Chapter 3.2


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Chapter 3.2 of Geogacy a Sims 2 life story

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Chapter 3.2

  1. 1. Geogacy -- Chapter 3.2!!!! Sorry for the lateness. I hope you enjoy the continued antics for the Higarashi family and assorted simselves. :D *Warning* This story does contain bits of randomness and severe jump from topic to topic with a rushed ending. Lucky Kitty Shrine Inc. is not responisble for any confusion or bouts of nausea caused by reading this chapter. Thank you for your time. :D
  2. 2. "Good morning Great Sage." "A nice crisp morning it is too. Winter is creeping in. Come sit with me."
  3. 3. "How is your progress? Not proving too stressful I hope? A stress filled body and mind only causes confusion and indigestion. Ho Ho Ho, Get it, indigestion, Ho ho ho." "Very humorous, Great Sage. I wish I could claim a stress free report. Do to Circe's recent antics Gnome Channel stocks have plummeted. Our people were forced to sell their shares or loose everything. Circe bought out all the shares. We assumed in an attempt to save the company, however she has yet to place them back on the market. This leads me to believe she never intended to do so." "Not good news at all. Simselves are powerful unpredictable creatures. I cannot say I know what Circe is thinking on this matter. Yet, her actions tell me she has come across some delicate information."
  4. 4. "Possibly Hector's files?" "If that is the case, than we have gain an enemy. " "You believe she will care enough to stop the orginization?" "Ha! Circe care? Ho ho ho, that's a good one there. I must remember that one for the next staff meeting. I am more concerned with the Creator. If Circe shares the information on that disk with the Creator... But, enough of that we will see what comes about. How is Sierra?"
  5. 5. "Her surveillance reports are consistent and regular. I am sure Gentry knows she is watching. I can set a team up to retrieve her when necessary." "Ahh good, she is doing wonderfully." "Sir?" "Ho ho ho, silly me I forgot to tell you. Sierra is a decoy. Her mission is to distract Gentry while you investigate the Higarashi family and TNLT." "That's a bit dangerous, even for Sierra."
  6. 6. "I thought the same, but the silly girl would not listen. She is determined to prove herself or some such nonsense. I will send a team to watch her. You must complete your task. Gentry's interest in the Higarashi family concerns me. I do not like the idea of getting involved with the legacy family. It would only draw the Creator's attention and now is not the time to tempt fate. What are your impressions so far?"
  7. 7. "From the information I have gathered I can say most of the family is harmless."
  8. 8. “ Albite Higarashi is a rare fellow, not all there in the head at times. His son Basalt has a bit of the same temperment. I hear he has an interest in the criminal world. He is one to watch.”
  9. 9. "Biotite, the eldest married Maria Bar soon after the cow trial was declaired a mistrial. They live in a flat downtown. I double checked my sources and no, Gentry was not involved."
  10. 10. "There are only two family members in the TNLT, Aiyana and Bayldonite Higarashi. After speaking with them I can say they are only volunteers who positions are not as high in the charity as I first believed. Aiyana Higarashi is a founding member, yet a causal member at that."
  11. 11. "Gentry's interest may only be with the charity and not the family." "He already controls the TNLT. If that was his only goal, he has achieved it. No, there is something else and it involves that family. I am sure. It may take time with some extreme measures, but I am confident you will discover what it is."
  12. 12. "I am counting on you, my boy. I would hate to eliminate them so early in the game." "As you say, Great Sage."
  13. 13. Now for something completely different.... "Where the heck have you been?" Hey Circe, let me tell you about the wonderful holiday season I had. Yeah, I had to work for most of it, but it was still nice. "Not interest!" I got to see my cousin Kim, you remember her don't you? She's married now to a very nice guy. "Will you shut it! I am speaking!!" Urr, Circe what happened to your house?
