves 'Cause you Need it' for you." "Do I still own that hole in the wall? Anyway, no I have something a little more entertaining in mind. You up for an old fashion corporate takeover?" "I'm listening." "You always do. Meet me in my office I have a CD you just have to see."
  117. 117. Hehe now, to get things rolling..What is this?
  118. 118. Fundraiser?
  119. 119. Looks like I'm going to a party. End of College Chapter #2 part 1! I hope you all enjoyed it. I want to thank all of the simselves I abuse every chapter. Thank you for being such good sports. :D Thanks to all the creators of the CC's a use. They are wonderful! A big thank you to all the reader who have bookmarked Geogacy. It means a lot. Until next chapter. :)