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Chapter 2.4


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Chapter 2.4 of Geogacy a Sims 2 life story

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Chapter 2.4

  1. 1. Geogacy Time!!!
  2. 2. "Come on Circe open up, pretty please? What did you see? Tell me! This isn't fair, I want to know what is on the CD too." "Goodness Miss Mountain, What are you going on about? It is too early in the morning for theatrics."
  3. 3. "Di! Tell Circe to come out. She's locked herself in and won't tell me what she saw." "What is all this? Please Miss Mountain, do calm yourself. Start from the beginning if you would please." "Well, I was at the crime scene and they had a wicked chalk outline with a hat! That was just brilliant. Then I found the shinny CD and I was like score! I gave it to Circe, but it was locked or something. Then I was like, cheese and bacon mmm...." "Miss Mountain?"
  4. 4. "Hmm? Oh yes, Circe likes bacon too, I think. 'Cause, she was like 'Your a genius'. Which I am. But, I got bored waiting for the Jazz music and decided to practice my Jump Fu. Then Circe was all "Plumbob!" and ran to her room. You don't think banned 4 life stuff is on that CD do you?...*Shock* I am so sorry Circe! I have Scarred your innocent mind! Please forgive me!!" "Miss Mountain! This drama is unnecessary. Now, Circe locked herself in her bed chamber because of a music CD?" "A banned 4 life Jazz CD."
  5. 5. " *sigh* Step aside Miss Mountain. Circe, I am not sure what had transpired, however, if I maybe of service, we can surly find a solution to this situation. Circe? Are you sure she is in there Miss Mountain?" "Yes. I blame myself. If only I hadn't brought that CD here, her poor little soul would still be pure and not tainted by foul images. *Sniff* "
  6. 6. "Control yourself Miss Mountain. There is little we can do. We must wait until she comes out on her own accord. Then hopefully we can make sense of all this."
  7. 7. Geogacy is back! Where did it go you ask? Well, nowhere really. I, however, was away in beautiful Montana. Where the sky is always blue, the air is dangerously thin from the high altitude and the cows are a plenty! Enough about me and my adventures in cow patty land. It is time for a new chapter! I suggest reading the one before this one or you might be lost. (Above is a photo from Yellowstone National Park in June and yes I had to camp in all that snow, not very fun at all.)
  8. 8. Quick recap, the 3 older kids are off at college. Brucite become a romance teen with narcissistic tendencies, Lizard Boy(Basalt) is currently in pull ups and little Bayl will follow in toddler-hood in a few short sim days.
  9. 9. And before you say anything, yes I did move the family into a new house. The other one got glitchy and I didn't want to take any chances. "Help, somwon call powees!"
  10. 10. What's wrong Sweetheart? "Me twapped against will, call powees. Me want out of cage!" Sweetheart that isn't a cage it's your bed. You fell asleep and Jin tucked you in remember?
  11. 11. "Help, Gwanda twapped me in cage. Me call Social Woker. It Conspirasee!" One sec. sweetie, I'll get someone to let you out. Hold tight.
  12. 12. Hey Al, NOOOOO YOU ARE NOT ACTIVATING THAT THING!! "But, he's the perfect minion. Why can't I?" Because.. Umm, Lucy may want another baby and we already have 7 people in the house. There just isn't room." "But, Lucy doesn't want any more." You never know. Umm, don't you want another, urr, general? "I guess I can wait. Oh! I can activate them all at once when the rest of my generals go to college. Brilliant idea Creator!" Woah wait. my idea? You know what, I don't want to know.
  13. 13. Bruce, I need you to let your brother out. He is threatening to call the social worker again and Woah! Somebody has had too many grilled cheese sandwiches. "Not my fault fresh produce increases the food value of everything in the fridge." You are going to slim down a bit, yes? "I am, can't you see? I am working my upper arms. Ooh feel the burn!" *sigh* One sec, let me buy something.
  14. 14. Here you are. This should slim you down pretty quick. "Awesome, a Leg Bleeder 3000!" Glad you like it. Out of all the work out machines this one gives the fastest results.