  14. 14. "That happened because you left without a word!!" "Can I stop digging now? My back hurts. It's not like we'll find a treasure anyway." "Silence, Jamie! 10 more holes! Chop Chop!" I'm confused. "I know it's hard, but try and focus. Beacuse you left, we had to move here. Now motherlode me!"
  15. 15. Motherlode? Again? What are you planning to buy that you can't afford already? "Stop wasting time and motherlode. I need about 20." 20!! You can't need that much. Let me see what you have...Circe, why does it say -500,000 in the money sections? "None of your business! Get motherloding!" *slowly smiles* It looks to me you are without funds. Hehehe. Don't worry, I am sure you'll be able to find a good job to pay off your debts.
  16. 16. "Oh no, we are not having any of that! Laugh it up all you want, but you are motherloding me right now and I want 30 of them so get typing!" You know I think I'm going to see how my Legacy family is getting on. Have fun with that job hunt, Circe dear. "You have made a grave mistake. No one refuses Circe!" What's that? You'll start looking right now? Good for you! bye bye, now.
  17. 17. Hello everyone, I have returned! "My Rival has sabataged the oven! Call reinforcement!" "Goodness, Creator, do not just stand there call the fire department! My cake will be ruined!" 0.0....You know, somehow I find this all oddly comforting......What am I saying!!?? Help! Fire! Save the cake!!!
  18. 18. "Look the fire is almost out!" "What already? No way."
  19. 19. "Hey!" Yep all things are as they should be. :D
  20. 20. "Don't worry about the kitchen. The Creator fixed it up and all is working well. Don't beat yourself up about it. Everybody burns a cake or two." "They may burn cakes, but the entire kitchen? I appericate your effort dear sister, but I know the fault lies with myself. I was not well versed in the techniques and damaged the kitchen. I will give up the culinary arts." "No Beryl, you can't give up something you love because of an accident. All you need is pratice. We are going to the market today and we are buying fresh stuff for your pie."
  21. 21. "It is a cake Breccia and I don't know about going out so soon." "So soon? It's been weeks. The trial is over and it's time you moved on. Come on get you shoes we are getting pie stuff." "You mean cake." "That's what I said pie." "Hehe, alright pie."
  22. 22. Across town at another Higarashi house.... "Zzzzz...*grumble*.....No want to wake up. Still sleepy...." "Zzzzz...Shut up I'm trying to sleep...." "Zzzzz....Sorry..." "Zzzz...So Kay.....????"
  23. 23. "What the heck!! Why are you sleeping in my bed!?"
  24. 24. "Good morning, Sister dear." "Good morning? What the heck, you crazy pervert! Why are you in my room? Why were you sleeping in my bed? Why are you even here? Go home, you freak!"
  25. 25. "But, what if Circe jumps out when my back is turned?"
  26. 26. "You snuck over because you're still afraid of Circe? Do you really think she still cares? If she wanted you dead I would be kicking your tombstone by now!" "But, what if she does still care? She'll come after me and do terrible things and--" "Shut up already! You know what? I am going to kill you. Then everybody's happy!"
  27. 27. "Please Julia, help me. She's waiting to pounce on me any minute, I know it. You can't let her get me." "I don't see why I should." "Come on, I'll do anything. Just don't let her find me. I can't die yet. I haven't achieve my LTW." "You are such a baby. Geez! Ok you can stay, but you are banded from my room you understand? Forbidden to step foot through that door or I will kill you. Got it? "Yes, thank you thank you! You are a good little sister." "Whatever, get out pervert."
  28. 28. It's been a few hours and no sign of Circe. But, I know she's there. The others think I'm crazy But, they have never stared pure evil in the eyes before. It is only a matter of time before she finds me. All I can do is lay low and hope she doesn't notice I move here. If I die before I write again, I want Julia to know that it was me who took her pink bunny pillow and if she has any love for me she will bury it with me, because it's soft. Liam Higarashi, who is not long for this world....
