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Jack Antarctica Blog

  1. 1. My Antarctica blog My Antarctica diary entrys 1 -4.By Jack Robinson
  2. 2. First day of my fantastic journey! 12.1.1205:00amThis morning I got out of my sleeping bag ......its freezingcold! I got dressed but I couldnt wash because my water hadfrozen. I peeked out of the tent and the wind was about70mph so I definitely know Im going to use the kite-skis.As soon as I got out of my tent a tunnel of ice had formed, andsome icicles like killer parsnips fell and nearly took my headoff, luckily I managed to dodge them!When me and my partner got out of the tunnel, we just stoodthere looking at the snowy mountains with ice like scales ona fish.Ill write to you later and let you know how many miles Icover today.Jack and Edward
  3. 3. Blizzard on my second day 1 2.1 .1 26:00PmYou will not believe what happened to methis afternoon it was so surprising andworrying I nearly wet myself, it was ablizzard I was just riding along on mykite-skis and it came.The high pitchscream nearly deafened me and themonstrous wind knocked me of my feet likesomeone had just thrown a bowling ball atmy ankles. I knew what I had to do so Igot of of my skis and got my spade out, Idug a big hole so me and my partner couldfit in we dived in and covered ourselves upwe were safe. It was so scary but my teamade it up to me, but I still have flashback of the high pitch whine.Miles travelled today-23Temperature--28Jack
  4. 4. Disaster has struck 1 4.1 .1 21 0pmDisaster struck today! In the blizzard our bikes,kite and skisall got blown away so we have to walk the rest of the way.Theproblem was Niklas fell over and sprained his ankle, when therescue helicopter came he got flown over to England so I hadto carry on my own, I am quite worried and scared. I walkedabout 2 miles then I came to a ravine so I didnt know whatto do, luckily I saw a video clip of Bear Gryls in this trouble.So I used his tactics I slid down and dug my hands in andclimbed up the other side.I was back on track hooray. I am sotired so I am going to go to bed now, I am extremely excitedabout tomorrow because I will be on my last 20 miles, night.Miles travelled today:24Temperature today:-50Jack
  5. 5. Finally FinishedI HAVE FINISHED.......I am so happy that Ihave completed the challenge. I have done 500miles in the treacherous weathers ofAntarctica.Weve just planted the Blue Peterflag and I have brought a cake with me so meand my team can all have a slice... I will write toyou when I get a chance(After the cake).