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El programa de la Conferencia Global sobre Periodismo de Investigación 2010

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  1. 1. GIJC 2010 FINAL PROGRAM Please note that this program may be subject to last minute changes or cancellations Ground Floor PLENARY CONFERENCE ROOM 2 (Rez-de-chaussée) KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Rooms: 2, 3, 4 Roberto Saviano Seymour Hersh Stephen Engelberg Baltasar Garzón Muntazer Al Zaïdi Closing Ceremony 4 Useful Desks & Stands Registration Desk Coffee Break (Daily during the 4-days event, from 10.15 to 10.45) Networking Lunch (Daily during the 3 4-days event, 12.00 to 13.30) Bookstore - Librairie Le Parnasse Underground Floor (Sous-sol) Useful Desks & Stands Rooms: 15, 16, 17, 18 Expo: “Cartoonists for Peace” Welcome Reception offered by 9 the City of Geneva (Thursday 22nd April) 17 CONFERENCE ROOM 16 - CAR (Computer-Assisted Reporting) 16 MAIN TOPICS The Hidden Web Excel & Access 15 Using International Data Mapping How teams of journalists can cooperate Beyond Google 2010 18 UNIvERSITY OF GENEvA (ROOM 9)
  2. 2. GIJC 2010 FINAL PROGRAM - THURSDAY 22nd APRIL, 2010 Plenary Conference Room 2 Conference Room 3 Conference Room 4 Conference Room 18 Conference Room 15 Conference Room 16 - CAR 09.00-10.15 OPENING CEREMONY AND 10.45-12.00 INvESTIGATING CORRUPTION 10.45-12.00 AT THE HEART OF THE UBS 10.45-12.00 RADIO INvESTIGATION 10.45-12.00 HOW TO BREED 10.45-12.00 CAR: GENERAL KEYNOTE SPEAKER Zhao Hejuan (China) SCANDAL Susanne Reber (NPR, USA), Solomon INvESTIGATIvE REPORTERS INTRODUCTION AND PRESENTATION Roberto Saviano. Myret Zaki (Bilan, Switzerland), Lukas Haessig Adebayo (Radio Nigeria) Gavin MacFadyen (Centre for Investigative David Donald (The Center for Public Integrity, Moderator: Frédéric Koller (Le Temps, Switzerland) How to expose the mafia and to survive it. (Freelance, Switzerland) Journalism, England) USA) Moderator: Sandra Bartlett (CBC Radio News, Zhao Hejuan is one of the most renowned Canada) Moderator: Serena Tinari (Radiotelevisione Svizzera Moderator: Christian Campiche (Edito, Switzerland) Moderator: Nadia Bonjour (GIJC 2010, What’s computer-assisted reporting, why should investigative journalists in China. Working for the Italiana, Switzerland) T: Italian to French/ English Switzerland) it interest you, and how can digging in govern- Shanghai weekly magazine Caijing, Zhao revealed Two Swiss investigative journalists and authors of One may think that the radio is not the best mental and other databases take your investi- numerous corruption scandals which led to certain books on this scandal, reveal the techniques which media for investigative reporting. However, This panel will target executives from the media 10.45-12.00 THE LOBBY THAT TRIED TO our two award-winning panelists will show that gative skills to a new level? The session is a government officials being sentenced to death. Zhao enabled them to access the heart of one of the largest who are desperately looking for the young talents KILL COPENHAGEN: INvESTIGATING general introduction to CAR – computer-assis- now works for new media group, Caixing Media. bank scandals in Swiss history. T: French to English / this is not the case. They will present what they who are going to break the scoops and exclusive CLIMATE CHANGE ted reporting – and to the hands on classes at the English to French investigated and how. researches they need in their staff. And also to 13.30-14.30 HOW TO ORGANISE AN conference. See recent examples and learn about Mark Schapiro (Center for Investigative Reporting, those young sleeping talents whose dream is to the tools used in CAR so you can see which INvESTIGATIvE DESK 13.30-14.30 THROW-AWAY POISON: THE 13.30-14.30 GETTING CONFIDENTIAL make the headlines and become experienced USA), Kate Willson (International Consortium of DOCUMENTS FROM THE CIA classes you should go to and what CAR may do INFO Investigative Journalists, USA), Brigitte Alfter Nils Hanson (SVT, Sweden), Dalip Singh (Mail TRAFIGURA CASE investigative reporters. for your reporting when you’re back home. (European Fund for Investigative Journalism, Today, India), Hermien Y. Kleden (Tempo Weekly Jeroen Trommelen (Volksrant, Netherlands), Alexenia Dimitrova (24 heures, Bulgaria), Thursday Belgium), Murali Krishnan (National Affairs 13.30-14.30 BURN-OUT IN THE 13.30-14.30 CAR: THE HIDDEN WEB 22nd April News Magazine, Indonesia) Edouard Gonto (le Jour, Ivory Coast) vincent Nouzille (Freelance, France) Editor, India) NEWSROOM: ARE YOU NEXT? (1): HOW TO ANALYSE A WEBSITE Moderator: Jean-Philippe Ceppi (Radio Télévision Moderator: Roland Rossier (Freelance, Switzerland) Moderator: Gilles Labarthe (Freelance, From Moderator: Marina Walker Guevara (International Marleen Teugels, Conny vercaigne (Artevelde Guido Rudolphi (NetMon GmbH, Switzerland) Suisse, Switzerland) Switzerland) 07:30 and Consortium of Investigative Journalists, USA) On a hot august night in 2006, twelve tank loads of Hogeschool, Belgium) Nils Hanson and his team direct the Swedish TV toxic waste were secretly dumped on the outskirts of Alexenia researched and found tons of confi- How to obtain additional data about a home- throughout How certain groups opposing mesures against show “Mission: investigate!”