  29. 29. Mallory Park.... "One blended juice with a shot of vod-- I mean some tasty vitamin supplements." "Thanks a lot mate, I need some...vitamins about now." I shouldn't be doing this... "No problem. Waiting for someone? You've been here a while." "She'll be around soon enough." The surveillance team said she would be here. "Well, if you need another healthy pick me up, I'm here 'til 9:00."
  30. 30. I don't want to hurt her. But, if I don't go through with it....Speak of the devil and she shall come. Give me strength vitamin juice.
  31. 31. "Hey, what are you doing here?" "Just out for some fresh air. The weather is not going to stay so fine for long. What about you?" "Just a quick stop to get a juice. I hear this place has the best vitamin slushies."
  32. 32. "It's good to see yo, love." "It's only been a few days." "A few days too long. Do you think your family will mind if a spirit you away?" "I would really like that, but I'm helping Beryl with the shopping."
  33. 33. "It is quite alright, Breccia dear. We have done more then enough shopping for one day. I insist you spend the rest of the day with your beau." "My what? Oh! You weren't watching were you?" "Sweetie, I am always watching my girls." "That's creepy dad. Well, I guess I will see you guys at home."
  34. 34. "Time to go Princess." "I would like to stay a bit longer. I very much like the scenery here. If that is alright?" "I don't like leaving you by yourself. My Rival--" "Papa, I will be fine. Go on home." "Alright Princess, Don't be out too late. You know how your mother worries."
  35. 35. "You have a good time sweetie and if he tries to make a pass at you, remember your Art of Might Fury training." "You're so silly daddy." "Who's being silly? Knock him square in the jaw, ok sweetie?" "Daddy please!" "Nice to see you again too, Mr. Higarashi."
  36. 36. "So Love, am I to get the right hook?" "You might, which then maybe followed by the left. It all depends what you had in mind." "Then I will be black and blue by sunset." If you wish to SQUEEE! You may do so now. XD
  37. 37. Downtown later that night... "Bruce, why are we here again?" "Dude, I told you, Chicks." ".......I still don't understand."
  38. 38. "We are here to find knock dead gorgeous girls who will fall all over our charm and good looks. Girls who won't be able to resist the lure that is the Higarashi brothers.... Ok, the lure that is me, in any case--" "But, why?" "Why? Bayl, there is nothing nicer then the company of a beautiful woman. I really need to find you a date. I can't have my little bro be forever naive about the ways of romance and while I'm finding you a date I can sort through the lovelies for mine."
  39. 39. "But, what about Min Fei?" "Err, what about her?" "She's your girlfriend." "Point being?" "But--" "No Buts in the club now!"
  40. 40. "Now this is what I'm talking about! Great music, premium juice & Hot chicks! Now, who will it be?"
  41. 41. "Hey there Pretty lady, there seems to be some dust on your shoulder. Let my help you off the shelf and we can get to know one another."
  42. 42. "Off the shelf! Get your hands off me!" "Eeee, she bites. I like the nibbles." "Shove it jerk!"
  43. 43. "Well hello Gin." "I can kill you with my mind. Tehe!"
  44. 44. "The answer is no, Pin head!" "Take it easy. You were the one with the 'come hither' attitude." "I was fixing my shoe, you idiot!"
  45. 45. "You should really come to one of the TNLT meeting. You would love the community vibe." "Why do you think I would be into a charity?" "I know we haven't talked long, but I can already tell you're a really nice person and I've had a lot of fun talking to you." "You are such a sweetheart."
  46. 46. "Who is that guy Annie is talking to? He seems so nice." "That's my little bro. I've taught him everything I know about the ladies. I can arrange a meeting between you two. But, why settle for the student when you can have the master, baby doll?"
  47. 47. "I ain't no ones baby doll. You best get stepping fool before I bust a cap in you behind."
  48. 48. "What are with these chicks tonight? Is it a full moon? What's with all the attitude problems? I can't even say hello without one jumping on me and not in the good way!" "I really like this place. All the people are so nice and guess what everyone is interested in the TNLT. Isn't that great." "I don't get it. I'm charming, smart & way too sexy for my cat. So, why aren't the chicks falling all over me? Min Fei does, why not the others?" "You have a cat?"
