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  1. 1. VolcanoesVolcanoes in the world By John Turner
  2. 2. Rocks• What do they feel like ?They feel like flint that is cut into small chunks.• How are the rocks formed?Volcanic rocks are formed when lava cools.
  3. 3. The biggest volcanoes in the world.• These are some of the biggest volcanoes in the world.
  4. 4. Lava rivers• Lava rivers are rivers made out of lava.• They can be very dangerous because they will burn people and animals to death.• They can flow slow or fast.
  5. 5. Hot spots• A hot spot is where there are live volcanoes like the Pacific Ocean plate and lot more places. (Ring Of Fire)
  6. 6. Pompeii • These pictures are from Pompeii in Italy. It was a Roman city which was covered in ash and lava. Lots of people died but lots managed to escape.
  7. 7. Ash clouds. • In ash clouds there are poisonous gases which could kill you or make you ill. • Farmers near volcanoes can have big problems keeping animals like cows and sheep and chickens because the gas can kill them as well. • When ash clouds fall from the sky any thing they touch which is living can turn to stone after a year like in Pompeii.
  8. 8. Lava bombs. • Lava bombs are dangerous because they are made of lava and fire. They get thrown out of the volcano when it erupts.
  9. 9. Live, Extinct and Dormant. Volcanoes can be live , extinct and dormant. •When a volcano is live you can see smoke coming out. •A dormant volcano is a volcano that has not erupted in a long time. •When a volcano is extinct it means that it will never erupt again. •These pictures are volcanoes in Papua New Guinea.
  10. 10. Volcanoes in the U.K. • All the volcanoes in the UK are extinct . • Edinburgh castle is built on an extinct volcano. • There are lots of extinct volcanoes in Scotland. • There are lots of rocks like granite here. It comes from a volcano. • There are the remains of a volcano at Posbury. (Crediton)
  11. 11. Islands formed by volcanoes. • Some volcanoes erupt under the sea. The lava and ash can come to the surface and form a new island. • Surtsey off Iceland was created in 1963. • Around Hawaii there are lots of eruptions under the sea. The sea water cools the lava down quickly. A small ball of lava can make a big boulder.
  12. 12. Mount St Helens. • St Helen’s in America erupted in 1980. It is one of the most famous recent eruptions. The eruption blew the side off the mountain and lots of trees were destroyed. 78 people died.
  13. 13. Volcanologist • A volcanologist is a person who studies volcanoes, and their eruptions in the past. Volcanologists often visit volcanoes, especially active ones, to observe volcanic eruptions, collect ash, rock and lava samples. They also try to predict when new eruptions will happen.
  14. 14. Big stuff that volcanoes make. • These pictures are the biggest stuff that the volcanoes will make.
  15. 15. Volcano Quiz (Some of the answers are true or false.)1. People might need to wear a 1. Volcanoes are “sleeping mask when they are outside mountains!” after an eruption.2. The ash isn’t harmful to the 2. Volcanoes can erupt under the animals. sea and make new islands.3. People might get evacuated from their homes. 3. Going inside a volcano is safe.4. Farming in Iceland where there are volcanoes is an easy job. 4. Volcanoes can boil water so you5. Driving around the area can be can bath in it? difficult as the roads might have been damaged after an 5. Are Volcanic rocks heavy or eruption. light?6. Volcanic eruptions can cause floods of mud, ice and lava. 6. Lava bombs don’t explode!