. The novel organisation dential documents from the American archives, Moderator: Nadia Bonjour (GIJC2010, page. There is a lot of data around from third the day: Abidjan, in Ivory Coast. Thousands of people got ill. Switzerland) climate change attempt to influence discussions and of their unit has enabled the broadcasting of exclusive Jeroen and Edouard will explain how they worked which enabled her to publish a major work on parties, but one has to know how to retrieve Registration disrupt the negotiation process. A first-class transna- investigations with international repercussions. on this major scandal. their activity in Bulgaria during the cold war. Marleen and Conny, associated with other it. Furthermore, a lot of information is often tional investigation. contained in the homepage and on the server. at CICG Dalip Singh manages the investigation desk of the T: French to English / English to French And Vincent Nouzille has done the same work in Belgian researchers, investigated the stress that Mail Today in New Dehli. Awarded investigative France. T: French to English / English to French journalists experience. They present the results of Participants of the session will see how one 13.30-14.30 INvESTIGATING UNDERCOvER journalist Hermien Y. Kleden is the executive editor 15.00-16.00 HOW TO FINANCE YOUR their research and recommendations for change. can obtain and analyze this information, how it of Tempo Weekly in Jakarta. INvESTIGATIONS: THE CASE OF THE 15.00-16.00 FIXED ELECTIONS IN can lead to additional and valuable information COFFEE Fredrik Laurin, Joachim Dyfvermark, Sven Bergman (SVT, Sweden), Anas Aremeyaw (New OLYMPIC-LAND 15.00-16.00 RISK MANAGEMENT AND which drives a research forward and gives new BREAK 15.00-16.00 HOW MENTORS MAKE MEDIA DEvELOPMENT LOAN FUND aspects. Crusading Guide, Ghana), Aniruddha Bahal Rainer Fleckl (Der Kurier, Austria), Eric vogl THE BANKS: THEIR INTELLIGENCE (, India) TERRORISTS Patrice Schneider (Media Development Loan Fund, TECHNICS TOWARDS CLIENTS AND 10.15-10.45 Switzerland), Regula Ritter (ResponsAbility, (Der Kurier, Austria) 15.00-16.00 CAR: EXCEL I BEGINNER Moderator: Emmanuel Mayah (The Sun, Nigeria) Margot Williams (Former NY Times and Former Switzerland), Simon Junker (Swiss cooperation), STAFF LEvEL (30 MIN) Washington Post, USA), Mohamed Al Ahmady (Al Moderator: Marlène Magloire (GIJC2010, Lionel Pilloud (Banque Vontobel, Switzerland) Switzerland) Michael Alkalay (Switzerland) Masters of the hidden camera, our Swedish colleagues Ghad, Yemen), Souad Mekhennet (The New York Helena Bengtsson (Sveriges Television, Sweden) are responsible for several large investigations and Times, Germany) Moderator: Mark HUNTER (INSEAD, France) Our Austrian colleagues revealed how consultan- Moderator: Christian Campiche (Edito, Creating your first spreadsheet, calculate and LUNCH revelations such as the case of adbuctions by the cies may have received money from the city of Switzerland) Moderator: vivienne Walt (Time Magazine, USA) This mixed fund has enabled the financing of inde- sort your data. CIA. Our fellow member from Ghana, winner of Salzbourg in order to influence votes in favour of the ‘Courage in Journalism’ Prize, almost brought pendant media which undertake investigations, such Lawyer and economic crime investigator Mi- 12.00-13.30 Margot Williams, in cooperation with Souad as the Mail & Guardian in South Africa and B92 in the city’s candidacy for the Olympic Games. 16.30-17.30 CAR: ACCESS I down the Ghanaian government and had the health Mekhennet, has investigated the milieux in which chael Alkalay has been police officer and head (90 MIN) Serbia. T: French to English / English to French T: German to English of project at the Swiss Federal Police, before BEGINNER LEvEL department visit the institution the day after its story those who have committed or attempted terrorist “undercover in the madhouse” was aired. And as acts grew up. Mohamed Al Ahmady is a journalist 16.30-17.30 CORRUPTION, joining UBS as compliance senior officer. In his Helena Bengtsson (Sveriges Television, Sweden) for Cobra TV, its raw nerve enabled it to denounce 16.30-17.30 STORY-BASED INQUIRY: panel, he will use examples to show how banks working in Yemen, and is considered a specialist on USING HYPOTHESES TO FRAME, TRAFFICKING OF YOUNG PLAYERS, Introduction to MS Access, for beginners. Learn REGIONAL corrupt ministers and members of Parliament. terrorism. T: Arabic to English / English to Arabic and other industries are using profiling technics SELL, ORGANISE AND COMPOSE WELCOME TO AFRICAN FOOTBALL to collect intelligence about their clients, suppliers how to sort and select you material. ORG. 15.00-16.00 AT THE HEART OF PIRACY 16.30-17.30 FROM RUSSIA WITH CASH: YOUR PROJECT BEFORE THE WORLD CUP and employees. Alkalay will use the UBS model MEETINGS HOW TO UNvEIL RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS Eric Mwamba (FAIR, Ivory Coast), Thomas to show how banks target clients with a high Fatuma Noor (Nairobi Star, Kenya), Kassim Mark Hunter (INSEAD, France), Luuk Sengers Olukayode (Timbuktu Media, Nigeria) risk profile and which inhibitions compliance 18.00-19.00 Mohamed (Star Radio, Kenya), Ken Opala (The Mark Hollingsworth (Freelance, England) (VVOJ, Netherlands) departments have to overcome to impose vital Nation, Kenya) Moderator: Declan Hill (Freelance,Canada) recommendations. Moderator: Julie Zaugg (L’Hebdo, Switzerland) Moderator: Anna Lemmenmeier (Schweizer Radio Moderator: Serge Michel (Freelance, Switzerland) DRS, Switzerland) These two courageous reporters investigated WELCOME 16.30-17.30 One of the most important areas today for any reporter and exposed some nasty stories about football Established in Nairobi, the Somali journalist Fatuma covering Russia is to know what’s going on in the Two award-winning investigators and co-authors of INvESTIGATING BERLUSCONI DINNER Noor went undercover in a brothel run by Somali in Africa: the networks traficking young african UK – in light of so many of the wealthiest Russian UNESCO/ARIJ’s new manual of investigation focus Claudia Fusani (L’Unità, Italy) warlords. Kassim Mohamed regularly reports on on processes: how to organise your investigation in footballers, via the platform of football schools CICG billionaire oligarchs having moved there (along with and how corruption has systematically taken piracy in Somalia and Ken Opala revealed how the their money) over the past decade. Hollingsworth is the most efficient way, forecast a budget, meet your Moderator: Serena Tinari (Radiotelevisione mafia of warlords launders their profit through the power in sports, in this case Nigeria. 20.00-22.00 the author of the recent book “Londongrad: From milestones, and defend it in the best way possible to Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland) traffic of sugar-cane. T: EN to FR / FR to EN T: French to English / English to French Russia With Cash – The Inside Story of the Oligarchs”. your editor-in-chief. “Either you leave now, or I’ll do it”. That’s how 16.30-17.30 THE STRANGE BUSINESS OF A regular contributor for major UK newspapers, he the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi wrote on the secretive Boris Berezovsky and the WAR CONSULTING former UK Attorney General embroiled in a suspected lately greeted her question at a press conference in Rome. Claudia Fusani will tell us how you David Barstow (The New York Times, USA) sting that resulted in a top anti-mafia lawyer being do investigate the man which is at the same put on trial in secret in Belarus. Moderator: Susanne Reber (NPR, USA) time a Tycoon, the richest person and the Prime Minister of a country. Claudia works for L’Unità, David received the Pulitzer Prize in 2009 for exposing a daily newspaper that like several other Italian the questionable relationship between the arms media is permanently under pressure. industry and “independent” consultants, presented on major American TV networks. He reveals his methods and techniques. T: English to French 18.00-19.00 European organisations African organisations Asian/Middle East organisations Latin-American organisations 20.00-22.00 SOCIAL EvENT: WELCOME RECEPTION OFFERED BY THE CITY OF GENEvA, WITH A DINNER OF SWISS DISHES AT THE CICG
  3. 3. GIJC 2010 FINAL PROGRAM - FRIDAY 23th APRIL, 2010 Plenary Conference Room 2 Conference Room 3 Conference Room 4 Conference Room 18 Conference Room 15 Conference Room 16 - CAR 09.00-10.15 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: 10.45-12.00 HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS 10.45-12.00 OFF WITH THEIR HEADS: 10.45-12.00 BUSINESS MODELS FOR 10.45-12.00 WHEN THE STATE IS A 10.45-12.00 CAR: USING Seymour Hersh WHILE DEFENDING CONSUMERS THE HORRORS OF NARCO-DECAPITA- INvESTIGATIvE JOURNALISM: FAMILY AFFAIR INTERNATIONAL DATA FOR Investigative Journalism, needed more than ever. Luc Mariot, Daniel Stons (Radio Télévision Suisse, TIONS. NARRATION AND ALTERNATIvE EMERGING COUNTRIES Ahmed Benchemsi (Tel Quel, Morocco), INvESTIGATIvE REPORTING Moderator: Brant Houston (Investigative News Switzerland) and Rachid Khechana (Al Maouqif, INvESTIGATION Evelyn Groenink (FAIR, South Africa), Charles Theophilus Abbah (Sunday Trust, Nigeria) David Donald (The Center for Public Integrity, Network, USA) Tunisia) Sergio González Rodríguez (Reforma, Mexico) Rukuni (FAIR, Zimbabwe), Shantanu Guha USA), Nils Mulvad (Kaas & Mulvad, Denmark) Moderator: Marie Akuffo (The Crusading One of the most awarded investigative journalist, Ray (Tehelka news magazine, India) Moderator: Christian Campiche (Edito, Switzerland) Moderator: Marie Maurisse (Freelance, L’Hebdo, Guide, Ghana) More and more data from around the world are Seymour Hersh has accepted the invitation made by posted on the Internet. And many of these data The defence of consumers is a major historical Le Figaro, Switzerland) Moderator: Margo Smit (Dutch-Flemish How do we access the secret privileges of those the GIJC 2010 to be a keynote speaker in Geneva. cross borders, meaning investigative reporters current in our profession, and in the last decade, Association Of Investigative Journalists) who enjoy family ties to power? Benchemsi and Known as early as 1969 to be the journalist who After the female homicides in Ciudad Juárez, Mexican can find local and regional records and stories broke the My Lai scandal in Vietnam, Seymour it’s been highly succcessful for the Swiss Televi- journalist Sergio González Rodríguez turned his On a continent notorious for being