Why Content Is Important to Websites


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Why Content Is Important to Websites

  1. 1. Is Content Really Important?
  2. 2. Without a doubt the world of content creation has finallyreached its Internet maturity and professionalism. Just like Branding, content is the fingerprint of your image,authority, and trust. Both textual and visual content play a valuable role in user or visitor experience. Search engines use many types of algorithms during their crawl of a web site and the internet to detect quality and relationship of content to the theme of a web site and to ferret out the content that appears low quality or duplicated content.
  3. 3. The answer is practically everything that is written and/or read by a viewer and a search engine. Content includes:
  4. 4. No longer do technology gurus and fancy mindeddevelopers dominate the world of the Internet. Creative minds are now in high demand. Technical, Advertising,Marketing and general copywriters all play a valuable role in online promotional activity!
  5. 5. What will it do for Web Sites?
  6. 6. Properly written or developed and promoted content often raises conversion ratios by more than 100%! Theability to relate to the reader, create a sense of loyalty and authority, and achieve a very high response rate is an artnot to be taken lightly. In addition, well developed content plays a big role in lead generation and secondary conversion. Lead generation funnels always contain content that informs and guides the visitor through thefunnel process thus enabling the web site to capture email addresses and more.
  7. 7. Distributed content developed in the form of blogs, press releases, articles, and etc. also plays a large role inestablishing authority and trust for your brand and gainingadditional visitor traffic. This off-page strategy is also a key component to gaining inbound links from 3rd part websites.
  8. 8. Content Development Principles
  9. 9. One misconception of content is that by simply creating good content that is easy to read and on point a web design will have automatic success. Have you heard the"Content is King" theory? In reality, if the content does not incorporate a few very basic principles it probably will never be seen or read anyway.
  10. 10. Search Optimized: The content, whether a blog, page, article, or press release, must be theme and keywordoptimized. For instance, when using WordPress each blog becomes its own page capable of getting indexed as a listing in the search engines.
  11. 11. Linking: Each written content should have inbound andoutbound linking properties as though it were a separateweb page. A strong use of an RSS feed could be vital to the site content success rate for SEO and traffic generation.
  12. 12. Social Marketing: The content should have social shareand like buttons or badges including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +.
  13. 13. Conversion Funnel: Each content should be written for an intended purpose whether that purpose be for a downstream sale, email collection, reciprocity, opportunity sharing, and authority and trust building.
  14. 14. http://makemoneyfastonlinegroup.com/lp/ck1/index.htm l/