  15. 15. "Plumbob Almighty! Get that thing out of my house now!" "But, Grandma, this is the Leg Bleeder 3000. It's the top in fitness technology." "I don't care! That thing is dangerous." "It can't be that dangerous, the Creator got it for me." I'm in trouble.
  16. 16. "She did what! Creator, need I remind you what happened last time or do you want to see my grandson dancing in flames?" I'm sorry, I forgot. Really, I did. I'll get rid of it. I promise. "You better or I might just have to discuss this with Mr. Gentry, our LEPA representative." No need for that. It's as good as gone, really. "Good!"
  17. 17. "Now, that is better." I am really sorry. I don't know how I could forget something that important. Umm, Hitomi? You weren't really going to call Mr. Gentry, were you? "...." Hitomi, you weren't right? Hitomi? Snifff!!!
  18. 18. "I am never.. *pant*.. going to get fit in time for my date." Date? You met someone? "No...*pant*...Matchmaker." Oh ok. Well, tip her good. We need a 3 bolter and the sooner you get one the less I have to worry about you. "No worries...*pant*... No babe can't resist Bruce of Mighty Hotness." Right...I am still crossing fingers. This True Love handicap is killing me.
  19. 19. Time for my little lizard to become a bigger little lizard. :D "Me gwo and neder be twapped in cage agin!"
  20. 20. I will spare you the hideous outfit the poor kid grew up in. "It was a conspiracy, Creator. Nothing that hideous could have been random chance. It must be a conspiracy!"
  21. 21. I love this kid. He hasn't complained once about skilling. But, then again neither did Bruce and look how he turned out. "As hot.. *pant* ever baby!" "It's a Conspiracy! Mrs. Crumplebottom says that all sims are born with a pocket that can hold an infinite number of items no matter their mass." Yep, It's called the infinite pocket. "Seriously? But, that goes against the laws of physics." It's not the only thing that brakes the law. You'll understand when you're older. "It's a conspiracy!"
  22. 22. By now, you should have picked up the pattern. Where there is one birthday there is always another. OK 1...2...3...Spin!!
  23. 23. Here are the stats for little Bayl...wait is that... WOOOHOOO!! We have a nice kid! 8 full nice points! I thought it would never happen in this family. I am so happy! Ok, I am calm now here are the stats for my little bundle of niceness. 2/8/4/3/8. So, he's a seriously lazy & messy child, who cares he's the nicest legacy kid I have ever had! The curse is broken!...ahem, sorry about that, now, on with the story.
  24. 24. Everyone loves sweet little Bayl. He is always getting picked up for snuggles. "I wov you gwandpa." "And grandpa loves little Bayl." Awww!! That is so cute, Not a word of sarcasm at all. I think I'm going to cry. Sniff.
  25. 25. "Ok Bayl, say money market account." "Wat is muny mark akoot?" "I'm glad you asked sweetheart. A money market account is a interest bearing checking and/or savings account that is very important to personal finance."
  26. 26. "Mommy, you bery smart Mommy." "Aww. thank you sweetie. Now, let me tell you about mutual funds." He better not become a foutune sim, Lucy! I want this one to be family. A nice kid like him would love family life. "Now, always go for a fixed interest rate. That is how they get you." "Mommy smart." *rollseyes*
  27. 27. "While I was teaching Bayl about the benefits & risks of penny stocks, I thought he might enjoy seeing my treasure chest. But, I couldn't find it in my inventory. I did want to display it, so I may have taken it out to do so, but I can't remember where I put it. Has anyone seen it?" "Maybe you sold it, dear?" "No, I would have noticed a $5,000 increase in the family account." "Someone took it! It's a conspiracy!" "My Rival has stolen from us before, it must be him." Don't worry, Lucy. We will keep an eye open for it. (Al thinks his "rival" stole a cheese cake in an earlier chapter.)
  28. 28. Meanwhile at Circe HQ..... "I am starting to get worried. Circe has been in there for days. Could she be sick?"
  29. 29. "If she is, it hasn't affected her appetite. She has eaten everything I have left by the door."