  49. 49. "That's it! I'm drowning myself in juice don't try and stop me." "It could be because Min Fei likes you so much and you like her." "How does that make any sense?" "It's all about chemistry. You both have 3 bolts for each another. When you two enter the same room I have to leave because things get, umm, inappropriate real fast." "Geez, you're a guy. Don't blush." "What I am saying is that maybe the reason why you can't get other girls to like you is because your body only likes Min Fei. You do like her don't you?" "Great my body is working against me. Bartender, bring me 3 more."
  50. 50. "You do don't you?" "Do what?" "Like Min Fei." "Duh, I like her. That's a stupid question." "Then shouldn't you be focusing on her and not all these other girls who can't stand you." "Way to work in the salt there, bro." "You want salt in your juice?"
  51. 51. "Never Mind. Geez, first my body betrayes me now my eyes. Bartender pass down another one." "Why you say that?" "I'm seeing MinFei on the dance floor. Yep, One more should do it bartender man."
  52. 52. "But, Bruce that is Min Fei. She really is on the dance floor." "PPff, Bartender never mind that drink. I think me and my bro have had enough. We're both seeing things." "Bruce, really that is MinFei." " *sigh* Fate You do realize you are a very cruel witch don't you?" "Who are you talking too." "Never mind."
  53. 53. "Hey Bruc---"
  54. 54. "What was that for and why are you here? I thought you were going to the TNLT meeting with Bayl." "I did say that, didn't I?" "Are you alright Bruce?" "Just peachy, darling. What say you and I grab a snack and let fate gloat a bit?" "Urr, ok but are you sure you're alright? How much have you had to drink." "Doesn't matter, it didn't help anyway."
  55. 55. Mallory Park take 2..... "Excuse me Miss, but it's 9:15 and I need to close up shop." It happens very time I work the night shift. Why can't people understand we close at 9:00 so, get the heck out.
  56. 56. "I am sorry, what did you say?" Why are you bothering me? "This area of the park is closing. We opening back up at 10:00 tomorrow." Not too bad on the eyes... "I am terribly sorry I did not realize you were closing." But, I don't want to go home. "That's ok Miss. I can walk you to your car if you want." So, I can go home and watch the end of the super bowl. "I don't have a car. I walked here." Why should it matter anyway?
  57. 57. "I am sorry I am keeping you from closing. Have a good night." Where should I go? The otherside of the park? “ Let me call you a taxi. You shouldn't be walking around at night by yourself. Do people not care anymore about their own safty. anymore? "No thank you, I did not bring any money with me." I don't want to go home.
  58. 58. "Well, is there anybody who can pick you up? You can use my cell phone." Please don't be difficult. I already missed the half time show. "No one is home right now. Thank you for the generous offer, however I am quite alright." I hate to lie. Just leave me be. "Miss, I really don't feel comfortable letting you walk home. The closest residential is a miles (1.6093 km :D) away.” There I go again. Stop trying to help people, God!
  59. 59. "Really I am fine--" "Look lady, I'm not letting you go by yourself. If you don't want a taxi and you don't want me to call anybody. Then I'll take you home. Geez, why do you have to be so difficult?"
  60. 60. "I beg your pardon, but I have already informed you that I am prefectly capable of going home on my own. If anyone is being difficult it's you, sir." "You better not live too far. I've already missing the end of the Super Bowl. I am not missing the new episode of the Cubical." "Well, I am not the one holding you up buddy!" Oh my, did I just say that?
  61. 61. "This is getting us nowhere. I am sorry if I offended you, but a young pretty lady like yourself shouldn't be walking around alone at night. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened to you. Will you please let me walk you home?" "You are not going to leave me alone are you?" "Not until you're home." Stubborn Woman! "Very well." Stubborn man!
