Health MatterUnbeatable silent killerDr Leow Chee Seng, Certified Stress Consultant Professional (US), Fellow of BritishIn...
Health Matterfall into this category, especially for those who arenot staying in that area.The third type of stress – dist...
Health MatterTo check your stress levels, I recommend doing a          In this exercise, I would always encouragebody inve...
Health Matterthe exercise. Try it out and you will get unbelievable   his hands long after up to a point where they hurt. ...
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Unbeatable Silent Killer


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Unbeatable Silent Killer

  1. 1. Health MatterUnbeatable silent killerDr Leow Chee Seng, Certified Stress Consultant Professional (US), Fellow of BritishInstitute of Homeopathy (UK).The much-misunderstood concept of stress within each one of us needs to bebetter managed. Don’t just cope with it, beat it!IIf you could go back in time and browse throughany newspapers or magazines prior to 1970, youwould be hard-pressed to find the word stress Unfortunately, not many people understand the concept of stress and most of us wrongly assume all stress is bad for us. In fact, there are three types ofin text or the headline. The stress phenomenon stress – eustress, neustress and distress.became an epidemic only later – so much so thatthe word “stress” now is used as commonly as the Eustress is good stress that motivates us to completeterms “health” and “medicine”. a task or work. Getting married might be an example of eustress; meeting our prime minister toCurrent estimates show that over 70% of all visits get an award may also be a type of eustress. I wouldto physicians are for stress-related disorders – describe the eustress situation as being enjoyablemost notably chronic diseases such as coronary and not life-threatening.heart-disease and hypertension. The commoncold, migraine, warts, female infertility, ulcers and Neustress is a type of stimuli that does not have anyinsomnia are also directly associated with stress – consequences or effect which can be categorised asbecause stress affects our immune system. good or bad. News of an earthquake in China might50 JUL/AUG 2009 • OH!
  2. 2. Health Matterfall into this category, especially for those who arenot staying in that area.The third type of stress – distress – is considered asbad and often is abbreviated as stress.Daily exposureIn fact, we are faced with stress each day – bothacute and chronic stress. Acute stress is quiteintense and disappears quickly. Chronic stress is notso intense but is prolonged.Let’s share with you one example. While I was usingcell phone to send messages (SMS) to my brother, apolice car pulled up behind me and flashed its bluelights. My heart was racing, palms were sweaty.In fact, the policemen were trying to tell me mytire was flat. After that, my heart was calm, palmsdried and I started to sing along with the song onthe radio. The threat was over. The intensity of theacute stress may seem cataclysmic, but it was justfor a short period of time.Chronic stress is not so intense but can beunbearably long. For example, being stuck with the effective breathing techniques, visualisation, and“team mates from hell,” credit card bills that seem to rational emotive behaviour therapy. In fact, there aregrow despite monthly payments or maintaining a many other methods to control stress like thought-relationship with a spouse that seems bad to stay in stopping, meditation, worry-control, panic attacks,but even worse to leave. stress inoculation techniques, learned optimism and others.Enjoying stressLearning to enjoy the challenges of stress will take During clinical sessions and training, I would use apractice. It can be fun, as you have the ability to combination of methods instead of one – dependingcope and enjoy life. on the severity, personality and behaviour of the person.In fact, stress management is very much like learningto ride a bicycle. At first you need training wheels Awareness registersor someone to guide you. Later, after practice, you Body awareness is the first step towardare able to take the training wheels off and ride the acknowledging and reducing stress. The ability tobicycle alone. recognise how your body reacts to the stress in our lives can be a powerful skill.However, remember that stress managementtraining is not a cure-all. Instead, it is a change in Most people are more aware of weather, time of day,lifestyle and a new way of viewing the world. bank balance and children’s education than they are of the tension in their own bodies or their personalIn this article, I will share with you the basic concept stress responses. In reality, your body registers stressof stress management including body awareness, long before the conscious mind does. JUL/AUG 2009 • OH! 51
  3. 3. Health MatterTo check your stress levels, I recommend doing a In this exercise, I would always encouragebody inventory, stress awareness diary and record participants to conduct “body scanning” exercise.of general tension. This exercise is rather simple. You just have to close your eyes. Starting with your toes and moving upIn body inventory, we will use the body awareness your body, ask yourself: “Where am I tense?”method to identify areas of tension. The followingare steps to conduct the body inventory. When you have discovered a tense area, exaggerate it slightly so you can become aware of it. Then say toFirst, we have to focus on the external world. For yourself, “I am tensing my leg muscle ... I am hurtingexample, “I am aware the radio is on, the fan is myself ... I am creating tension in my body.”moving, a dark brown sofa is next to me and thereare a lot of books on the table.” Turning to the stress awareness diary, we would like participants to record the time of the stress eventThen, shift to focus on your body and physical and symptoms during the event. Through thissensations, which are known as the internal world. method, we will be able to identify and keep track“I can feel my bladder is full, eyes are tired and neck of stress events.muscle is tensed.” Stress reductionRelate to both the internal and external Effective breathing techniques help to reduceenvironments. “I am aware the wind is blowing my stress. Breathing awareness and good breathinghair.” Through this method, you will differentiate habits enhance your psychological and physicalbetween the inner and outer worlds. well-being. To practice it, you have to sit or lay down. Make sure the place is comfortable. Breathe in deeply from your abdomen. Let yourself pause before you exhale. You may count “One ... Two... Three.....” when you inhale and exhale. Notice your breathing gradually slowing, your body relaxing and your mind calming as you practice this breathing technique. In stress clinics, I always advise my patient to use alternative breathing, especially for those suffering from tension or sinus headaches. This can be done by sitting in a comfortable place with good posture. Then, place your index and second finger of your right hand on your forehead and close your right nostril with your thumb. Inhale slowly and soundlessly through your left nostril. After that, close your left nostril with your ring finger and simultaneously open your right nostril by removing your thumb. Exhale slowly and soundlessly through your right nostril. Close your right nostril with your thumb and open your left nostril. Exhale through your left nostril. Finally inhale through your left nostril and repeat52 JUL/AUG 2009 • OH!
  4. 4. Health Matterthe exercise. Try it out and you will get unbelievable his hands long after up to a point where they hurt. Iresults! would associate this trait with obsessive-compulsive behaviour.Other than that, you can use the enormouslypowerful gift by our creator – visualisation. Usually During psychotherapy sessions, I asked him towe will combine this technique with rational imagine that he visited a wet market. Then, Iemotive behaviour therapy (REBT). Visualisation encouraged him slowly and gradually to move toresearch conducted on cancer patients has found the fish stalls. He was so hesitant to move there.that the imagination far exceeds that of the will. After support and encouragement, he imagined walking towards the stall.Sometimes, it is difficult to get yourselves in arelaxed state, but you can imagine relaxation Then, I asked him to pick a fish. Subsequently, Ispreading through your body, and you can visualise explained to him the rationale not to be afraid ofyourself on a beautiful beach or by a waterfall. In fish and the smell and I made him notice how he didclinical psychology sessions, this technique is used that. Finally, he has to change himself – by talkingfor pain management among cancer patients. This through his imagination.method stimulates our subconscious mind and ourbody becomes more energetic. Remember, you have a choice to stress or not to be stressed. It is good if you are able to detect andFor example, I have a patient who has a phobia overcome the stress before this silent killer attacksrelated to the smell of fish. Every time he visits a you. Let’s create a stress-free environment and buildwet market, he will bathe and continue washing up authentic happiness within us. OH! JUL/AUG 2009 • OH! 53