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Purpose of-life-1


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Purpose of-life-1

  1. 1. Purpose Of Life Presenter Dr. Kanwal Kaisser
  2. 2. Purposes We can value because of material gain… Teleology Evolution Evolution is central to The NaturalFor Aristotle… They modern biology, it World, consideredwere simply part of holds it all together, it solely in itself, doesnt nature… warns us about the have purposes at all potential changes
  3. 3. Life & Purpose Paradoxical at best But the question is, Does the absence of purpose as a fundamental concept in biology really imply that there are no purposes?Depressing at worst
  4. 4. The Direct AnswerBut we all have and pursue goals and purposes.(Our understanding of our own actions depends on this)
  5. 5. Where are You at the Age of 65 ? 05% Still Working 54% Depend On Other People 04% Financial Freedom 36% Death 01% Got Money & Time U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
  6. 6. Many Of Us…Does not have sufficient Does not have enough Cannot predict the money for family time for personal hobby future Sad But True… Many still looking for … Right Answer!!! Unfortunately No Conclusion!!!
  7. 7. About our Purpose!It’s not about me !You are not an Accident !
  8. 8. What Drives your Life ? Resentment & Need for Fear Materialism Anger Approval• To forgive but • Many reasons • Secondary • Young people not forgotten for a fearful life: source of fall victim to the • traumatic happiness need for experience, • Your value is approval from • unrealistic not determined peers expectations by your • Adults want etc. valuables approval from …………
  9. 9. Male ( 61%) What is Your Gender?Female Not(39%) Checked (0%)
  10. 10. How Old Are You?• Under 21 (46%)• 22-27 (24%)• 28-35 (12%)• 36-50 (11%)• 51-64 (5%)• 65+ (2%)• Not Checked (0%)
  11. 11. What part of the world are you from?• Africa (2%)• Asia (5%)• Europe (32%)• North America (55%)• Australia and Oceania (4%)• South America (1%)• Not Checked (0%)
  12. 12. Do you consider yourself financiallypoor, middle class, or rich?• Poor (14%)• Middle class (79%)• Rich (7%)• Not Checked (0%)
  13. 13. What are your religious beliefs?• Agnostic (18%)• Atheist (19%)• Buddhist (3%)• Christian (36%)• Judaist (2%)• Hinduism (1%)• Muslim (2%)• Paganism (2%)• Zen (1%)• Other (17%)• Not Checked (0%)
  14. 14. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?• Very (21%)• Somewhat (31%)• A little (23%)• Not at all (24%)• Not Checked (0%)
  15. 15. Do you know what is the purpose of life?• Certainly I know (20%)• I suppose I know (16%)• I am not sure (19%)• I dont know, but I would like to (18%)• I dont know and don’t want to know (7%)• Not Checked (19%)
  16. 16. Do you think that otherpeople know the purpose of life?• Nobody does (23%)• Very few (21%)• Some people (30%)• The most people (3%)• Everyone (3%)• Not Checked (19%)
  17. 17. How much do you think fears affect your life?• My life is ruled by my fears (5%)• My life is somewhat directed by fears (25%)• My life is affected by fears just a little (39%)• My life is not affected by fears whatsoever (11%)• Not Checked (19%)
  18. 18. Big BANG!!!!!
  19. 19. 26,000,000 to 1
  20. 20. Benefits of a Purpose Driven LifeKnowing your purpose gives meaning to your lifeKnowing your purpose simplifies your lifeKnowing your purpose focuses your life • Without purpose, you will keep changing directions, school subjects, university courses, jobs, relationships, religious values etc.Magnifying glass !Knowing your purpose motivates your lifeKnowing your purpose prepares you for eternity • Its is not what others say about your life but what God says
  21. 21. ConclusionLiving on purpose is the path to peace
  22. 22. All of us are completely insignificant to 99.99999999 etc.% of what exists When heat death kills the How long do we live universe, our plansHow big are we? compared to the would seem beyond (Not very big) universe? (Not very insignificant to long) anything left to observe
  23. 23. What does Islam tell us??? • Reason, Knowledge and Salvation To Know GodSurrendering to • To receive and Experience Attributes of God • Is this life a test? God • Is this life a struggle?Learning in Test • Forgiveness and Struggle
  24. 24. IntroductionIs purpose of life restricted to following thegood life according to the requisites ofcivilization?Is the sole aim of the feelings and sensesincluded in the machine of your life isrestricted to satisfying the low desires of thesoul in this fleeting life?
  25. 25. To Know God
  26. 26. A Challenge to Reason and Knowledge
  27. 27. Reason: Challenge Of Quran
  28. 28. KNOWLEDGE
  29. 29. Why were we not created with these qualities from the start? Quran emphasizes three essential components of human’s moral –spiritual evolution: • Free will • Ability to choose • Intellect • Learning from one’s choices • Struggle
  30. 30. Quality of LifeSpirituality Life Perceived Subjective Satisfaction Quality of Life Well-Being Dimensions of Life Social Physical Psychological