5 Benefits To Publish On Kindle


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You might be wondering how you could publish on the Kindle if you’ve never written anything longer than a grocery list. Read on and find out why you should make the effort and why publishing on Kindle is not as daunting as you may think.

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5 Benefits To Publish On Kindle

  1. 1. 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Publishing on Kindle Sponsored by: www.self-publish-success.com
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  4. 4. Share on But… Wait! I have never written anything longer than a grocery list… www.self-publish-success.com
  5. 5. Share on Fear not! Read on and find out… www.self-publish-success.com
  6. 6. Share on Why self publish is EASY… www.self-publish-success.com
  7. 7. Share on and why publishing on Kindle is not as daunting as you may think… www.self-publish-success.com
  8. 8. Share on 5 main benefits of publishing on Kindle www.self-publish-success.com
  9. 9. Share on Benefit # 1: A voracious market www.self-publish-success.com
  10. 10. Share on With more and more Kindle owners looking for information to add to their new reading devices, you’ve got a ready-made market. And if you have a book in the Kindle store on a topic theyre interested in, they may well find it -- and buy it. www.self-publish-success.com
  11. 11. Share on With many Kindle books priced at impulse-purchase levels, people end up clicking "buy" a lot more often than they used to, especially since they can get the information immediately. www.self-publish-success.com
  12. 12. Share on Benefit # 2: Find your audience www.self-publish-success.com
  13. 13. Share on Getting published on Kindle gives you an easy way to be found. Say youre a marriage counsellor. Publish a book on Kindle and include information about your services, and maybe a free gift in the form of a special report or download. www.self-publish-success.com
  14. 14. Share on Then people will race to find you, buy your Kindle book, and then visit your website to collect their free gift -- and join your ever-growing mailing list. www.self-publish-success.com
  15. 15. Share on Benefit # 3: Be an instant expert www.self-publish-success.com
  16. 16. Share on Lets face it: People are impressed by authors. And Kindle makes it very easy to become an author. Once you have assembled your book, you can upload it to the Kindle store in less than an hour. www.self-publish-success.com
  17. 17. Share on Once youre published, just add the link to your email signature and start adding "Author of [Your books name here]" after your name. Youll gain instant status, which will help you get more press coverage, more attention, and more customers. www.self-publish-success.com
  18. 18. Share on Benefit # 4: Its easy and fast www.self-publish-success.com
  19. 19. Share on Getting published on Kindle is not the sort of ordeal most people associate with getting published in the traditional manner. www.self-publish-success.com
  20. 20. Share on You upload your book and your cover, answer a few questions, create a description, --- and youre done! www.self-publish-success.com
  21. 21. Share on Benefit # 5: You can earn royalties www.self-publish-success.com
  22. 22. Share on If youre publishing a print book with a traditional publisher, your share of the profits may be less than $1 a book. With Kindle, you can get up to 70% of the purchase price! www.self-publish-success.com
  23. 23. Share on Even better, Amazon actually helps you market your book in the Kindle store - and beyond, by providing a sales page, and by putting your book in front of browsers looking at related books. www.self-publish-success.com
  24. 24. Share on Getting published on Kindle can be very rewarding. www.self-publish-success.com
  25. 25. Share on And easy… www.self-publish-success.com
  26. 26. Share on Theres little reason not to publish your first ebook online today… www.self-publish-success.com
  27. 27. Best of all, you can get your Kindle ebooks polished, published andpromoted WITHOUT you doing the hard works at all… Click to find out more! www.self-publish-success.com