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1.1and 1.2 application and development of information technology


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1.1and 1.2 application and development of information technology

  1. 1. Name: __________________________No. Matric:_____________________ Practicum:______________1.1 Development of IT1.2 Application of IT1. Information Technology (IT) is defined as the use of ______________ ______________and ________________to store, retrieve, and manipulate____________________.2. A personal computer that can perform all of its____________, _____________, ____________, and storage activities by itself.3. A mainframe is a____________, expensive, _______________computer that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected ________ ____________________ (multi-user).4. Client-server network is a network in which one or more _______________ act as a ____________, and the other computers (_____________) on the network request ______________ from the_____________.5. Distributed computing is a _________________ system consists of multiple ___________________ computers that ____________________ through a computer network.6. Cloud computing is an ________________ service that provides computing needs to computer_____________, whereby ____________ is stored at a ____________ on the Internet & available anywhere the Internet can be accessed.7. Give one (1) example for each field. Field Example of Application Education Finance Government Health Care Science Travel ManufacturingSC015 – Computer Science ______ / 30 marks