deprived of his magazine have published some very thorough in data from countries that are not their own. Hersh has more recently exposed the Abu Graib sion show “A Bon Entendeur”. Our colleagues Luc attention to a macabre phenomenon: decapitations resources, the “Forum for African Investigative investigations on the Moroccan royal family. Learn where to look for these databases, how to scandal. Hersh has published eight books, including, Mariot and Daniel Stons reveal their particular in Mexican drug cartels. From this investigation, he Reporters” has developed and financed nume- Abbah has received death threats for his investiga- download them and what to look for once you most recently, “Chain of Command” which was research techniques. The Tunisian journalist, Rachid published a terrifying book. rous transnational investigations. Can this ori- tion revealing how family dynasties monopolise have them. The session will include a tutorial on based on his reporting on Abu Ghraib for The New Khechana, investigated an export of a vegetable oil ginal model work elsewhere? In India, the news Nigerian power. the Ujima project, a fledgling international jour- Yorker. It is the first time that Seymour Hersh will by his country and the analyses showed that the oil 13.30-14.30 GETTING INTO THE magazine Tehelka dedicated to public interest T: French to English / English to French nalism website that has made such data and easy- speak at a GIJC. T: French to English / English to French was adulterated. Following the scandal, the oil was DISCRETE WORLD OF FINANCE journalism is such a business model and will 13.30-14.30 CAR: SECURITY FOR to-use analytical tools available for reporters. removed of the market. T: French to English be represented by his business editor Shantanu 10.45-12.00 WHEN THE GAME IS RIGGED Dirk Schütz (Bilanz,Switzerland) INvESTIGATIvE JOURNALISTS Guha Ray. 13.30-14.30 CAR: THE HIDDEN WEB INFO Declan Hill (Freelance, Canada), vittorio Malagutti 13.30-14.30 FOOTBALL, MONEY AND (AND EvERYONE ELSE) (L’Espresso, Italy), Johnson Fernandez (The Malay Moderator: Raymond Frenken (European Journa- (2): HOW TO ANALYSE A HARD-DISK COFFEE CRIME: BEHIND THE GOALPOSTS lism Centre, Netherlands) 13.30-14.30 INvESTIGATING POWER Mail, Malaysia) AND CORRUPTION Sebastian Mondial (DPA, Germany) Guido Rudolphi (NetMon GmbH, Switzerland) BREAK Renaud Lecadre (Libération), Stevan Dojcinovic In the heart of a world financial crisis, the world of Moderator: Luigino Canal (Freelance, Switzerland) Security for daily searches and unique inves- (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, traders is one of the most secretive. How do you get vlad Lavrov (Ukraine, Korrespondent), Dumitru Nowadays documents are stored mostly on com- 10.15-10.45 Three months before the World Cup in South Africa, Serbia) Lazur (Moldavia, Obiectiv), Djordje Padejski tigative reporting. Securing the Computer for puter hard drives. However, once deleted, many investigations bring to light the latest story to shake them to talk? Who are the experts that can decrypt the outside (internet intrusion, snooping) and their coded language? Dirk Schütz a renowned (Center for Investigative Reporting, Serbia) people think they are gone forever. I will show (30 MIN) the football world: fixed games. These three repor- Moderator: Alain Jourdan (Tribune de Genève, for searches by no-friendly-third parties (aka in the presentation how participants can retrieve ters have exposed match-fixers and possible rigged Switzerland) financial journalist, share his methods. Moderator: Luis vázquez (Freelance, Mexico/ snoops,police,theft). What can I store on mobile deleted data from hard drives which may lead to matches at the highest football tournaments in the 15.00-16.00 HOW TO REvEAL Switzerland) devices and what not (like iphone). Based mostly a story. Participants will receive a forensic CD Recognised experts on the lords and financial empire LUNCH world, including the World Cup itself. on free and open source software. Also: A sides- which will enable them in the future to dig for of football, these colleagues explain how to penetrate TRAFIGURA’S DIRTY INDUSTRY, AND With other colleagues, Vlad Lavrov and Dumitru tep to “stealth” investigative reporting (but not deleted files on hard-drives by themselves. 13.30-14.30 BUSINESS MODELS FOR this close-knit world with its astronomical sums of TELL THE STORY ON TELEvISION Lazur exposed how the family of the former 12.00-13.30 dominantly). INvESTIGATIvE JOURNALISM: THE money and links to organised crime. president of Moldavia amassed enormous wealth Synnove Bakke, Kjersti Knudsson (NRK Television, 15.00-16.00 CAR: EXCEL II MEDIUM (90 MIN) CASE OF THE CANARD ENCHAîNé T: French to English / English to French by using the power of the government and the 15.00-16.00 CAR : COMPUTER Norway) presidency. As a consequence of the publica- LEvEL Claude Angeli (Le Canard Enchaîné, France) 15.00-16.00 THE GROWING INDUSTRY ASSISTED REPORTING AT NO COST: Moderator: Nadia Bonjour (GIJC2010, Switzerland) tion, Vladimir Voronin was voted out of office. Helena Bengtsson (Sveriges Television, Sweden) Moderator: Claude Torracinta (Switzerland) OF KIDNAPPING In Serbia, Djordje Padejski exposed complicities FREE AND OPEN SOURCE TOOLS DINNER For