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The Social Media B2C Marketing Summit (June 25-26) London: Learn how to deliver engaging and interactive marketing tactics to entice your consumers to engage with your brand. Unilever, Heineken, KLM, O2, Honda and many more will share exclusive case studies, their everyday experiences and best practice, so you can improve your social media marketing efforts. Quote SMM12 and save 15% when you register!

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Social Media B2C Marketing Summit

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing B2C Summit, London The No 1 Social Media Marketing focused corporate event – This is the place for best practice from leading brandsEnhance brand image and boostprofits through social media marketing:How b2c companies can engage customers,find new audiences and drive #CSMb2cTwo day business conference, 25-26 June 2012Regents Park Marriott Hotel, London, UKA practical and interactive business conference built for a corporate audience: enchmark against the most social B rive your online community down the sales D brands: Compare your social media marketing funnel: Learn how to make a real return from efforts with KLM, Honda, Nokia and set up your social media efforts- understanding the best a leading 2012 strategy. way to engage your fans with sales messages. ngaging and interactive content: Don’t E ocial media marketing best practice: Tactical S miss how you can engage your brand online. solutions that you can take away and embed Leave behind worthless social media activity into your organisation and meet your marketing goals! …of speakers are leading digital and …of sessions will give you best practice to social media strategists from big brands improve your social media marketing success …of topics deal with the key issues that you and your peers face in social media marketingSpeakers include: LOOK INSIDE to check out our top level corporate speakers and business-focused agenda
  2. 2. WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND Why you need to attend the Social Media Marketing Summit Social Media represents a growing marketing • uild your online community through creating B move on to the next step- effectively setting opportunity for businesses to directly engage effective incentives to engage. yourselves apart from competitors. with their consumers. The phenomenal growth • reate consistent global brand identity C Meet and learn from world-class leaders from of social media activity has meant consumers while providing targeted messages for local companies such as Orange, Nokia, and are now interacting with their favourite brands markets. Heineken. You’ll also hear from some of and regularly checking for the latest updates the most social businesses across the world, online. • hat social channels work best for marketing: W proven case study analysis. including KLM, O2 and Nissan. Looking to deliver engaging content, build brand Be prepared to develop tactical solutions to image or seeking the best practices in driving According to a Industry Report from Social Media Examiner, 90% of marketers surveyed solve your businesses issues and concerns. Take traffic down the sales funnel? practical advice back to your office and grow believe that social media is important for their Then join us for the Social Media B2C business. What’s more, only 28% of businesses your online presence. To avoid ending up on Marketing Summit to see how leading B2C outsource some portion of their social media the waiting list for our UK event, make sure you companies use social media to market their marketing. Therefore your internal team play a reserve your ticket today. products or services to make a profit. Hear vital role in any organisation to ensure you are I look forward to seeing you in London on from those getting it right including Nokia, utilising social channels to meet business goals. June 25 and 26. To reserve your spot or get Heineken, Expedia and Unilever. This conference will deliver key tactics, proven more information on the agenda, rates and Take your social media initiatives to the next level best practice and industry insight guaranteed accommodation get in touch… and boost performance. Add value to your brand, to improve your business’ social media efforts to increase your online leads and most importantly benefit your marketing. Sincerely, increase ROI. Come to the Social Media B2C The sessions we are hosting will provide you Marketing Summit in London to learn: with practical insights and tactical solutions • hy you should be using social media to drive W on how increase sales, build brand image, and sales and how this is done. get customer loyalty. And if your company has Hayley Dunn begun the journey, you’ll learn how to help it Useful Social Media There is plenty of choice when it comes to social media summits. But if you role is on better marketing then this is the place to be. A bold claim. But one we make with confidence. How so? Simple. We only have businesses talking to businesses. TheSummit is: Agenda focused on Essential market Build valuable contacts Ask your biggest your needs as a social intelligence: Best to grow your company: questions and get media marketer: practice examples and The European meeting advice on your Extensive three month expert advice from 20+ place for Social Media biggest concerns: research period with major EU corporates. Marketers. Get your 2012 With an opportunity corporates to get the strategy in place and to network with global most important issues in network with our leaders and practitioners, social media marketing. 120+ delegates. coming from a cross- section of industries in this space.
