Rebranding your Profession: A Pre-Conference Workshop For Librarians


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Rebranding your Profession: A Pre-Conference Workshop For Librarians

Date: 29 November 2011
Venue: MINDEF Library
Lead Facilitator: Nurhazman Abdul Aziz
Co-Facilitator: Janice Chia

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Rebranding your Profession: A Pre-Conference Workshop For Librarians

  1. 1. Rebranding your Profession: A Pre-Conference Workshop Date: 29 November 2011 Venue: MINDEF Library Lead Facilitator: Nurhazman Abdul Aziz Co-Facilitator: Janice Chia
  2. 2. Agenda Time Activities Facilitator 0830 – 0845 Icebreaker Janice Chia 0845 – 1000 Why Rebrand? Janice Chia 1000 – 1020 Break 1020 – 1130 Social Media Strategies Hazman Aziz 1130 – 1230 Hands On Hazman Aziz & Janice 1230 – 1300 Lunch 1300 – 1530 Options to Rebrand Hazman Aziz & Janice 1530 – 1550 Break 1550 – 1700 Presentation & Wrap up Hazman Aziz & Janice
  3. 3. LET’S GET TO KNOW AROUND YOU Icebreaker : creating the knowledge awareness
  4. 4. Activity Some things don't change “Despite being made in the 40's, this film still holds up pretty well. It's nice to know that patrons have not changed in all these years "I'm looking for a blue book". It also does a good job of introducing the various fields of librarianship as well as the different types of libraries in the profession. It also emphasizes the fact that a library director needs to have many of the same skills that would be required in a CEO of the private sector. The section on outreach is poignant as well- in the 40's, they were making pamphlets and films; today, we are posting webcasts, blogs, public service announcements on television, and the like. So although technology changes, the basic principles have remained the same.” Everyone makes a paper airplane and writes: 1. Name, 2. Organisation 3. What makes you happy 4. What makes you sad Reference: Video: a1947
  5. 5. WHY REBRAND Exercise: Using Knowledge Management Based on experience learning
  6. 6. Exercise 1 Think of some words associated with your profession. Write down on the post-it pads and paste them on the wall behind.
  7. 7. Exercise 2 Write down on the post-it your dream about your profession. Think out of the box. Think “Why can’t Librarians be ….”
  8. 8. Exercise 3 Walk around and take a look at the post-its. Which do you think is most interesting? Vote. LIBRARY
  9. 9. Exercise 4 Get around in groups. Put together some points on why you feel your profession needs rebranding.
  10. 10. Exercise 5 Present what you have find out
  11. 11. Coffee Break British Mobile Film Units and the Central Film Library - 1947 Educational Documentary Url:
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES Create: Knowledge development to develop strategies
  13. 13. New Normal in Digital Era JISC - Libraries of the Future :
  14. 14. The World of Social Media Illustrated by Hazman Aziz, 2011.
  15. 15. The World of Social Media Illustrated by Hazman Aziz, 2011.
  16. 16. The Importance Illustrated by Hazman Aziz, 2011. [Video :] ARE YOU AWARE
  17. 17. The Importance Hazman Aziz : Illustrated by Hazman Aziz, 2011. [Video :] WE LIKE •THE WEB
  18. 18. The New Normal for Knowledge Professionals • Information in a ‘Good enough world’ • Many information contributors • Mobile devices everywhere • Technology is disruptive
  19. 19. The Innovation Strategy
  20. 20. Innovation Strategy
  21. 21. Innovation Strategy Competitive Contents Provide competitive contents to make users rely on the library and librarians first to get information Differentiate your library from Google in contents and their service Add value on the open access web contents Can we support experienced based learners? Do we have enough resources to support learners other than text learners?
  22. 22. Innovation Strategy User Satisfaction • Emphasize timeliness • Create new services continuously • Provide personal service • Particularly satisfy the users in charge of library budget and evaluation • Gather information about users’ behavior • Communicate with users at each service stage
  23. 23. Innovation Strategy Efficiency • Get out of the perception of operation in the traditional libraries • Don’t stick to the physical features such as library space and volumes • Simplify call number scheme for some collections to save time for subject classification (Ex. KR-2010-032 DI-66742) • Develop more effective service systems to improve the value of librarians
  24. 24. Transformative Developments In-depth Information Service: Embedded Subject Librarian Service • Must have background in a related field and a master’s degree • On-site visits • Tracking the trends: • R&D strategies & policies alerts • R&D trends alerts • Investigating important issues • Special analytic reports on R&D developments • Special research reports on hot issues • Comprehensive Analysis on R&D: • International R&D competitiveness reports • Domestic R&D competitiveness reports
  25. 25. Transformative Developments Integrated Information Service a desktop information tool to search catalogs, databases, Google, etc. without leaving work environment tasks such as word processing and email writing
  26. 26. Transformative Developments Integrative information systems
  27. 27. Transformative Developments
  28. 28. The Tools You will learnt to use: • Facebook • WordPress • Twitter • Youtube Go to this url for the Booklet: 8879006798098/docs/ Make sure you join the Group: 8879006798098/ bPFU&feature=edu_spotlight
  29. 29. HANDS ON EXERCISE ON VARIOUS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Learning to manage the knowledge
  30. 30. Hands On!! You will be given different social media tools. You will also be given some time to try these different platforms, if you haven’t already tried it. Put down on flip chart • What you like about this platform? • What are some possible uses of these platforms for your library & provision of services? • How can you use this platform to revolutionize your profession?
  31. 31. Lunch Go for your lunch and talk about your ideas over lunch
  32. 32. OPTIONS TO REBRAND Learning to develop the knowledge
  33. 33. Hands On!! You will be given different scenarios. Consider these scenarios and propose strategies to repackage & rebrand your library & services. Consider the elements covered in Social Media Strategy Development in your proposal. Mainly: 1. Listen & access your world – what your customer’s want 2. Make a SWOT analysis 3. Define your GOALS 4. What programmes will you introduce and why? 5. Who will you involve? 6. Which social media platforms will you use & why? 7. What policies will you put in place for each social media platform?
  34. 34. Tea Break Web 2.0 Expo NY: Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library), Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Url:
  35. 35. PRESENT YOUR IDEA Knowledge Presentation and Immersive