over a century, this French satirical weekly, with While the rest of the world was reporting from the between local criminals and politicians. Sebastian Mondial (DPA, Germany) Downloading data into Excel, using simple for- Anne-Frédérique Widmann (Radio Télévision mulas to format and analyze your material. Basic a loyal following of nearly a million readers, has Probo Koala waste-scandal in Abidjan, Trafigura AT BFM Suisse, Switzerland), Hollman Morris (TV 15.00-16.00 HUMANS FOR SALE No-Cost-CAR solutions for scraping, calcula- knowledge of Excel needed. been exposing secrets of the Republic. Its editor- rerouted identical waste and sulpherous gasoline Contravia, Colombie) ting and reporting. This would feature the use (See page 2) in-chief, Claude Angeli, tells how this reference in to a small tank-facility in Norway. For six months Habib Ur-Rehman, Kazi Hassan (GEO of free and open-source CAR-software on a low 16.30-17.30 CAR: ACCESS II MEDIUM investigative journalism has also become a business Moderator: Paola villa (GIJC2010, Switzerland) Norway was the main site in Trafiguras dubious Television, Pakistan), Franck Nyakairu (Reuters, to medium knowledge level. Goal would be to LEvEL 20.00-22.00 model, with no advertising. T: FR to EN / EN to FR production of bad gasoline. Then, in May 2007, a From the Bétancourt Case to the story of Bulgarian Uganda) offer one solution for each area with a checklist 15.00-16.00 “PROFILING”: HOW TO tank exploded. People in the area started falling ill, Helena Bengtsson (Sveriges Television, Sweden) nurses, how can we investigate the highly secretive but nobody could tell what was in the tank prior Moderator: Chrystel Dayer (GIJC2010, of what to do and to whom should we refer INvESTIGATE IMPORTANT PUBLIC world of kidnapping, ransoms and diplomatic nego- if external expertise is needed (in corporate to the explosion. Norwegian journalists, Synnøve Switzerland) Calculations and sums - learn more about CONCERT FIGURES tiations? Two crossed experiences from Colombian Bakke and Kjersti Knudsson, started to investi- networks and if you need some data put onto analyzing databases and tables in Access. Basic William Karel (France) territory to the hushed corridors of diplomacy. gate. In this session they tell how they unveiled the Two Pakistani journalists investigated the traf- servers/hosting). CAFé knowledge of Access needed. Trafigura-scandal in Norway, and how they disclosed ficking of humans in Pakistan, they entered Iran Moderator: Jean Leclerc (Swiss Radio, Switzerland) 16.30-17.30 THE JOURNALIST AND THE 16.30-17.30 WHEN THE STORY IS IN HUISSOUD Trafiguras international production of bad gasoline illegally and recorded the film with the help of a Internationally-known documentary filmmaker PROSECUTOR: CAN THEY COOPERATE? hidden camera. Award-winning Ugandan reporter THE OPEN William Karel is also the author of two investigative that was illegal to sell in Europe. We will also de- (See page 7) monstrate, with video-clips, how we chose to tell this Frank Nyakairu has followed the trail of human documentaries on the Bush family and Margaret Dick Marty (Council of Europe special rapporteur, Guido Rudolphi (NetMon GmbH, Switzerland) complicated story on television. trafficking through Somalia and Sudan. 22.30-01.00 Thatcher. He explains how to create a ground-breaking Switzerland), Altin Raxhimi (Tirana Reporting Collective, Albania), Miroluba Benatova (BTV Moderator: Luigino Canal (Freelance, portrait of public figures. 16.30 - 17.30 SLAvERY IN EUROPE: 16.30-17.30 HOW CONFIDENTIAL Switzerland) T: FR to EN / EN to FR reporters, Bulgaria) NEWSLETTERS UNDERWRITE HOW TO EXPOSE THE TRAFFICKING Moderator: François Sergent (Libération, France) INvESTIGATION Just how rich is Marc Rich? And Tina Turner? 16.30-17.30 SECRET SERvICES IN NETWORKS What are Schumacher’s house and assets worth? PUTIN’S RUSSIA Our professions are closely related, and we are very Maurice Botbol (Indigo Publications, France) In most Swiss cantons, you can obtain interesting Adrian Mogos (Center for Investigative Journalism, Andrei Soldatov, Irina Borogan (, often working on the same themes. But it is difficult Romania). Emmanuel Mayah (The Sun, Nigeria) tax information through a simple phone call. Russia), Roman Shleinov (Novaya Gazeta, Russia), to have an interaction and an exchange. What to do? Moderator: Alain Jourdan (Tribune de Genève, Peter Klebnikov (Environmental Defense Fund, USA) Where are the limits? Former prosecutor Dick Marty Moderator: Anna Lemmenmeier (Schweizer Radio Switzerland) Moderator: Thérèse Obrecht Hodler (Reporters and our colleagues will explore how far a coopera- DRS, Switzerland) State and Corporate Intelligence in Europe, the without Boarders, Switzerland) tion on their respective investigations is possible. Adrian and his colleagues from the Center for US, the Middle-East and Asia; Power Brokers T: French to English / English to French Investigative Journalism in Bucharest led a major in- and Business Circles on the African Continent; Andrei Soldatov is an expert on Russian information services and a chronicler for Ezhednevny Journal. vestigation which revealed how agricultural workers Mining and Energy Resources in Africa; Political He is also the director of the web site Agentura. are