Chapter 3.3 part 1


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Chapter 3.3 part 1 of Geogacy a sims 2 life story.

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Chapter 3.3 part 1

  1. 1. Geogacy Chapter 3.3 part 1 !! I suggest reading the past chapters, if you haven't already or you might get lost. :D Also this is a 2 parter. Meaning, the chapter got too long and I had to break it up into 2 parts. I am uploading both at the same time. So, please don't freak out with the aburpt ending of part 1. Enjoy and thanks for reading :D
  2. 2. Destroyer's Blog. Report #57.5 It's been several months and so far no sign of my Rival. I am not surprised by this. After so many failed attempts, I am sure he is frustrated and simply laying low. He is a crafty fellow and is sure to think up something terrible. I will have to be on my toes.
  3. 3. There is still Roderick to think on. Now, that my sweet Breccia is fulfilling her duty and helping to expand the family dynasty, I begin to wonder if Roderick is indeed an agent of my Rival. His dedication to my daughter and friendliness toward the family, leads me to believe I may be wrong. But, there's something not right about that boy.
  4. 4. The sentry bots I've sent to my eldest son were sent back agian. He is a stubborn boy. The cows may have retreated but, my Rival may still target him. I will remind him of his duty to protect my granddaughter, the next time I send the bots. Danielle is too young to start training in the Art of Mighty Fury to protect herself. Maybe I should install the bots myself the next time I visit.
  5. 5. I have had little time to discuss my plans to overthrow the government with my son, Basalt. His recent employment with the TNLT charity and the managing of my grandson, Hayden has left him little time to draw up our plans. I was concerned at his choice of profession, but he assures me it is only a front for his criminal ambitions. He's such a smart boy.
  6. 6. No sign of foul activity at my son's wedding. I thought Bruce would never settle down. I am relieved. As I get older, I feel that seeing all of my generals happily married and having little generals of their own is what life is all about.
  7. 7. My Rival may have delayed my plans to conquer the known world. But, its only a matter of time before I discover his hideout and reap vengence on his head, which won't be pleasant for him. Future leader of the known world, signing off...
  8. 8. "Breccia dear, the pie is ready."
  9. 9. "The original recipe called for elderberry, However, I like the taste and texture of the loganberry. The change is acceptable? I did not ruin it?"
  10. 10. "The pie is wonderful, Beryl. Your skills in the kitchen have imporved. I even think we can take the fire department off speed dial. Don't you agree, Love?"
  11. 11. "Mmph mmmph mmmmm" "You see, Beryl? Breccia agrees." "Maybe I should take up cooking. It would be easier then working for the judge at the courthouse. There isn't an opening at your work is there?"
  12. 12. "Sorry mate, wish I could help, but the firm is short staffed for a reason. Which reminds me, I have another business trip. It's short notice, but it will only be for one night."
  13. 13. "You're going again..." "Sorry, love. It's only temporary until they hire more staff." "I know..."
  14. 14. "You know there is this new place that opened up by the Star Coffee. Maria mention she was going with Julia. Why not tag along? I'm sure they won't mind if you and Beryl want to come." "Trying to get me to forget about my husband leaving so I feel better or is Maria trying to drag you along too and you want to escape?" "Which answer won't get me smacked?"
  15. 15. "I think that is a brilliant idea. The weather will be pleasant enough. Besides when was the last time you and Beryl saw Maria and Julia?" "At Hayden's birthday last week." "See, much too long."
  16. 16. "I am not sure. We would be imposing and--" "Nonsense, it's never imposing when it's family. Isn't that right, love?" "Fine fine, I'll go. Beryl, you should come too. We can go berry shopping after. This pie is almost gone." "If you wish..."
  17. 17. "So, when do you leave?" "This Tuesday." "Tuesday, but you just got back from the last one. This isn't fair! I saw more of you when we were dating, then I do now."
  18. 18. "Loving, I'm sorry, I really am. But, the firm is in a tough position right now. They need all the man power they can get, without losing anymore money." "I know all that. I just...I'm afraid you won't be here when the baby comes..." "Is that what has you upset? Loving, nothing could keep me away." "But..." "I'll request some time off. So, I will be here."
