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  1. 1. Topic 3 INTERNET TECHNOLOGY3.2 The Internet 3.2.2 World Wide Web Web Browser 1
  2. 2. Learning OutcomeAt the end of this topic, students should be able to: • Explain the purpose of Web browser. • List examples of Web browser. 2
  3. 3. World Wide Web (WWW) What is the World Wide Web (WWW)? • The World Wide Web (WWW), or Web, consists of a worldwide collection of electronic documents. Web Terms Definition Web page Each electronic document on the Web, which can contain text, graphics, animation, audio, and video. Web site Is a collection of related Web pages and associated items, such as documents and pictures, stored on a Web server. Web server A Web server is a computer that delivers requested Web pages to your computer. Web 2.0 Web sites that provide a means for users to interact (social networking Web sites, wikis) 3
  4. 4. World Wide Web (WWW) How do we browse the Web? • A Web browser, or browser, is application software that allows users to access Web pages and Web 2.0 programs. • The primary purpose of a Web browser is to display information resources to the users through retrieving, presenting, and navigating information. 4
  5. 5. Example of Web Browser 5
  6. 6. World Wide Web (WWW)• A Web browser will retrieve and display a starting Web page called the home page.• A home page, refers to the first page that a Web site displays that provides information about the Web site’s purpose and content.• A home page usually contains links to other documents, Web pages, or Web sites. A link, short for hyperlink, is a built-in connection to another related Web page or part of a Web page. 6
  7. 7. Web Browser Home PageDomain Name Hyperlink 7
  8. 8. World Wide Web (WWW) Examples of Web browser: Internet Firefox Opera Explorer Google Safari Chrome 8
  9. 9. World Wide Web (WWW)• Internet-enabled mobile devices such as smart phones use a special type of browser, called a microbrowser, which is designed for their small screens and limited computing power.• Downloading is the process of receiving information. 9