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Ppt006 a-day-in-jannah


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Ppt006 a-day-in-jannah

  1. 1. Imagining Paradise The Masterpiece of Allah’s Creation
  2. 2. Unimaginable BlissRasulAllah sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that in Jannah there is that“Which no eye has witnessed, no ear has heard, and that which has never been imagined by any human.”
  3. 3. Unimaginable Bliss…“And no soul knows what has been hidden for them of comfort of the eye (satisfaction) as reward for what they used to do” (As-Sajdah 32:17)
  4. 4. Descriptionfrom Surah Ya Sin ()
  5. 5. Indeed the companions of Paradise, that Day, will be amused in [joyful] occupation (36: 55)
  6. 6. • They are indulged in “shughl” – different hobbies, fun times, having a blast• Fakihoon – partying! It’s not work – it’s a fun hobby, that you indulge in once a week or month, and that hour is gone before you know it.• In Jannah its just these fun hobbies and no tedious work!• But sometimes you’re having a great time but after a while you get lonely – and you want company
  7. 7. They and their spouses - in shade,reclining on adorned couches. (36:56)
  8. 8. • Your spouses are having a great time with you! Rolling with the crew • They will be in shade – imagine this picture. This couple in this beautiful garden – there’s this HUGE tree – that if a person rode a horse for a hundred years, the shade wouldn’t end!• There’s something special about being in nature, in shade, in cool breeze, beauty, and leisure• And not just on grass – you’re in THRONES – leaning back• A huge, beautiful comfy recliner, under a huge beautiful tree, in Paradise, forever• So after a while you wish to grab a bite…
  9. 9. For them therein is fruit, and for them is whatever they request [or wish]. (36:57)
  10. 10. • In another place Allah tells us that there will be huge beautiful fruit hanging right above them on the tree• They wont even have to extend their hand to pluck it off – qutoofuha daniya, it will lower itself to you• And not just fruit, you feel like having something else, well you’ve got ANYTHING you want!
  11. 11. [And] "Peace," a word from a Merciful Lord. (36:58)
  12. 12. • When you’ve got all this luxury and food and beauty, there’s one more desire we have – respect, attention, concern• It’s a basic human need• The more people greet you, especially when they line up to greet you all the time, the more special and imp you are• Here Allah HIMSELF will send salam to them!
  13. 13. Want to Hear More? There’s so much more!
  14. 14. The Ambience in JannahImagine yourself in Jannah. Jannah doesn’t have any gossip; no, “Did you hear about brother so and so,” or“Did see what sister so and so is wearing.” Your face is shining with joy and you’re so glad that you woke up for Fajr all those days, glad you paid your zakah, glad you wore hijab all those summer days. This is what the atmosphere is like in Jannah: “Faces that day will be joyful (radiant). Satisfied with the effort they put (in the dunya). In an elevated garden. Where they shall hear no unsuitable speech” (Al-Ghaashiyah 88:8-11)
  15. 15. A Description of Paradise Imam ibn al Qayyim
  16. 16. “And if you ask about its groundand its soil, then it is of musk and saffron.
  17. 17. And if you ask about its roof, then it is the Throne of the Most Merciful.
  18. 18. And if you ask about its rocks, then they are pearls and jewels.
  19. 19. And if you ask about itsbuildings, then they are made of bricks of gold and silver.
  20. 20. And if you ask about its trees, then it does not contain a single tree except that its trunk is made of gold and silver.
  21. 21. And if you ask about its fruits, thenthey are softer than butter and sweeter than honey.
  22. 22. And if you ask about its leaves, thenthey are softer than the softest cloth.
  23. 23. And if you ask about their drinkingcups, then they are crystal-clear and made of gold and silver.
  24. 24. And if you ask about its vastness, then the lowest ofits people would have within his kingdom and walls and palaces and gardens the distance that would be travelled in a thousand years.
  25. 25. And if you ask about its tents and encampments, then one tent is like aconcealed pearl that is sixty miles long.
  26. 26. And if you ask about how far it reaches into the sky, then look at the shining star that is visible, as well as those that are far in theheavens that the eyesight cannot possibly reach.
  27. 27. And if you ask about the clothing ofits inhabitants, then they are of silk and gold.
  28. 28. And if you ask about its beds, then its blankets are of the finest silk laid out in the highest of its levels.
  29. 29. And if you ask about their brides and wives…
  30. 30. If she were to be unleashed upon the World, she would fill what is between the Heavens and the Earth with a beautiful wind…
  31. 31. …and everything between the East and the West would be adorned for her……and the light of the Sun would be outshone just as the light of the Sun outshines the light of the stars
  32. 32. And the covering on her head is better than the World and all that is in it…
  33. 33. And the highest of Jannah’s blessings is the meeting with Allah!
  34. 34. How to Reach Jannah? There are doors into Paradise How to unlock?
  35. 35. Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and theirproperties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed. [It is] a true promise[binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Quran. Andwho is truer to his covenant than Allah? So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great attainment. (9:111)
  36. 36. Let’s go home today driving towards Jannah!Jazakumullah Khairan
  37. 37. References• A Day in Jannah – Abu Nasir Jangda (Quran Weekly)• php• Khutbah: "How to Unlock the iJannah" by Sh. Suhaib Webb• Haadi al-Arwaah ilaa Bilaad il-Afraah by Ibn al- Qayyim, pg. 193