  30. 30. "It's because of me. I gave her that uncensored Jazz CD. It's my fault." "Don't beat yourself up, Shadey. This is Circe we are talking about. I doubt a little banned 4 life material would faze her at all. Besides, you found that CD at the crime scene right? Maybe it belongs to the murderer? Circe, may know who the murderer is."
  31. 31. "Do you think it's someone we know? That has to be what upset Circe. She knows who the murderer is and she doesn't know how to deal with it. *shock* Maybe it is Gentry. We have been following a murderer all this time!"
  32. 32. "Miss Rice please, this is not the time to jump to conclusion. We have no real evidence of what Circe saw on that CD. To guess would be foolhardy and would result in a troublesome situation." "Sorry, I am just worried." "We all are, dear."
  33. 33. "There is no way of knowing until Circe tells us. This is frustrating. I guess we should continue with what we have been doing. Keep surveillance on Gentry and keep our eyes and ears open for clues. But, be careful all the same."
  34. 34. "A very sensible plan, Miss Necat. Let us hope Circe comes out soon and gives us some answers." "Please, Di, call me Gin." "If you wish, Miss Necat." "Gin call me Gin." "Alright, Miss Gin." " *sigh* "
  35. 35. Back at the Legacy House... "I have returned from my trip to space. But, sadly I failed in locating my Rival's hideout. It must be an underground facility." Sorry I didn't mention Al's job in the military before. It has nothing to do with his LTW so, I left it out. I am so glad I got him one. I kept running out of thing for him to do. He already had a gold badge in everything besides restocking. I guess I could get him to sew since I have Free Time now. Anything to get him to stop making minions. Now, I know what you are thinking and I am not worried. Yes, the military let him into space but, even they aren't stupid enough to let him do anything really important.
  36. 36. "I have good news, Creator I am now in complete control of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd divisions of Hiragi Hills. It might not be a minion army, but it will do for now." *head falls on keyboard*
  37. 37. I love watching my sims dream. "zzz...not a clone...zzz I look way...zzz...better." "zzz..skill sucker...zzz...conspiracy."
  38. 38. "ughh, I don't feel well." It's your own fault. The next time I say 'wait for the exterminator' you should do it. Now, the whole family is sick with the flu. Thank you very much Jin."
  39. 39. Good thing I have Free Time and with this wonderful expansion comes ' Grandma's Comfort soup'. Which can cure ANYTHING and looky here we have a grandma who can make it very well. Thank you Hitomi!
  40. 40. "I have looked everywhere and still I can't find my treasure." "I am sorry, my love. If only I could locate my Rival's headquarters, then I would send my new non-minion army to destroy him and steel back your treasure." "That is very sweet Honey, but I know it's around here somewhere."
  41. 41. "Maybe you left it at the old house?" "Ahh yes, my Rival could have taken it from there, which would explain the fact that nothing else is missing. Do you know what this means father? My Rival doesn't know where we live now! Haha good deduction father." "Umm, thank you?" "Creator could you check out the old house for me?" Sure can. No worries, Lucy.
  42. 42. The days pass by quickly like all sim days do... "Keep those knees up, son. We have to be ready. My Rival could strike at any time." "I bet...*pant*...your Rival masterminds lots of conspiracies." "He sure does, my son. Now pick up the pace." "Cool!" *rolleyes*
  43. 43. ....Most find peace with the daily chores.... "I wonder if purple tastes like eggplant or does eggplant taste like purple, hmmm" *sigh*
  44. 44. ...while other absorb themselves in hobbies... "Creator, people! I am trying to concentrate. I want to grasp the sadness and pain of those poor unfortunate Townies who have no home to call their own, so I may better understand the needs and feelings." ....Moving on.
  45. 45. Of course, passing time normally results in growing up. Three sim days have come and gone and little Bayl is ready for childhood. As the last child of generation 3, I thought it best to throw a party. There is a bit of a spoiler in these photos. I have sent all the cousins to college so you may see them at the party if you look carefully. They will be formally reintroduces in the college chapter.
  46. 46. Blow out those candles!
  47. 47. Time to spin!
