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Mrs Peachey's egg


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Mrs Peachey's egg

  1. 1. By Alyssa Rose Norman(assisted a bit by Mummy and Mummy’s camera)
  2. 2. This morning, Mrs Peachey’s chicken did something very clever.It laid an egg!Mrs Peachey said I could have the egg for my tea.Thank you, Mrs Peachey! My egg Here I am with my egg.
  3. 3. Here is my drawingof Mrs Peacheygiving me my egg
  4. 4. I am going to have MrsPeachey’s egg for my tea.But how should Mummycook it?Scrambled? Boiled?Hmmmmmmm .Here I am, wondering how to cookmy egg. Hmmmmmmmmmm .
  5. 5. I’m going to have a boiled In it goes!egg and soldiers!
  6. 6. ..and waitAnd now wewait . and wait .
  7. 7. this is taking FOREVER oh good grief ..and wait ..
  8. 8. Here is my drawing of me beingbored.I’m so bored that I’ve evendrawn in the green floortiles.
  9. 9. I’m so bored I’m even Oh look! Here it comes!happy to lay the table. FINALLY!!!!!!
  10. 10. This is officially the world’s yummiest egg!I am so glad I have myegg. Thank you, Mrs Peachey!Mummy’s quite pleasedtoo.