exploited by criminal gangs on behalf of a Dutch and Business Issues in France: the eight newslet- ru – an information hub on intelligence agencies and multinational. Across the Libyan desert, our Nigerian ters of this group function according to an origi- Russian secret services. His colleague Irina Borogan, colleague Emmanuel Mayah investigated for 7 nal business model. Maurice Botbol, director and also specialises in this field, as well as terrorism months the networks of migrants and frontier runners founder of this group, unveils his techniques. and the tightening of controls over society under the heading towards Europe. T: French to English / English to French pretext of counter-extremism. Roman Shleinov is one of the most renown investigators of Russia and Peter Klebnikov directs the campaign launched following 20.00-22.00 SOCIAL EvENTS: NETWORKING DINNER OFFERED BY THE CANTON OF GENEvA AT BFM (SEE PAGE 2 FOR THE vENUE) the murder of his brother, Paul, the former editor of Forbes-Russia. 22.30-01.00 CONCERT WITH “THE MUCKRAKERS” AT CAFé WINE BAR HUISSOUD (RUE DU STAND 51, 200 METERS FROM BFM)
  4. 4. GIJC 2010 FINAL PROGRAM - SATURDAY 24th APRIL, 2010 Plenary Conference Room 2 Conference Room 3 Conference Room 4 Conference Room 18 Conference Room 15 Conference Room 16 - CAR 09.00-10.15 KEYNOTE SPEAKER 09.00-10.15 WHEN THE POLICE DON’T 09.00-10.15 INvESTIGATING 09.00-10.15 “CROWDSOURCING”: 09.00-10.15 HOW TO FIGHT ANIMAL 09.00-10.15 INvESTIGATION IN Stephen Engelberg (Propublica, USA) ANSWER PAEDOPHILE NETWORKS WHEN THE PEOPLE INvESTIGATE CRUELTY WITH A HIDDEN CAMERA PRACTICE: SETTING UP A Financing the future of investigation: Old hands, Sanjuana Martinez (Freelance, Mexico), Imad Al Jana Wuyts (Het Nieuwsblad, Belgium) Per Hermanrud (TV4 Sweden, Sweden) RESEARCH CELL new tricks in the USA. Morten Frich (Berlingske Tidende, Denmark) Rawashdeh (FM Radio, Jordan), Majdoleen Hasan (ARIJ Network, Jordan) Moderator: Ides Debruyne (The Pascal Decroos Moderator: Serge Michel (Freelance, Switzerland) Stefan Candea (Romanian Centre for Investigative David Kaplan (Center for Public Integrity, USA), Moderator: Nils Mulvad (Kaas & Mulvad, Denmark) Moderator: Luis vázquez (Freelance, Mexico/ Fund for Investigative Journalism) Per and his team exposed the conditions under Journalism, Romania) and Scoop Mark Schapiro (Center for Investigative Reporting A fascinating investigation led by our Danish collea- Switzerland) which the bed linen industry subcontracted its USA) “Crowdsourcing” is a research method that The pooling of investigative journalists’ data gues which revealed that all too often, the police is supply of feathers in Eastern Europe. Disguising Moderator: Margo Smit (Dutch-Flemish Association The Mexican journalist Sanjuana Martínez received consists of outsourcing tasks to large networks of themselves as buyers, they went and filmed banks makes it possible to accelerate transnational not there when you need them. This work provoked Of Investigative Journalists) death threats after exposing certain catholic priests Internet users. The presentation of this spectacular the brutal suffering of thousands of birds, and investigations. A demonstration from Stefan a shock-wave across Denmark and resulted in our A response to the economic challenges that investi- that committed acts of paedophilia. The experience of project is led by our Belgian colleagues from Het confronted the major players. Candea, who runs the Romanian Center for fellow members being awared prestigious prizes. gative journalists face. Formed of former big names And what if this happened where you live? the two Jordanian journalists, Imad Rawashdeh and Nieuwsblad. Investigative Journalism in Bucharest. of the NYT and Wall Street Journal, and equiped Madjoleen Hasan, showed through an investigation on 10.45-12.00 FINANCING THE with a considerable launching fund, an account of 10.45-12.00 TRACKING A sexual and physical violence subjected to the orphans 10.45-12.00 HOW I CAUGHT THE FUTURE: INvESTIGATION IN THE 10.45-12.00 CAR: MAPPING ProPublica’s latest experience. And finally the as- MULTINATIONAL ACROSS BORDERS in state-run and private orphanages in Jordan. SPAMMERS DIGITAL AGE Mark Horvit (Investigative Reporters and sessment of those who, over the last couple of years, COFFEE 10.45-12.00 HOW CHINA BUYS THE Simon Cox (BBC, UK) Brant Houston (Investigative News Network, Editors, USA) have found their own business models. Klaus Ott (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany), Tasos BREAK WORLD. CASE STUDIES: FROM USA) T: French to English / English to French Telloglou (Kathimerini, Greece) Examples of mapping projects that have been CONGO TO COSTA RICA; NAMIBIA TO Moderator: David Barstow (The New York Brant heads the newly created ‘Investigative 10.15-10.45 10.45-12.00 TOBACCO, TERRORISM AND Times, USA) done by various media outlets to show the Moderator: Anna Lemmenmeier (Schweizer Radio ZAMBIA News Network’ in the United States, a consor- variety of uses. ORGANISED CRIME DRS, Switzerland) tium of non-profit organisations. In this panel, he (30 MIN) Richard Behar (USA), John Grobler “Want a penis enlargement?” Annoyed with Mabel Rehnfeldt (ABC Color, Paraguay), (The Namibian, Namibia), Giannina Segnini (La one of the