  19. 19. "You know you could always quit. They work you too hard with little benefit." "I can't do that. The Firm has been good to me for years." "I can be good to you too. Want to see the employment package?" "I don't Know. How's the HMO plans?" "I'll leave the fine print for you to read."
  20. 20. "Oh Come on! Get a room or I get the hose." "Oh My!"
  21. 21. The New Circe HQ.... " 'Bout time you showed up. I've got some questions about this new house you built." Do you like it? I am very proud of it. It turned out wonderful. Don't you think? "You recolored my old house." .....No, I am sure you are mistaken. *shifty eyes*
  22. 22. "I'm not an idiot. This is my old house with new wallpaper. This is not what I meant when I said new house. But, since you did follow through with the motherlodes, I guess I can wait for a NEW house. You have 20 minutes. Chop chop!" 20! I can't make a nice house in 20 minutes! "You're wasting your time with all this 'can't' business." I don't have the time to build another house. I have a legacy chapter to write. "Can't we stay, Circe? I've always liked this house."
  23. 23. See, Shadey likes it. "So be it. But, since this is not a new house that means you still owe be something." *shiver* ...Umm, what do you have in mind? "I have discussed this with Cat Cat and I want a studio." Studio? Like an art studio? "No, nitwit a TV Studio."
  24. 24. Why? "To create my new network, Duh" Come again? "I know you're a bit slow but, try to keep up. The gnome channel was a brilliant idea. I should know, it was my idea after all and it was a hit with the fans. The problem was with those greedy gnomes. We figure that since the concept and programing was so popular that it shouldn't matter what icon we use." Icon?
  25. 25. "Taa daa! Isn't it cute? My orginal idea was to use the Lucky Kitty, but popluar trends leaned toward the gnomes at the time. so, what do you think?" Urr..Yay?
  26. 26. "Dang straight! We've already thought up some good idea for programing. All we need is some willing vict-- I mean cast members and a place to film and edit." Some how I know I'm going to regret this. But, since I can't see any life threatening reason not to, alright. I'll find a studio for you. One thing though, Why a TV network?
  27. 27. "For my own amusment." O.o ....okay....I better be going now, gotta find that studio and all that...Bye!
  28. 28. "You could have told her the truth." "Just imagine that conversation 'Hey Creator, I ran the gnome Channel into the ground to get back at the gnome who were not only stealing from me, but using the company as a laundering service for their criminal organization. I intend to crush this organization into a greasy smear of nastiness for daring to use me and my company. Oh, and I'm using my new network to fund my vengeful crusade.' Do you think she would approve of my reasoning? "I'll go crunch the numbers again." "Told you."
  29. 29. Gentry Estate... Why did she do it? The Gnomes Channel had the highest ratings in television entertainment. It's profit ran off the scale. So, why did she sabotage the whole thing? It had to have been sabotage. She threw money at every charity in this blasted town, even the TNLT and for what? The Gnome Channel is no more. I should be happy. The Gnomes no longer have financial backing. Their operations are fewer and less highbrow, which gives my people a chance to take over. The name Gentry will go hand and hand with the words organized crime just as they did in Stangetown and to think the Creator's own simself gave me this opprotunity. What irony, I spend my life trying to free myself from her control only for her to be my best unwitting ally. Poor simple Creator, if only you knew...
  30. 30. "Wonderful piece, Sir." "Thank you Alistare. Has he arrived?" "Yes, Sir. I left Mr. Higarashi in your study." "Thank you, I will see him directly."
  31. 31. "Higarashi, I didn't except you so soon." "The note with the package said to visit once I cracked the password." "That simple was it, or are you as good as I thought?" "I'm going for the 'as good as you thought'." "Of Course, please have a seat."
  32. 32. "Have a chance to look things over?" "If you mean the surveillance system, then yes and dang is it something. Whoever developed it must have been a genious. There is sound and video access into city hall, the courthouse, police station and oddly enough Circe's house." "Have you check them all? Everything working nicely?"
  33. 33. "Working nicely doesn't begin to describe what this system can do. There's a freakin' satellite! I've only seen this kind of technology in the military. My dad let me use it when I was a kid and that was only the prototype." "I forgot your father was a military man. So, you know how it all works?" "The system is very similar to the one military has, but this one has been modified to do short range transmissions. Which is a good energy saver and from what I saw it looks like that satellite will need all it can get." "Why? Is something wrong with it?"
