DASH7 + Haystack + the Internet of Things - Webinar


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Slides from Haystack's October 4th webinar covering the Haystack product roadmap, new product announcements, and how Haystack is ground zero for developers interested in the Internet of Things. The full webinar video is available at http://haystacktechnologies.com/resources/webinars/.

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DASH7 + Haystack + the Internet of Things - Webinar

  1. 1. DASH7 & The Haystack 4 Oct 2012JP NorairCTO, Haystack Technologies Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies
  2. 2. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies On the Agenda • Introduction to Haystack • Introduction to DASH7 • Projects we are working on Get more information: jpnorair@haystacktechnologies.com http://www.haystacktechnologies.com
  3. 3. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies Haystack is the DASH7 Company • Founded by the team that started the DASH7 Alliance • Provides design services and support for DASH7 products • Builds OEM/ODM components for DASH7
  4. 4. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies DASH7 is 2nd-Gen M2M+WSN+IoT 433 MHz band 8 channels Optimized for Optimized for Microwatt-scale Low-Latency Power (Bursty Data) Universal Adaptive Data Rate Interoperability 28 - 200 kbps Very Fast Compact Stack Multicast 16-32KB
  5. 5. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies Emerging Range of 2G M2M+WSN+IoT ZigBee for SmartGrid ZigBee ISO 18000-7 Bluetooth Proprietary Low Energy Beacons ANT RFID QR Code & NFC Barcode
  6. 6. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies Emerging Range of 2G M2M+WSN+IoT Ad-hoc Networking Systems ZigBee for SmartGrid • Data exchange between peers • Technology emphasis is networking ZigBee ISO 18000-7 Data Acquisition Systems • Data transfer from slave(s) to master Proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons • Technology emphasis is transfer method ANT RFID QR Code & NFC Barcode
  7. 7. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies Without DASH7’s 2-way search and discovery technology, you would have to wait for all these devices in just to get the 16 you want. About DASH7 & Haystack Haystack is developing DASH7 software and “Dongles” for iOS DASH7 enables “Google for your surroundings.” Haystack enables DASH7.
  8. 8. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies OpenTag is DASH7 Firmware Written in C, portable to most MCUs Small: fits on $1 MCUs & SoCs Works for Tags, Nodes, & Gateways Built-in RTOS for writing your app Built-in filesystem for holding your Client (external) & Server (internal)
  9. 9. Meanwhile… No way! I only How about date guys who use that one? OpenTag
  10. 10. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies Haystack OpenTag Deployment Model • Server is a chip with OpenTag. • Client is a computing device The Internet H-Builder with H-Builder, and usually a (Optional) Client GUI. OpenTag • Client-Server connection is M: Server 1, although M is usually 1. • Server-Remote Server is 1:N. OpenTag Remote Servers • You can build Server-Side Apps to accomplish low-level tasks. The combined data on all of these servers • You can build Client-Side Apps behaves more easily, for normal jobs.
  11. 11. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies The Haystack is OpenTag + H-Builder H-Builder is a set of tools we Haystack Client Tools develop in order to make DASH7 • Desktop developer tool apps product development shorter, less • Mobile (iOS) sample apps expensive, and more reliable. H-Builder Haystack Client API • Low-Level API for client-server messaging • Client Kits for rapid application development Haystack Server Tools • Library of interchangeable server-side applets, for easy creation of custom server applications • Server interface packages
  12. 12. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies The Haystack 24-Month Roadmap H-Builder Client Tools • OTcom Client Console • Script Commander 1.0 (DresEdit) • Network Manager 1.0 • Dynamic App Protocol Shell • Monitor Demo App (iOS, Desktop) • File Browser 1.0 (DresEdit) • Secure Data Exchange Demo App • Network Manager 1.1 • Query Control Panel Demo App H-Builder Client API • Low-Level API (LLAPI) library, Std C • Search Kit • I/O Drivers for Android NDK • Dynamic App Protocol Compiler • I/O Drivers for Linux/Mac/iOS • Location Kit • Internet Kit (ICMP+UDP+SCTP) • Device Kit • Secure Messaging Kit H-Builder Server Tools • Applet Library: 20 applets • Applet Library: 100 applets • Applet Library: 200 applets • Applet Library: 1000 applets • USB Printer Class Gateway Interface • Public Key Exchange Interface • IPv6 Gateway Interface Haystack Distribution of OpenTag (HDO) • Base DASH7 support • Large download support • DASH7 Alliance profile support • 1.0 debuts on official publication of • CoAP app layer support • Further low-power optimizations (once profiles are finalized) DASH7 in ISO • AES128 private key security • Additional HW support • Additional HW support • Additional HW support R1 R2 R3 R4 H2 2012 H1 2013 H2 2013 H1 2014
  13. 13. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies Haystack Open Source Initiatives We contribute to several open source DASH7 projects. We started many of them ourselves. We commit our additions to the community 6-12 • OpenTag: Embedded C months after deploying them internally. • OMG: HW & Embedded C • OTcom: Qt C++ • DresEdit: Qt C++
  14. 14. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies OMG: OpenTag Module+Gadget 60mm • “Module” contains OpenTag. 30mm • “Gadget” contains USB interface, and future Final prototype design: on delivery this upgradeable for integrated week Wiring or BusPirate-type features, etc. • You can install your own apps on the Module or on the Gadget. Size comparison with Arduino (early proto)
  15. 15. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies OTcom & DresEdit OTcom is an API console for DresEdit is a prototyping and device OpenTag. It supports Mac/Lin/Win configuration tool for OpenTag. It is and written in Qt/C++. also Qt/C++.
  16. 16. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies More Coming from Haystack
  17. 17. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies iOS Prototype Uses Qt for iPhone Device 2 1s Device 1 38s Device 4 1m 6s Device 3 1m 8s • Dongle + iOS H-Builder + Demo App # 00 Type Beacon Time 15:24:18 Contents Status # Type Time Contents • Available to partners in Nov 2012: 01 DL 15:25:06 Cookie “?user=Boris?last=20120914? deptid=125” Reserve yours now, so we know how many to make.
  18. 18. Copyright 2012, Haystack Technologies Haystack Tags • OEM/ODM tag product • Currently in design phase • Prototypes available to partners in Jan/Feb 2013 (Reserve now) • Solar recharging with thin battery • 40x40x5mm
  19. 19. Gangnam Style
  20. 20. Haystack Style Wakeup! (it’s over)