  48. 48. Here is little Bayl (on the left) after a much needed makeover. "It was a conspiracy, he was so ugly." "That isn't nice. I am grateful for the chance to wear childrens' clothing at all." Yay!! I love nice kids. Now, on with the party! Jin, turn on the music we are going to smustle! Umm, Jin?
  49. 49. NOOOOOO!!! It can't be time yet. We have one more day, don't we?
  50. 50. I am sorry, readers. Sniff. I really thought I had time for the whole last outing, last WooHoo. But, Now... *Cry*
  51. 51. For those of you who want to know the final stats. Here they are... Sniffle. Jin Higarashi Spouse: Hitomi Higarashi Children: Aragonite, Albite & Apatite Grandchildren: Biotite, Beryl, Breccia, Brucite, Basalt, Bayldonite, Trent, Wes, Eric, Liam & Julia. LWT: Become Chief of Staff -- Achieved Died: 81-ish (lots of elixir) Inheritance: Benefits 13 sims What can I say about Jin? Well, he was a far better family sim then a knowledge sim. I am surprised he not only survived his evil children but, his grandchildren too. He played the role of peacekeeper and voice of reason so very well. I will miss him. *Sniffle*
  52. 52. We will all miss him and mourn his passing in our own ways. Like Aragonite & Apatite dancing to honor Jin's fun loving spirit. You heard me dance in mourning!!
  53. 53. The party soon ended and even with the passing of a great sim, the party scored pretty well. I believe Jin would have wanted it that way. *Cry*
  54. 54. Jin's passing hit Hitomi pretty hard, get it? Hit Hit-omi, haha.... I apologize; I wanted to lighten the mood with a joke. I am ashamed of my bad taste in humor. Please excuse me.. sniff "Please do not think poorly of the Creator. She is a pure soul who doesn't know how to deal well in these situations...Aren't the paintings lovely? So, life-like, but that is Jin for you, always attentive to detail."
  55. 55. "The Children are taking it the hardest, I think. Salty here has been sleeping on Jin's side of the bed in the hopes he will see his ghost. Children are so precious, as is life. I apologize for my morbid attitude. I have finally realized my time is short and I must put my things in order."
  56. 56. At a small meeting hall across town members of the TNLT(Townies Need Lots Too) are gathering for their monthly meeting...
  57. 57. "Greetings honored members, I start today's meeting on a sad note and I do apologize. Some of you already know that my husband Jin passed away a few days ago. with his death my eyes have been opened to my own mortality and with a heavy heart I must resign as you chair speaker." “ No, please stay.” "Please, good members this time was to come sooner or later. But, do not despair. I have found a successor who I know will bring this organization to a level of respect and success."
  58. 58. "Mr. Gentry, would you please step up to the podium?"
  59. 59. "Mr. Gentry, would you do this old heart of mine some good and except the position of Chair Speaker of TNLT?" "This is so...unexpected. I don't know what to say." "You should say yes and thank me for recognizing your natural talents to lead and organize." "Then I accept." "Good man, now give us a speech."
  60. 60. "You must give me a moment dear members. I am a bit overwhelmed. The first thing I must say thank you to Mrs. Higarashi, for having faith in my abilities. I will make in my mission to ensure this organization success, by giving it the means to achieve it's goals. We have struggled hard for the donations we need to purchase lots for poor townies. However, our efforts always seem to come up short. The demand is too high and our funds too little. I suggest appealing to the local businesses for sponsorship. With my connections to the LFPA, I am sure I can... convince them to do the right thing and support their community." “ Here, here!”
  61. 61. Back at Circe HQ.... “ It's been a week and the only thing she says is 'How's Root'. My frustration level is in the red.” “ I must agree, this has gone on for much too long. We may have to take a more direct course.” “ Like, brake down the door?” “ Heavens no!” “ Good Morning, Cat Cat!” “ If I bring the pan to a sizzle, add the butter, then the freeze dried gnomes, maybe...”
  62. 62. "Good Morning, Miss Xtabay! You are just the person we need. We have a little dilemma. You and Circe have been friends for quite some time. So, you may be able to tell us why she has locked herself in her room and perhaps encourage her to come out?" "Locked in, you say?" "For the past week." "Hmmm..."
  63. 63. “ Circe?.... Are you plotting?” “ ......Maybe.....”