  34. 34. "Sorry to tell you, but the satellite is failing. I did a bit of research and it looks like the satellite is an old one, about 50 years. A TV network owned it back in the day, but abandoned it for a newer model. Whoever developed your system found a way to take control of it and got it transmitting. But, without maintainence the satellite is bound to break down and loose power like it's doing now." "Not the best of news...How long can you keep it running?" "The system has been running on both ends nonstop for several years. I don't know who you had running it, but they forgot to turn it off. So, from here it all depends on the usage. If I turn it back on and have it running like it has been, then I say we got another 6 months. If it's used only when needed, then maybe 2 years. I can't give any definites, yet."
  35. 35. "We have no choice then. Keep it off for now. We'll find a way to get it working properly in time. One last question, the data base, were you able to open it?" "It was simple enough. Most of the data is coded, but you knew that. What I did see was odd. I know blackmail is a big part of organzied crime, but do we really need to know the sleeping habits of Mrs. Crumplebotttom?" "Err, no. I might as well tell you, since you will discover it anyway. The data base and survaillence system was not created by my organzation. An independent informant, Hector Carboni, created the system. I used his services as did many others. His unbiased view on business gave him a flawless reputation. If you could pay the price, Hector would deliver."
  36. 36. "Wasn't that the guy..." "Who was murdered, yes. When you deal with information things can get a bit tense. Hector was safe as long as he was willing to deliver to everyone, no bias. We have a pretty good idea who killed him, but why they did it is still the question. They got as much benefit as everyone else, maybe even more so. Why they felt the need to eliminate that source of information, I have no idea." "Who are 'they'?" "The Gnomes." "Gnomes? Like the ones in gardens? You're joking, right?" "I'm sure you'll find out all you need to know about the Gnomes from that data base. That is, of course, if you can decode it?"
  37. 37. "So, that's my job? Decode the data and run the surveillance?" "That's the plan. But, if you would rather pick pockets with Sticky Fingers Inc. I understnad." "You're not afraid I'll take the data and run?" "Higarashi, I could care less what you do with the data. I would even support your independence if you chose to walk in Hector's footsteps. All I ask is that you remember who gave this opprotunity to you. We would make an unstoppable team, your expertise and my resources. What do you say?" "Let's see what I can do with the system before making any future plans." "Of course. Don't hestiate to call me if you need anything. I would like to get that surveillance system working at full power sooner rather then later."
  38. 38. "It's me, Rod. Last night's meeting went as planned, nothing to worry about. The client was tough to deal with, but he saw it my way in the end. They always do. Listen, I am sending Roger on the next one. I know the boss wants me to be there, but Roger is more than capable and he's itching to get out of the office. Beside, my wife is due to have the baby soon. Alright, I will. Call if anything comes up."
  39. 39. "Could you believe they hung up on me!" "Mother, I know you miss your chest, but harassing the police department isn't going to make it magically reappear. Why don't you dig for another one?" "It's the principle of the matter, dear. I know that someone has my chest and when I find them I'm going to rip them a new one!"
  40. 40. "It's possible, my love, that my Rival has already sold the chest. But, I'm sure we will be able to pry the informantion of who he sold it to easily enough. I've been practicing a new Art of Mighty Fury technique called the pinky pinch. That should get him talking."
  41. 41. "My curiosity wants to know what that is, but my common sense tells me to keep my mouth shout." "He better not have sold my baby."
  42. 42. "I can show you and Beryl the move. It's not that hard. Tomorrow morning we'll go out to the mountains and begin training. It will be just like when you were little. You girls loved the mountains" "I do not recall going to the mountains as a girl. I must have been very young. A restful vacation does indeed sounds nice. Yet, now might not be the best of times. Breccia is due anytime." "You are right Princess, we will wait until my grandchild is born, then I can teach them the move as well."
  43. 43. "What's this about a vacation? I've already asked for time off. I don't think they will be too happy if I ask for more." "About time you got some time off." "I told you I would. But, I don't know for how long. They weren't too happy about letting my co-worker go in my place." "Well, tough!" "Breccia dear, manners." "Manners ha! Sorry, Beryl, but they aren't getting any from me."