largest spamming operations on the will present new perspectives for investigative 13.30-14.30 CAR: FOLLOW THE Emmanuel Mayah (the Sun, Nigeria), David These two speakers exchanged information, sources journalism in the digital era. and documents on a story about Siemens that shook Nación, Costa Rica) web, Simon Cox investigated, on behalf of radio MONEY: HOW TEAMS OF Kaplan (International Consortium of Investigative programme BBC 4, a network of spammers that 13.30-14.30 LIBEL TOURISM LUNCH Journalists, USA) Europe. They show how to directly cooperate in Moderator: Frédéric Koller (Le Temps, Switzer- JOURNALISTS CAN COOPERATE order to complete a “multinational” investigation. land) went from London to New Zealand. His investi- Andrew Sullivan (Organized Crime and Corrup- Moderator: Susanne Reber (NPR, USA) gation led to the arrest of the authors. T: EN to FR tion Reporting Project, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Paul Radu (Stanford University, Romania), 12.00-13.30 13.30-14.30 FINANCING THE FUTURE OF Massive investments in Namibian mines, in- Justin Arenstein (FAIR, South Africa) As a result of an impressive transnational investiga- David Leigh (The Guardian, UK) tion, this group of journalists revealed in their latest vestments in Costa Rica’s Cooperative; China is 13.30-14.30 INvESTIGATING ARMS (90 MIN) INvESTIGATION: HOW Tv WILL PAY everywhere. Our colleagues Grobler and Segnini Moderator: Andrew Sullivan (Organized Crime A look at new collaborative and research tech- research how the illicit trade industry financed the FOR YOUR WORK DEALERS - THE PATRIA CASE niques for following the money across borders. Congolese civil war as well as the Talibans in Afgha- and awarded journalist Richard Behar, who wrote a and Corruption Reporting Project, Bosnia and nistan. They present to us their methodology. compelling investigative piece for “Fast Company”, Blaz Zgaga (Freelance, Slovenia), Magnus Herzegovina) How to use on-line databases, registrars of com- Roch Bozino (Java Films-France), Stéphane Berglund (Finnish Television, Finland) panies and software tools for mapping out the GALA T: French to English & Spanish (viceversa) Haumant (Canal +, France) will show how they accessed the full picture. Organized crime figures, oligarchs, corrupt complex business structures of organized crime. DINNER 13.30-14.30 WAR IN THE SHADOWS: 13.30-14.30 REvEALING THE METHODS Moderator: Nils Mulvad (Kaas & Mulvad, politicians and even celebrities have found a new Moderator: Jean-Philippe Ceppi (Radio Télévision A deconstruction of the cross-border investiga- COvERING CLANDESTINE WAR ZONES OF SECRET SERvICES Denmark) weapon against intrepid investigative reporting: (Bookings Suisse, Switzerland) tive process from forming the international team WHEN YOU’RE NOT EMBEDDED libel tourism. Most reporters have no idea they only) Arturo Torres (El Comercio, Ecuador) Thanks to transborder collaboration, these two to the outcome of the investigation. Distributer Roch Bozino is very familiar with the can be sued in places like London, Singapore and Stephen Grey (Freelance, UK), Paul Moreira Moderator: Paola villa (GIJC2010, Switzerland) journalists exposed a huge corruption story Australia and the judgments against them can investigative documentary market. It’s a market 15.00-16.00 CAR: EXCEL III AD- At RTS (Premières Lignes, France) Following an interview with Raul Reyes (FARC’s implicating Finnish defence company Patria be enforced in their own country. Three experts that is working well for him, and the point is that and the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa. vANCED LEvEL (See page 2) Moderator: David Barstow (The New York Times, USA) not everyone is suffering from the economic crisis. No 2), Torres revealed how the Colombian secret will explain how libel tourism really works. They Acclaimed investigative reporter, and author of a services managed to infiltrate the FARC during eight Millions of bribes have been given in 278 million will talk about their own experiences of being Helena Bengtsson (Sveriges Television, Sweden) So how do you decide on your topic? Who do you 19.30-22.00 groundbreaking book on the CIA’s ‘extraordinary years. euros worth arms deal. Dozens of suspects are sued by dodgy characters and they will tell you contact? What project will a producer buy? Producer Advanced formulas, conditions and parsing text. rendition’ programme, Stephen Grey went to Afgha- currently under criminal investigation by Finnish, what you can do to protect yourself in the global nistan to investigate the CIA’s secret operations and and chief editor of the famous investigative program 15.00-16.00 HOW TO INvESTIGATE Austrian and Slovenian police. Basic knowledge of Excel needed. “Special Investigation” at the private Canal + televi- media marketplace. GLOBAL the Special Forces. He explains how to work when GANGS you are not ‘embedded’. So did Paul Moreira, director sion, Stéphane Haumant has the key. T: FR to EN 15.00-16.00 WHEN GAME SHOWS 15.00-16.00 EUROPEAN BUSINESS 16.30-17.30 CAR: ACCESS III SHINING Steeve Baumann (CapaTV, France), Eric Lemus and producer at Premières Lignes production, in Iraq. (Freelance Journalist BBC Mundo/, MEAN BIG MONEY MODELS FOR INvESTIGATIvE ADvANCED LEvEL LIGHT 15.00-16.00 