  62. 62. Other side of Mallory park....It's a big park.... "I had a lot of fun today. But, then again I always have a blast when I'm with you." "Same here, love." and that's not a lie... "Now that I have your attention, I want your opinion on something." "Oh? What do you have on your m--"
  63. 63. "......"
  64. 64. *giggle* "That was....not expected." Wow.... "I want to tell you that I love you. Oh wow, I said it. I really said it!" "You love me?" "I have for a while, but I didn't want to rush things. I wanted to be sure and I am. I love you. I love your jokes, your smile, our long conversation on nonsense, our hatred for cows. I love that look you give me when you think I'm not looking. I love you."
  65. 65. "Breccia, I think....We shouldn't see each other any more." I can't do it. I can't have you involved. But, if I don't... "But? ... I'm so stupid! This is just great! I've screwed it all up!....Forget it. I didn't say anything..." "You didn't do anything wrong. It's me."
  66. 66. "You just did not give me the 'it's not you, it's me' line! If you're going to dump me at least be original! I deserve to know why? Am I too bossy? Is that it? "Breccia that isn't why." "No, let me guess. I'm overbearing and selfish. I have 1 freakin' nice point and I let everyone know it! I'm cruel and moody. I take my frustration out on whoever is in my way. I fight dirty and I laugh at people's failures. I'm stupid and pathetic--"
  67. 67. "Would you stop! You are not stupid or pathetic. You may have 1 nice point, but you're not a terrible person. You're strong, caring, sassy & darn it all you're perfect!" "Ha! If that's true, than what's your reason? Why don't you want to see me anymore?" "Because I'm scared! You're the first person I've ever cared about and I don't know what to do. I even bought a darn ring because I thought it was the only way..." "The only way to what?"
  68. 68. "The only way I could show you that I love you, Breccia Higarashi." ...and the only way to protect you and you family.
  69. 69. "Breccia, I'm new to being in love and I'm afraid it will all come crashing down on my head. I've done some things I'm not proud of and I can't say I won't do it again. Knowing that would you give a guy like me a chance to be with you? To have a life with you? Marry me, Breccia?" It's the only way to keep her safe... "Oh oh oh!!" "I need a bit more reassurance, love."
  70. 70. "Yes!!"
  71. 71. "..........."
  72. 72. "Hmph"
  73. 73. "I am home now." "Finally, you were draging your feet like you wanted to wonder around all night. I'm I that irresistible?" "Maybe I did....But, not with you. I guess I should thank you for the escort, unnecessary that it was." "You're oh so welcome, Princess." "How did-- never mind. Good night , sir."
  74. 74. "Night, Princess." Now she is a piece of work. High in the in-step and stubborn. Geez, what a night.
  75. 75. But, the view was nice.
  76. 76. Another Higarashi Residence.... Take it easy Liam. So, you came home a bit late and it's dark. No need to panic. The door is right there. Circe isn't going to jump out of nowhere are get you. Julia is right, if she was going to do something she would have done it already. No need to worry.
  77. 77. I will make some tea and everything will be fine.
  78. 78. "Get him!!"
  79. 79. "Ahh, there you are Creator. So good of you to come when I called." If this is another attempt to get a motherlode, you can forget it. Serves you right for mismanaging your money. "I am sure we can work something out. After all you don't want anything to happen to this young man do you?"
  80. 80. "I don't want to be cow fodder! *cccccrrrrrrryyyyy*" Liam!!? It's ok I'll get you out! "The cow is looking at me!!" Calm down, It will be ok. Don't grab the cake! You hear? No cake! Cricketta no cake luring!
  81. 81. Let him out right now, Circe "Why would I do that? He's so entertaining this way, don't you think?" "The Cow is licking me!!!!" You wouldn't dare! Even you're not that cold hearted. You're not capable of doing it! "Hehe, which only shows how litttle you know me. Now, I would like 50 motherlodes and a new house or need I remind you of what happened to Joe Grundstrom?" --------------------------------------------------- Joe Grundstrom is a character from Dicreasy's A Victorian Legacy.