  44. 44. A vacation would be nice. I quite place away from everyone. Maybe I should move to the mountains. Few people live there and no one would know me. I would not be hurt again. I would be safe in the mountains...
  45. 45. Mountains...I..I should go to bed.
  46. 46. "Excuse me, Creator I changed my mind about this baby thing. I really like the idea of adoption!" I'm so excited! Generation 4 is on it's way! *jumps for joy* "I'm serious about that 'changing my mind' thing!"
  47. 47. And with a quick spin baby boy, Calcite was born. That wasn't so bad was it, Breccia? "It was and don't think I'm forgetting you ignored me. But, he is a cutie, aren't you my little man." --------------------------------------------- Calcite (CaCo3) -- One of the world's most common minerals. It is the main component of limestone, marble, chalk & tufa along with many other rocks. Because of it's high calcium content, calcite is used in medicines and many household produces.
  48. 48. "Who's my boy? Cal's my boy. Yes, he is."
  49. 49. "Help me, Oh help me Cal is attacking. Have mercy son! I give, I give!"
  50. 50. "Help me, he's on me! Mercy, Mercy!" "He chose to fight the diper change?" "Look, Cal, it's your mum come to save me." "Sorry sweetheart, but I'm on his side." "Oh cruel world, I am forsaken!"
  51. 51. "I surrender, off to mummy. He's got one heck of a death grip." "That's because he doesn't want daddy to go again." "No worries little guy, It's only for a day and daddy will be back to finish our battle." "It better be just a day or mommy will have something to fight about." "Sorry, love. I'll be back as soon as I can." "I know..."
  52. 52. Lilly's Cafe'.... "Breccia sends her regards. She is unable to leave little Calcite." "How is the little one? Strong and healthy?" "Very much, he favors Roderick in appearence and Breccia in temperament." "Handsome ball of fire? Very appropriate."
  53. 53. "I'm glad you came out Beryl. You can't stay cooped up in that house all the time." "I rather like staying home. There is so much to do since Calcite arrived." I don't want to be here. There are too many people.
  54. 54. "I understand, when Donovan came around, I couldn't get away. Things get hectic when there's an infant around. Toby's no help at all." "Men normally aren't. When Danielle starts to cry, Bio gives me the deer caught in headlight look. I'd find it funny if I wasn't so aggravated."
  55. 55. "So, who do you have you're eye on, Beryl?" "Wow, look at that face! Don't choke dear." "I knew I was right. Who is he? What does he do?"
  56. 56. "No, I do not have anyone, really." "I saw that reaction. There is someone on your mind. So, start talking." "No, really. I was just thinking of this horribly rude fellow I meet in the park that's all." "One normally doesn't think of rude people when asked the question of 'who one has an eye on'." "You're right, Maria. Why oh, why did you think of him, Beryl dear?"
  57. 57. "Oh my, is that my brother Bayl sitting with that lovely redhead? I wonder who she is."
  58. 58. "Well, I didn't think I would ever see him on a date. I think I've seen her before, can't place the name. But, I'm sure I've seen her around." "We must remember to introduce ourselves. It wouldn't be right not knowing my brother-in-law's girlfriend."
  59. 59. "Don't think you're off the hook, Beryl. I don't fall for distraction." "I know not what you mean." "I'm sure you do. Can we have the check please?" "Right away, ma'am."
  60. 60. "You said he was rude. What did he do start cat calling?" "Nothing like that. He was being a pest nothing more." "What did he say? He's not harassing you now is he?" "No, no. He just inisted to walk me home, even after I assured him I would be perfectly fine." "You were annoyed because he walked you home or was he following you?"
  61. 61. "I walked home with a vexing individual nothing more. There is no importance on the event. I would be quite happy, if I never see that irritating man again. May we talk on others thing?" Get it through your head. I don't want to talk about it! "Ok, we'll end the topic. Didn't mean to upset you." "No, no. I am quite alright. I apologize if my words sounded to bold." "Don't worry, my fault for prying. Anyway, I'll be right back. Time to powder the nose."