THE MURDER OF JOURNALISM T: French to English / English to French El Salvador), Marcelo MOREIRA (RJTV/ Groupe Helena Bengtsson (Sveriges Television, Sweden) AWARD COLLEAGUES. THE DANGER OF Globo TV, Brazil) Gilles Delbos (France 2, France) Brigitte Alfter (European Fund for Investigative 15.00-16.00 HOW INvESTIGATION ADDS (During the INvESTIGATING IN RUSSIA Journalism, Belgium), Stefan Candea (Center Joining databases - how to find connections vALUE IN A TIME OF CRISIS Moderator: Marie Maurisse (Freelance, L’Hebdo, Moderator: Philippe Lugassy (Radio Télévision Roman Shleinov (Novaya Gazeta, Russia), Peter Le Figaro, Switzerland) Suisse, Switzerland) for Investigative Journalism, Romania) between tables. Basic knowledge of Access Gala Dinner Gilles Marchand (Radio Télévision Suisse, needed. at RTS) Switzerland), Norman Pearlstine (Bloomberg, USA) Klebnikov (Environmental Defense Fund, USA), The French-Spanish journalist, Christian Poveda, Moderator: Margo Smit (Dutch-Flemish Asso- Gilles Delbos, on behalf of French TV channel Richard Behar (Project Klebnikov) was murdered by a Salvadorian gang whilst he was ciation Of Investigative Journalists) Moderator: Raymond Frenken (European Journalism M6, led a sensitive investigation of the national Centre, Netherlands) Moderator: Thérèse Obrecht Hodler (Reporters investigating in the country. Becoming a major lottery monopoly, la Française des Jeux. He re- Unlike the United States, Europeans do not without Boarders, Switzerland) problem in societies, our guests discuss how to get counts the multiple pressures that he faced. What often have grants or foundations to help fund BAR AT How can we integrate investigation into the strategy of media groups? In times of crisis, does it provide close to such a milieu without it costing your life? to do in such a situation? How to resist? How can their investigations. While European media are RTS added value or is it just an added cost? A response After Paul Klebnikov was murdered, then Anna 16.30-17.30 WHEN POLICE KNOCK AT you access sensitive information on the world’s experiencing the repercussions of the crisis, from two managers in charge of private and public Politkovskaïa, an update on the assassination of our lotteries and money games? T: French to English several investigative journalism funds have been After the two colleagues. With this question: how dangerous is THE DOOR. THE CASE OF FRANCE media: Gilles Marchand heads the Radio Télévision launched as well as new media initiatives. An Gala Dinner Suisse (French), based in Geneva. Norman Pearlstine it to be an investigative journalist in today’s Russia? Christophe Labbé (Le Point, France), vittorio de 16.30-17.30 EXTRACTING SCANDALS evaluation of the situation. is chief content officer of Bloomberg News and Filippis (Libération, France) president of Business Week. 16.30-17.30 INvESTIGATION AT AND FROM THE MINING INDUSTRY 16.30-17.30 THE TRUTH ABOUT TAX Moderator: Alain Jourdan (La Tribune de Genève, HAvENS T: French to English / English to French WITH NGOs Switzerland) Mary Akuffo (the Crusading Guide, Ghana), 16.30-17.30 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Annie Mpalume (Freelance photographer, Zim- David Leigh (The Guardian, UK), Santiago Tony Sadownichik (Greenpeace), Peter Bouckaert How to protect yourself from search-warrants? How Fascetto (La Prensa, Panama) to work in these conditions, and protect your sources babwe), John Grobler (The Namibian, Namibia) Judge Baltasar Garzón (Human Rights Watch) The judge and the journalist: how can they work and documents? A response from two journalists Moderator: Raymond Frenken (European Moderator: vivienne Walt (Time Magazine, USA) together? Moderator: Mark Hunter (INSEAD, France) who have experienced first-hand Sarkozy’s repression Journalism Centre, Netherlands) methods. T: French to English Mary received numerous awards for exposing the Financial crisis and fiscal war, the investiga- Moderator: Marina Walker Guevara (International What if certain NGOs and investigative journalists working conditions in Western African mines. Consortium of Investigative Journalists, USA) shared their resources? Often involved on similar in- tion into tax havens demands the competencies Annie was arrested for photo-documenting dia- and techniques of specialists. David Leigh has Judge Garzon made it possible, amongst other, to vestigations, what are the possibilities and limitations mond mines. John has been reporting for many of a collaboration? A response from those in charge of published in the Guardian a series of important hold ex-dictator Pinochet’s trial, in Chile. He is years on the mining industry in his country, a big involved as well in the fight against ETA, the narco research at two of the largest NGOs in the world. articles and investigation. Santiago Fascetto is trafickers, and the investigation about Silvio Berlus- producer of uranium and diamonds. directing the investigation section of La Prensa. coni. He is very much at the front of investigating Al Qaeda’s networks and warned the Spanish governe- ment just before the Madrid 11th March 2004 attack. 19.30-22.00 SOCIAL EvENT: GALA DINNER (BOOKINGS ONLY) AT THE STUDIO 4, SWISS TELEvISION BUILDING (RTS - SEE PAGE 2) T: Spanish to English / English to Spanish