  82. 82. "NOOOOO, Anything but that! Let the cow eat me!" Ok, Ok! You win Circe! I'll give you the motherlodes, just let him go. *Sniff* "See, that wasn't hard at all. I would like each motherlode in unmarked simloans. Oh! and wrap them in pretty pink paper, if you would." Whatever you want just take Liam home.
  83. 83. *thud*
  84. 84. "The Creator's got my back. so, you better think twice before messing with Liam Higarashi agian! That's right drive away scared like the little cowardly twit you are!"
  85. 85. "Care to say that agian?" "AAAAAAHHH!"
  86. 86. Next Morning.... "You are sure about this, my boy?" "Yes, Great Sage. The Higarashi family is tightly knit. I haven't been able to learn anything of value because of my status as an outsider. Once I marry the legacy heir I will have direct access to all aspects of the family. I will even have some sway with the Creator." "Your sacrifice allow the organization to finally move forward. I am proud of you, my boy." "Thank you, Great Sage. If you will excuse me?"
  87. 87. "It went just as you predicted, Sierra. It's sad we have lost his loyalty, but for now he is a willing pawn and I indend to use his skills to their fullest."
  88. 88. Jump!!...... Wedding Bells are ringing!! My two favorite sims tied the knot. Next up, babies! Really, like in 2 or 3 sim days Georgette is going to pop. ARC is driving me crazy! I had to rush the wedding shot gun style, but no one seemed to mind. ;)
  89. 89. "I'm glad you were able to make it to the wedding. I'm sorry I didn't give you much notice." "No problem at all, love. You were not given much notice yourself. Besides, it gave us the chance to make our own announcement to your entire family. I didn't realize there were so many." "Hehe, we tend to multipy very well. Oh, Hello Mr. Gentry." ---------------------------------------------------------------- And with ARC i'll have too many... @~@
  90. 90. "Mr. Gentry this is Roderick Doyle my fiance' " "A pleasure to meet you and congrandulations on your engagement." "Thank you, Sir." "Please, call me Owen. If you will excuse me I must say my goodbyes to the bride and groom."
  91. 91. Gentry didn't seemed surprised to see me. Could it be he still doesn't know who I work for? His intelligence network must be getting slow or maybe...No, Hector couldn't have been is only informant.
  92. 92. "A wedding present and my heartfelt congrandulations to you and your beautiful bride. I hope you find it interesting."
  93. 93. "Thank you, I am sure I will..."
  94. 94. So, it's the younger Higarsahi, Gentry has his eye on? Things are starting to make sense.
  95. 95. Jump #2 stay with me people!... "I admit, I was surprised you asked me to come here with you." "I don't see why, sugar lips. You're my girlfriend and we are on a date." "But, we haven't been on a date since high school." "That can't be right. Didn't we go...maybe not, but we did go to" Think! There has to be a place we've been to together. "It's alright. We are out tonight and I'm with you. I couldn't ask for a better date." "You're a great gal. Let me make it up to you. Dinner is on me." I'm a jerk...
  96. 96. "Are you sure about this place? It's expensive, don't you think?" "This place? Nah. Just get whatever you want." Please don't get the Baked Alaska.
  97. 97. "Annie said she enjoyed your brother's company the other night. I never pegged him for the social type. I guess all he needed was a push in the right direction. It was nice of you to take him there. Bruce are you alright? You look sick."
  98. 98. "No no, I'm good. Food went down the wrong side is all." Calm down, man. She doesn't suspect anything. It's not like you'll be going to clubs after tonight anyway. 0.0 Did I just think that? Don't panic! You made up your mind. You like Min and she likes you and you can't keep your hand off her. This is the best way. so, just do it.