  62. 62. "Me too, I've been holding it all through lunch." "Why didn't you go earlier?" "And have my yummy burger get cold? Heck no!" What business it is of their's anyway? If I wanted to talk about it I would have! I should have stayed home. I should go now. I'll just leave a note with the host. I never should have left home.
  63. 63. "Now aren't you a fine piece. Leaving somewhere, sweetheart? I'd be happy to go with ya." "Err, no thank you. Have a nice da--"
  64. 64. "Now where's the rush? You can't leave until I get your digets, sweetheart." "I say, Sir, unhand me at once!" "Come on, I'm just being friendly."
  65. 65. "You heard the lady. Now get you &$$%* home. You shouldn't be hitting the juice this early."
  66. 66. "What's your freakin' problem!" "Woah, your breath, man. Talk down wind if you don't mind. I know a cinnamon and club soda mix that can fix that right up." "Do you know who you're messing with? I got powerful friends!" "I'm sure you do and I hope they smell better."
  67. 67. "Watch you're back! I'm not forgetting this and my breath doesn't smell!" "That's what he says. I would rather inhale compost. Geez, what was he drinking?" "I did not need your help." "Of course, you didn't Princess."
  68. 68. "Aww and here I was rushing over to punch his lights out too. But, that was awesome, knight in green shirt to the rescue."
  69. 69. "I'm Julia Flynn. That is Maria and this damsel in distress in Beryl." "Grayson Mallory and the princess and I have met." "Really? No fair Beryl, keeping this one a secret."
  70. 70. "Let me have a look. He got some dirt on you, that bastard. Are you ok?" "I am perfectly alright. I had the situation well in hand." "Sure you did, Princess. So, you were letting him grope you?"
  71. 71. "Of course, not! I cannot believe you would imagine I would let that foul man touch me!" "Just saying. If you had the situation under control, it didn't look like it to me." "You stepped in before I had the chance to do anything." "You hesitated, Princess. I stepped in." "I did not ask for assitance!" "Do you get the feeling that we are being ignored, Julia?" "Shhh, it's getting good."
  72. 72. "Is she always this unreasonable?" "I am not being unreasonable! I will have you know that I am perfectly capable of dealing with any scoundrel. Tell him Maria!" "You must be the gentelman from the park that Beryl was telling us about." "Mentioned me did she? So, what type of villain did she paint me? Did she give me horns?"
  73. 73. "I was only telling them how vexing you are and you have not changed one bit!" "Neither have you, as stubborn as ever. Your welcome, by the way." "Stubborn, well I never! You are not getting any thanks from me, you scoundrel! I bid you good day, Sir!" "Look's like I'm being dismissed. Pleasure meeting you ladies. Good day to you Princess."
  74. 74. "I can see you like him." "I do not like him! I Would not give him the time of day, even if you asked politly, the rude man!" "I'm sure he'll be heartbroken to hear that." "Well, I approve. So, when is the wedding?" "Humph!"
  75. 75. He is so irriting! She's a lot of fun.
  76. 76. Yep, that is a safe bet. Baby number 2 is on it's way thanks to ARC. I almost regret installing it. I keep it for the sake of randomness. I love me some random! XD
  77. 77. "Hello there little fellow. Where did you come from? You're not a spy from my Rival are you?"
  78. 78. *cough cough* "Back foul spy!" *cough cough* "My eyes, they burn!" *cough cough*
  79. 79. "Al, did you get Cal's cake. Plumbob! What is that smell!" "The smell of shame, dear. I fell for the spy's cuteness. Now, I must bare the burden of my failure." "What are you talking-- Woah! Just go! Wash in bleach or something."
  80. 80. "Ready to grow up little man? I know your mum is. She wants you to learn the wonderful skill of potty training." "First order of business. I hope you are prepared, Cal."
  81. 81. "Here we go-- what's that smell?" "Shame." "Umm, ok then. Here we go."
  82. 82. "Taadaa Daddy!" "Did you hear that he said-- Darla?" -------------------------- Cal's Stats: 5/5/9/7/1
  83. 83. "Sorry, to interrupt. But, we have a situation at the office. I need you to come with me." "Of course. I will be just a minute."