  3. 3. SUMMIT AGENDADAY 1Enhance your creative and interactive to enhance the number of times the company You will learn from Nokia and Expedia all experts incontent to engage consumers and and its products are mentioned positively on the driving transactions through social media platforms. social web, compared to competitors - commonly Expedia, Inc. is the world’s largest online travelbuild brands known as ‘Share of Voice’. company. With access to over 145,000 hotelsAccording to IABC UK, finding more interactive • ow you can build your fans and what’s next: H around the world and over 300 airlines along withformats and diverse ways to represent your content Nissan will share how they use social media specialist tools to help refine these choices, theiris the most effective way to get interaction. Creative marketing to drive consumers onto their social reach is large, and global.content is what encourages your customers to actively sites. Including how these new fans are thenparticipate with your brand. What incentive are you Expedia’s global Facebook Page has grown to over engaged into the brand through interactive one million fans – the largest of any travel agentgiving consumers to engage in your social media campaigns.networks? This is the key question that you should be in the world – and the company is continuing toasking yourself… It’s about time that we step away Nissan David Parkinson General Manager of deepen integration with Facebook and other socialfrom simple posts and become innovative with your Social Digital engagement for EMEA India platforms. Expedia will share its success storycontent. and give practical insight into how to convert large audiences into meaningful business results. ExpediaIn this session Unilever, Nissan and SAS will share their will discuss:most successful campaigns and how you can stand Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), is the flagout from your competitors carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and the • he challenges inherent in using social channels T largest airline in Scandinavia. The Airline transports to drive high value transactions: Hear howUnilever is the world’s second-largest advertiser.  over 25 million passengers to 127 destinations a Expedia overcome these challenges and how youWith more than 400 brands focused on health and year, SAS have taken to social networks to engage can drive high value transactions through socialwellbeing, on any given day, two billion people use with their customers with their innovate campaigns media.Unilever. The company’s most established names including their ‘summer plane’ and ‘Design your own • ocial objects and their importance in shaping Sinclude like Dove, Persil, PG Tips and Marmite - coffee cup’ campaign…  You will learn how to take your engagement strategy: Understand theUnilever’s range of brands is as diverse as their your social media campaigns to the next level – think importance of customer engagement in a socialworldwide consumer base.  Hear how Unilever has outside the box and hear from the winners of the world to influence sales.leveraged digital media to engage consumers and ‘Online campaign’ Webbie award.  Discover howachieve business success. to utilise social media to effectively communicate • he relationship between your social media T with your customers and prospects in order to meet audience and the marketing funnel. Expedia will• ear how creative and innovative content sets H address how to identify this relationship and drive you apart from competitors: So your marketing marketing goals. your consumers down the marketing funnel. can trigger an online response and enhance • tand out from competitors: SAS will address S consumer interest in your brand. how they became the first airline to ‘crowdsource’ Expedia Peter Parkes Head of Social Media, a new destination, and why they invited their EMEA• iden your social media reach: Hear how W Unilever delivers engaging content across Facebook fans  to vote for the company’s 2012 multiple channels and maintains brand summer destination.  SAS will share with you consistency. how to enhance your customer response and get Nokia is a global telecommunications leader noticed in the social media world. connecting over 1.3 billion people. The Nokia Group• iscover the benefits of two-way D employs approximately 139,000 people around communications: Unilever will share how they • earn how to be creative and commercial to L the world and has over 15 million Facebook fans have adopted a conversational approach when meet your business objectives: Hear how SAS worldwide. Nokia has successfully created localised launching new content and how this meets their used their ‘Summer plane’ campaign to meet social media platforms to target customers across marketing goals. customer’s needs, personalise marketing and the world including channels in Europe, Middle East drive sales.Unilever Debbie Weinstein Senior Director, and North America. Hear what Nokia is doing toGlobal Media Innovation • et the right tone with your customers: Learn S drive commercial value including their interactive how to deliver your content in the right way – ‘Top Nokia Phones’ application. How to keep the conversation friendly  and meet • rganise your business to drive accountability O business objectives. SAS will share how theirNissan, a global 500 company, is a multinational for social media: Hear how Nokia builds a social ‘Design your own coffee-cup’ campaign involvesautomaker, and currently offers products and business in order to build commercial value by interactivity with the brand, public involvementservices in more than 160 countries. Nissan using social media. and enhances brand image.have a clear vision to build relationships with their • se internal systems to better connect Ucustomers and have successfully turned to social Scandinavian Airlines Christian Kamhaug employees with consumers by increasingmedia as a way to connect with the consumers. The Head of Social Media transparency around social conversationsJapanese giant launched their unique ‘New Starof India campaign’ which ran across Facebook to • actics and best practice to prove the ROI Tdeliver engaging content to meet brand objectives. Building a Social Business and driving of your social commerce practiceNissan will discuss how they have used interactive commercial value: Using social media Nokia Tejal Patel Head of Social Commercesocial media content to involve consumers in theNissan brand and deliver a successful marketing to drive traffic down the sales funnel.campaign. This session will include: As a social marketer your challenge is not only building How to interact as a brand, and get• ow to innovate in emerging markets: How H a community online, but turning your online consumers into real customers. Social media may be free to set up interaction for a brand: Increase Nissan created localised content to meet the needs of their consumers and how this can but it requires a lot of time to be invested with around your revenue and loyalty by actively benefit you. the clock activity. This is why increasing your return on engaging customers. social media is a must for 2012. It’s time to use social• he power of Facebook to create Brand SOV: T media to make a direct impact on your bottom line. Social media continues to change the way customers Hear how Nissan engages in interactive content interact and build relationships with their favouriteJoin the conversation! You can follow us at: #CSMB2C