  99. 99. "Min Honey, we've dated each other since high school and pretty much know everything about one other. Like your favorite color is red and you like that 'Come on Over' song." "Actually I like Green and I can't stand Jessica Simpson." "Umm yes, which proves my point!...kind of. I think you should take some time and think about how we feel--" "Are you breaking up with me?" "No! I'm not saying this right." Quite being a jerk and ask her already!
  100. 100. "Min Baby, I've been thinking really hard about this and I want to ask you. Will you marry me?"
  101. 101. "Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob!" "I want you to know that you are the only one for me. My body knew it all along it just took my head a little while to figure it out. Umm, ok that sounded kind of weird. My point is, I Love you Min Baby." "Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob!" "I'm glad you like it." "Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob!" "Yes, it's very nice. Umm, Min did you hear what I said? Min? "Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob! Oh My Plumbob!" "ok......"
  102. 102. You did it, man. You made the right choice. She looks happy. Please oh please don't noitce it's a Si2 grade. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FYI for you girls out there. Si2 clarity for a diamond means that there are apparent flaws that can be seen within the diamond. What you want is a Vs2 at the very least and if you get a FL, which is a flawless clarity then you're significant other is a millionaire. :D
  103. 103. Jump to the next day. Don't quite on me now. Jump!..... "So, my pin head brother finally asked you did he?" "Don't call him names he's a very intelligent person when he puts his mind to it." "Ppff, if you say so."
  104. 104. "Because you are my best friend, I feel the need to remind you that my brother, who is a pinhead, is also a romance sim. I don't want to burst the happiness bubble, but he has tried to cheat on you before."
  105. 105. "Oh I know. You can't have the widest social network in the entire sim community and not be tempted to keep tabs on your romancing boyfriend. It's taken a lot of work calling in favors and organizing informants. It's a good thing my Brucie isn't that good with pick up lines, I only had to blackmail half of those girls to stay away from him. Are you surprised?"
  106. 106. "Nah, I figured it was something like that. Go in little blue ball, in the hole." "You aren't mad I sabotaged Brucie's chances to find someone new?" "Why would I? You guy are like white on rice when you are in the same room and I can't fault you for wanting to stake your claim."
  107. 107. "Oh yeah, beat that! Listen I'm happy for you guys and I know you guys are going to be happy together. My brother is a good guy, he just needs reminding once and a while. Now rack up these balls I am on a roll!"
  108. 108. Just a few more and you can have a cookie!...... "Sweetheart, you're going to miss your cousin's wedding. Please unlock the door. You can't stay in your sister's room all day."
  109. 109. "Cow, big cow, it licked me! hahaha! Cow is bad it licked me! No, put me in with Cow. I be good." Sniff, I'm so sorry, Liam. The truma will pass I hope. sniff I can't start crying I have a wedding to attend!
  110. 110. "Are you ready to make this offical and start are lives together?" "I should be asking you that. You are joining a legacy after all." "That doesn't matter. As all as you are around for the whole thing, I have no complaints, love." "Oh, I'll be around. There isn't anyway I'm going to leave you alone."
  111. 111. Sniff, it's so beautiful! I promised I wouldn't cry. Sniffle....
  112. 112. Dear Destroyer's Blog, My Rival is losing his touch. His resent attempts have failed. Joining the cows was a foolish move and I have no doubt he is regretting that alliance. The attempt to burn down my house was an act of desperation. If this is all he can do against me then he is not the worthy adversary I thought he was. There is one concern. I am not positive, but I believe my daughter's husband may work for my Rival. I don't like the idea of an enemy agent in my house, but without evidence I have no case. I will watch him. For my daughter's sake I hope I am wrong, but if the worst happens then when he will slip up, I will be ready.
  113. 113. And that ends chapter 3.2! Many thanks to all the creators of the CC's I use in my stories. Special thanks to all the simselves I use and abuse on a regular basis. :D Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time. =====>>>>>
  114. 114. This is too easy. The password is Kevin Bacon.... Well well, look what we have here. It's complex, but nothing I can't handle. You're right, Mr. Gentry, this is interesting. The question now is do I use this for good or something more fun?