  84. 84. "Sorry, Son Daddy has to go bye bye." "Bye Bye, Daddy." "Be a good boy."
  85. 85. "I'll be back as soon as I can. Please don't be mad." "I'm furious." "I know, I'll make it up to you, love." "You better."
  86. 86. Gnomington Estate.... "Idiots, all of them!"
  87. 87. "Bad news?" "The surveillance team working with Sierra is throwing a tantrum. One of them saw their reports get deleted by the intelligence team. He claims he wasn't informed that his team's mission was decoy only. Intelligence calls the surveillance team and finds out none of them knew. Now, the team is screaming about the time and resources wasted."
  88. 88. "As a result most of the hit teams have canceled their jobs. They aren't getting any reliable info from the intelligence team, because the other surveillance teams are slacking off thinking their missions are decoy too. On top of that I was informed our new laundering service was sniffed out before it started. When did we set that up? Who set it up? Why didn't Sierra tell her team she was a decoy? I'm away for the overseas talks and everyone loses their mind!"
  89. 89. "Ho Ho Ho, calm down, my boy. Take a breath. The Laundering Service was a test to see how much hold Gentry has in the town. Which at this point is more then we expected. We were foolish to have so much dependence on the Gnome Channel Network. Our contentment blinded us to Gentry's movements. We will have to move our resources elsewhere. As for Sierra she doesn't know she is a decoy."
  90. 90. "What? But, I thought she volunteered to watch Gentry." "She did and she is doing a wonderful job. Gentry isn't a fool. We would have been rid of him long ago if that was the case. We needed a convincing distraction to keep Gentry busy, Sierra was an ideal choice. Maybe it was wrong to tell the intelligence team the truth? It matters not, Gentry already knows Sierra's purpose. We might as well tell her to come home. You can do that for me, can't you?"
  91. 91. "I can't see it being as simple as 'calling her home'. Won't Gentry try to stop her from leaving? He could already have her trapped and waiting to use her against us." "Sierra doesn't know any of our current plans, so I don't see how he could use her." "But, Gentry won't know that. Sierra could be in a serious spot of trouble. We need--"
  92. 92. "Now now, my boy, you worry too much. Sierra is a good girl and won't leak any important information. We'll be fine." "That's not--" "How is that family of yours? I heard your son had a birthday. They grow so fast don't they? I still remember when you and Sierra would sneak off to the park to play. You two were inseparable. But, that was so long ago." "Indeed it was..."
  93. 93. "You still believe that Gentry is only interested in the son, Basalt?" "I believe Gentry intends to replace Hector with Basalt. But, I haven't had a chance to confirm this. The Overseas trips take up a lot of my time. Has a replacement been found to take my place yet?" "Why so eager? I thought you liked traveling?" "I've always enjoyed the travel. But, now that Cal is older and Breccia is excepting again, I should start spending more time at home." "I see. Well, finding the right person to oversee our foreign relations is a difficult task. But, don't worry the moment I find someone, I'll call you. Now, off with you. You don't want to keep your family waiting."
  94. 94. Off you go, to the family you perfer best....
  95. 95. So much wasted potential....
  96. 96. "Hello, Sierra speaking." "Good! Sierra pack your bags the Sage wants you home."
  97. 97. "Rod!? What are you thinking calling me here?" "Summoning you home, your job is done." "Why so sudden? Did the intelligence team find something in my report? I knew the TNLT was only a front to launder his organization cash flow. Are there plans to sabotage it? I shoudn't be leaving when we finally have a confirmation."
  98. 98. "No, Sierra.... your on a decoy mission. Your purpose was to distract Gentry, while I investigated the Higarashi." "Decoy..." "I was given the impression that you knew. I would have told you otherwise...Are you alright?" "Why wouldn't I be alright?" "You're not upset about--"
  99. 99. "I understand perfectly. I would have done the same in grandfather's place. Not knowing the mission's details kept me careful and alert. I..I actually perfer not knowing." "You placed yourself in danger to gather information no one needed or cared about and you perfer it that way? I get your reasoning, but really Sierra you should be at least a little annoyed." "I don't see why. If I hadn't been the decoy, your mission wouldn't have gotten very far. So, in the end everything worked out just fine."