  64. 64. “ She'll be fine.” “ Wait, is that all?” “ I know! I can add the garlic & Mushrooms next. Mmmm, gnome stir fry.” “ Umm, So, Circe is fine? Plotting?” “ It would appear so....”
  65. 65. Things at the legacy house are finally getting back to normal. Hey, slow down where's the fire? "Daddy's Home!!"
  66. 66. I can't decide if Lizard boy's newly fondness for his father is a good thing or a bad thing. I find them conversing and get nervous. But, moments like this make me feel all fuzzy inside. "Did you find your Rival yet, Daddy?" "No luck today, Son. But, I know I am getting closer. I am sending the troops out to Twiki Island tomorrow. I am sure he has disguised himself as a Flame Dancer to elude me." "That must be it, a Flame Dancer conspiracy!" Is my nervous state justified or is it just me?
  67. 67. "Gypsy Lady, with the lovely grey hair, I am a romance teen with a need to romance. Drop me a babe worthy of my time, if you would be so kind, pretty Lady." "You are a boy of good taste. If only I was younger. I tell you what I'll give you a discount. I have the perfect girl in mind."
  68. 68. "Bio is that you?" "*mumbles through teeth* I'm better looking." Hehe, not only is Bruce a Bio Clone, they have the same taste in women, priceless. The only difference is Bruce has 3 bolts for MIn Fei. Bio has 2.
  69. 69. "Min baby, I want you to know, that your hotness is truly worthy of my sexy self." "Oh, Bio --" " *teeth together* Bruce." "-- I want to totally give you my cell number and IM user names!" "Umm, Ok?"
  70. 70. I see the date went well. "Bio is my sexy chat room lover!" His name is Bruce. "Whatever, I should go text him now!" *sigh* You know, readers. The Gypsy sent over another blacked haired 3-bolter match. This is so unfair! What does a Creator have to do to get some variety? I guess I can be content with her pointy elf ears. *sigh*
  71. 71. I have gotten into the habit of having the neighborhood kids come over whenever possible. Basalt & Bayl need some non-family friends. The two girls are Georgette in the green shirt and Jeanette in the yellow skirt. They are Chester & Estelle's 2nd set of twins. The boy to the far right is Zack, Gina & Zion's youngest son.
  72. 72. "Take that copper!" "Can't we play Green Peace instead? This game is so violent." What a change 8 nice point can do.
  73. 73. Is that what I think it is? Yes, Slap Dance!! I sent Hitomi & Jin to the Three Lakes when Al and his sibs were at college. I had them hunt around for Big Foot, just so they could learn this dance. I think it's neat. :D "I felt a need to pass it on as a token to remember me by." Please, Hitomi, this morbid talk can't be good for the children to hear.
  74. 74. “ Don't listen to her. Now is the perfcet time for morbid talk.” Hitomi? Sniff....*Cry* “ It's about time. Poor Jin is probably beside himself with worry, I am so late.” “ Not my fault the elixir took too long running it's course.”
  75. 75. Here are...sniff.. Hitomi's final stats..sniff. Hitomi Higarashi Spouse: JIn Higarashi Children: Aragonite, Albite & Apatite Grandchildren: Biotite, Beryl, Breccia, Brucite, Basalt, Bayldonite, Trent, Wes, Eric, Liam & Julia. LWT: Become Captain Hero -- Achieved Died: 85-ish (lots of elixir) Inheritance: Benefits 10 sims Hitomi was a good heart-ed sim. She was the 1st sim I even had that volunteered to be a legacy founder. Her life was difficult raising 3 evil children and keeping up with her job. But, once she reached her golden years she had the chance to follow her dream to help the less fortunate Townies of the neighborhood, by creating the TNLT. We will miss you Hitomi. *cry*
  76. 76. Here are the portraits and urns of founders and spouse. I can't believe it's been 10 months since I started the legacy. It feels very surreal...Sniff...
  77. 77. The poor children barely had time to get over one death for another to happen. Bayl nearly went into aspiration failure.
  78. 78. With so much changing around him, Bruce decided it was best to travel to college, which was a good thing since I kind of already started playing the other siblings. I was going to wait, but for some reason decided not to.