  100. 100. "The end doesn't always justify the means, Sierra... Get yourself home and be careful. The Sage doesn't believe Gentry will stop you, but... Just be careful." "I will... Thank you for telling me. Good bye."
  101. 101. Decoy....
  102. 102. Legacy House.... "Alright Calcite, A B C." "Ahhhh Bo" "No, A B C." "Baaa Dee Ahh" "No, it is not hard. Just say A B C." "Naffff"
  103. 103. "That wasn't even close! You --Oh I am sorry. I did not mean to shout. I am sorry." "Meeeeenie!" "I truly am sorry. I promise I will not shout again." "Meeeenie!" " *sigh* "
  104. 104. "What has you so down dear?" "I snapped at Calcite earlier today and now he hates me. I apologized, but...*sigh*. I believe he is right, I am mean." "My Beryl? Mean?" "It is true. I snapped at Calcite for something of no consequence. I lost my temper at the cafe' the other day not once but twice. I am mean." "Everyone has there down days dear. Losing your temper now and again isn't the end of the world."
  105. 105. "Calcite will hate me forever and Julia and Maria must think I have gone mad, because I couldn't keep my temper under control." "Beryl, sweetheart. Cal isn't going to hate you. He probley forgot the whole thing already. Now, I don't know what was said the other day, but as I said everyone has their down days. Julia and Maria will understand. I bet they've had a few days like that themselves." "But, the things I said to Mr. Mallory were quite cruel." "I am sure your friend will forgive you, if you sincerly apologize."
  106. 106. "What if I lose my temper again and make matters worse? I should not go. I will make a mess of it." " 'What ifs' aren't definites. I know you don't like conflict, you never have. As a girl you would do anything to avoid it, just as you are doing now, trying to talk yourself out of confronting the matter. Don't think the worst of things before you even try. Who knows, this friend of yours might not even think there is anything to apologize for."
  107. 107. "If that is the case then I should not bother him at all." "I don't mean to lecture, but conflict no matter how small has a way of catching up to you no matter how much you run. Just something to keep in mind." "...I will keep it in mind." "Good, now help me catch some catfish. Current market value is $5 pre pound. We can setup a stand in front and make a killing!"
  108. 108. "My back is killing me. Shouldn't the kid be out by now?" "I'm sorry, love. It shouldn't be too much longer. Here have a smoothie. Your father made them. It's some kind of health drink he said."
  109. 109. "It tastes funny and it's brown. What did he says this stuff is?" "Might of Fury Juice or something. It doesn't tastes bad, but it is odd. Maybe soybean?"
  110. 110. "Tastes like copper pluges." "Pretty lights. I want to lick them."
  111. 111. "I'm not feeling to good." "Where am I? Who am I? Is that you Ceiling Cat?" "I am Queen of the sauage bisket!" -------------------------------------------------- Ceiling Cat is from aka the lol cat website.
  112. 112. "Woahhhhh!!!" "I can sense your presences, Ceiling Cat. You cannot hide from me!"
  113. 113. "That was freaky." "What's in this stuff?" "This stuff is dangerous." "Very dangerous." "......." "......." "I want another." "Me too."
  114. 114. **Warning!** Those who are pregant should not drink Might of Fury Juice. Side effects may include electric shock, visions of Ceiling Cat, labor and the need to claim sovereignty over food items. Please ask your doctor for details. :D
  115. 115. Pop goes baby girl, Citrine! Citrine is a yellow quartz. Large amounts of iron is what gives the stone its color. True Citrine is very rare. What you see in jewelry stores is most likely an amethyst chemically colored yellow. Citrine is best known as the November birth stone.
  116. 116. "Can you hold her?" "Well, hello there little lass. I'm your Dad."
  117. 117. "What are you about, love?" "I said I wanted another."
  118. 118. "Yes, Trini, mummy is an addict. It's alright I'm here for you." "Ha! Calling the kettle black!" ----------------------------------------------- This is the end of part 1. Part 2 awaits, quick now before it escapes! Enjoy and thanks for reading. Oh and just to let people know the Might of Fury Juice is Boot Juice that you can make with the season's Juicer. The Random animation is hilarious! XD