  79. 79. My babies are growing up so fast! It has become tradition that where there is a birth or death, someone grows up.
  80. 80. "Plumbob! It's hideous, go change." Why can't my sims grow up into something normal? "Wow, looking good, Son!" *rollseyes* Here are his stats... Turn on: Make-up & Creativity Turn off: Swimwear Aspiration: Knowledge LTW: Become a Criminal Mastermind Somehow I think that LTW is very appropriate.
  81. 81. I love the new "grow up friend" feature that come with Free Time. I grew up the Gieke twins and Zack without entering their lots. It's so cool! Salty is best friends with Georgette, who also rolled knowledge. They have 3 bolts for each other, it's kind of sad she is a playable sim. I would have loved adding her unique genes to the family. I see no harm in letting them have a little fun, though.
  82. 82. Ok, maybe I was wrong about the no harm part. Aww, now I feel bad. I should have a talk with Basalt. He should know before it gets too serious, that nothing can come from this relationship. *sigh* I feel terrible about this. :(
  83. 83. "We all look the same, like clones. It's a conspiracy!" "You're so silly. Of course, you look the same. Your chromosome structure is the same based on the limited variety in your gene pool." "So, no conspiracy?" "Sorry silly, no conspiracy."
  84. 84. *A couple starts arguing in the distance.* "That was a really good meal we had. We should come here again." "I wonder what's going on over there. They are so loud." "A lover's spat maybe, just ignore them. Want to get some dessert? I have a coupon for cheesecake. Salty are you listening?" "Yeah sounds good..."
  85. 85. *The couple start to whisper* "Was that a raindrop? I hope not the dessert place is outdoors. We should get going." "Yeah, sounds good..." "Then let's go. Salty? Salty!" "What.. Sorry I'm coming...."
  86. 86. Conspiracy blog, entry 86. I stumbled across some conspiracy last night. Georgie and I were waiting for our food at the Flaming Bucket, which is a great place for chili by the way. When we saw our waitress, she was holding our food sideways while she picked up a glass from the bar. Like the tray was stuck to her hand or something and when she put down our food, not a drop of chili was out of place. It's a conspiracy! Oh, there was also a very loud couple who obviously didn't care about discretion. I shouldn't have listened. Their conversation didn't make any sense anyway, something about underground gnomes. Do gnomes live underground? Well, anyway people should learn to keep their voices low in public. People now a days are so rude.
  87. 87. ".... and the big bad banker said to the Accountant 'you can't have the funds. your time lock savings account can't be opened yet.' But, the Accountant knew better, because he always reads the fine print on every contact." "Even on the triplicate forms, Mama?" "Of course, sweetheart you can never be too careful." I said family, Lucy! I want him to be family.
  88. 88. "I am just reading him a story and it's not like you can control what the dice roll anyway." That's not the point! It's called karma and it likely to kick me when I'm down. "Finish the story, Mama. I want to know if he goes for the fixed interest rate super checking or puts it all in an IRA." *Bangs head on keyboard....several times.*
  89. 89. "Dad, do gnomes live underground? Cause, the other day I heard someone say 'the underground gnomes are starting to poke their heads out.' I know some animals hibernate in winter. Do gnomes hibernate?"
  90. 90. "Gnomes don't hibernate. They like sunshine too much to live underground. You probably overheard a coded message between spies." "What!?" "Haha, I'm pulling you leg, son. Only my Rival has a secret spy unit and he wouldn't use something as cute as gnomes for minions. Haha, I got you good."
  91. 91. "Hmmm, Yeah you got me good."
  92. 92. "Oh my, you're a bit frisky today." "Couldn't help flustering a prude."
  93. 93. "I'm not a prude." "No, but it gave me an excuse" *grin* "You're so wicked. This is the best date ever. We should come back here again."
  94. 94. "I am curious. Why the sudden want to go out all the time? You haven't turned pleasure sim on me have you?" "If the pleasure of seeing you makes me a pleasure sim, then I am guilty." And it's an added bonus Mr. mysterious from the other night is here too. "You're so sweet, but seriously. You're still a knowledge sim, right?" "Of course, silly"
  95. 95. Dang she is coming this way. "Come here my knowledge Vixen." "Salt--" “ *task, task* Kids, these days.”
  96. 96. "I really had a great time today. Maybe we can get together tomorrow?" "Are you trying to get rid of me Salty Higarashi?" "Nothing of the sort, I just have a few boring errors to run. You would be bored out of your mind." "You are the worst liar, but I won't pry, right now. I'll torture you later for details." "I'm looking forward to it."
  97. 97. Sorry to send you off, but opportunity has given me the chance to investigate and I'm taking it.
  98. 98. "Back for dinner, I see. Where is your cute girlfriend? She didn't dump you did she?" "She had to leave, is all and I was still hungry." "Glad to hear it. So, what it be?" "I'll have the special." "Oh, feeling adventurous, I see. That's one Mystery meat omelet coming up."
  99. 99. She sucks at pool and the guy she's playing with isn't any better. Why do they even bother? Is it practice?
  100. 100. They are being too obvious, with all the whispers and looking over their shoulders, pretending to be playing pool. They haven't even seen me staring at them, yet. Are they trying to be noticed? I guess I was wrong to think they were spies. Spies would act more natural.
  101. 101. This has been the biggest waste of time. *sigh* I really thought I had a good conspiracy on my hands.
  102. 102. "Hello, there, Basalt is it not?" "Umm, yes?" "It is a pleasure to finally meet you. Your grandmother spoke highly of you. Oh please forgive me. I am Owen Gentry, the new chair speaker for TNLT." "Oh, I remember grandma talking about you." "I wanted to give my condolences. Your Grandmother was a good caring woman. I am saddened by her passing. You should come by for a meeting. I know your grandmother would like that."
  103. 103. "No offence or anything, but I am more interested in my studies at the moment." "Ahh, I see. Well, if you ever change your mind just come on down. You and your family will always be welcome." " I'll keep that in mind." The girls will want to know about this.
  104. 104. Sim State University.... So this is college...great. *sigh* What was I thinking, that I would have a nice dorm room and free food? Ha no, I almost forgot. I am a legacy kid. No free ride for me. No sir, I have to sweat and bleed to make some kind of Greek House. Just great, and how do I do that with only $500? I know I'll use my scholarship money. No, I can't do that the Creator forgot all about them in her rush to shoo me out the door. 'Do it for the family' she says. My Pixely behind, I will! Well, no point crying about it. Let's see.. oh look I have presents. That's right Dad did give me something....
  105. 105. A sentry bot....I'll sell it. No, Dad made it. I should keep it. I can't afford a lawsuit from whoever I sell it to. I hope Mom's is better.
  106. 106. "Oh yeah!!" I can't believe it. Mom really does care about me and not just as a salon employee. I will never complain again when she asks me to man the makeover chair. This is what I needed to start me Greek House. Take that Creator!
  107. 107. Pist, readers over here, while Bio is distracted. I'll have to apologize to him later. I really didn't mean to forget about his scholarship money. But, it looks like everything worked out. I won't tell Lucy if you won't. ;) I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Next up will be the start of the college chapter. Which I am very excited about. I want to thank of the creators of all the CC's featured in my game and all of my friends at for their positive comments and the use of their simselves. See you next chapter
  108. 108. "Ah yes, Melinda. How are you? No, I didn't call you earlier. I didn't intend to, you see. What does that mean? Well, my dear it means you failed."
  109. 109. "Now, now there isn't any need for that type of language. I am sorry, but you were followed. One of the legacy children sniffed you out and followed you around all day and you never noticed. That my dear is why you failed."
  110. 110. "Rant and rave all you wish, the fact still remains you are no Hector Carboni and I need a Hector Carboni. Which I believe I have already found."
  111. 111. "You should really come out, Circe. We are having so much fun out here. We have the grill going and the bubble blower is out of storage. We are rocking the house! Circe? Can you hear me? I SAID BUBBLE BLOWER!"
  112. 112. “ We are really having a party! Ok maybe not, really. But, we could! Come on, Circe!!” “ ....Time to play...”