  4. 4. SUMMIT AGENDA DAY 2brands. It is now just as important to maintain existing distributor of cultural cinema in the UK, it supplies film to Improve your online marketing withrelationships. So remember, that interacting with over 600 venues across the whole of the UK. BFI is the tactical solutions from the bestexisting customers is highly important in order to hub is of the film industry; Richard Ayers- Head of Digitalmaintain loyalty and stay ahead of competition. will share how the adoption of social media has helped to boost customer interactionIn this session Just-Eat, J Sainsbury, Manchester boost the BFI brands, Including: Hear from those who have walked the walk, insteadCity, BFI and O2 will teach you how to increase brand • ow to utilise social media to get recognition for H of talked the talk. Our interactive case study formatloyalty through targeted brand interaction and how all brands across your organisation. gives these leaders the freedom to share top tips,personalising your communication messages results best practice and tactical solutions - and gives you • irst stages of social media: How BFI took F the freedom to quiz them on your own key issuesin better marketing impact. the plunge into social media and how this has and questions become an integral part of brand marketing. • hy actively engaging with the film community W Heineken international is the world’s mostJust-Eat, is the UK’s biggest online fast food international brewer. Heineken have a long line ofordering service covering 10,500 + takeaways/ across several social media pages has resulted in targeted brand interaction and better marketing. successful campaigns and have become the mostrestaurants. The company generated £175m worth liked alcohol brand on Facebook.. Heineken knowsof sales for their takeaway partners in 2011 and how to connect with their online audience to promotereceives over 1.5million visits a month. This fast food their brand and create an enjoyable experience.ordering service giant has taken to social media with Also… Richard Ayers the digital Ranked by Revolution as one of the most socialtheir engagement focused social media strategy. playmaker will share how… brands this leading brewer will share with you:Hear how Just-Eat use social media to create a long-term relationship with consumers which enhances • evelop social media content which is ‘social by Dcustomer retention. They will share with you: design’: Hear what this means for Heineken and Manchester City Football Club has become how they engage with their customers in a more• ow to take a conversational approach to your H an innovative thinker when it comes to social media, stimulating way. consumers and provoke a response. and are often seen as the leading UK sports brand across social networks. With a varied and extensive • ear how the brand overcome the challenges H• ow to increase brand loyalty through H of social media marketing - with case study set of social media engagement tactics bringing understanding your customers’ needs and analysis on how to utilise social media for lasting benefit to the brand, this football giant has providing an engaging online experience. their advertising campaigns, innovations and proven they are at the top of the league when it• hy consistent online engagement is most W comes to fan engagement. sponsorships. important to maintain customer relations – and • e bold, unique and exciting: Step outside B • eliver engaging and exclusive content to your D why this means Just-Eat engage on a daily basis. the box and change the way you engage with fans - to enhance your social media activity andJust-Eat Tess Tucker Head of Digital Marketing incentivise fans to opt in to further marketing and your customers. Heineken will share their fan brand messaging engagement tactics and how they build long term relationships.The use of social technologies to build relationships • ow to add value to your products through social Hand drive advocacy by interacting and engaging media best practice: Be creative and commercial: Heineken Floris Cobelens Head of Digitalaudiences How MCFC engages with a global fan base through innovative pre-match tweeting campaignJ Sainsbury plc is the third largest chain of to enhance their fans experience. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the flag carriersupermarkets in the UK. Sainsbury’s display how • eet your marketing objectives: Discover how M airline of the Netherlands. KLM operates in morea retail giant can use social media to help meet MCFC doesn’t just stick to Facebook, but uses than 90 destinations and employs over 31000business objectives by better understanding YouTube to market to fans and enable them to people worldwide. KLM has become one of the mostaudience needs, to drive engagement and action become more engaged and involved with the club. successful brands online, you will hear:both on and off-line. Sainsbury plc will discuss the • ow the company’s innovative use of social Huse of social technologies to build relationships Manchester City BFI Richard Ayers Head of Digital media has put KLM above the rest with a historyand drive advocacy by interacting and engaging of unique social media campaigns including KLMaudiences. Surprise and KLM Live.Hear how this retail giant interacts with its audience to • hy creating relationships with consumers is Whelp drive brand loyalty and increase sales, including: O2 is a leading provider of mobile and broadband services to consumers and businesses in the UK always challenging for an international company:• ho owns social media in the organisation W and has a social media audience of just under half and how you can overcome this both locally and a million people. In this session James Paterson, globally.• he importance of brand engagement to create T conversation about Sainsbury’s and support PR Social Media Campaigns Manager at O2, will • ow this online-marketing friendly company has H marketing activity talk about how they built that audience and what O2 overcome the challenges you face and drives does to keep them interested, both during big brand marketing efforts through engagement: learn from• he importance of defining a role for social T launches and in the quiet times. Get great tips and KLM’s experiences and drive sales through your media and a tone of voice for the organisation best practice, including; customer engagement. in social media • udience engagement: How you can build brand A KLM Anna Ketting Head of Social Media• he importance of integrated social media T value and incentivises fans to interact with your customer service and its role in marketing brand.J Sainsbury plc Simon Preece Senior Social • ersonalisation: Learn how personalisation can P Discover how to decide whether yourMarketing Manager help you interact with you consumers and target social media marketing should be done specific consumer preferences.  locally or worldwide. • ou’ll also find out the importance of Cupid, YThe British Film Institute is the UK’s lead film As a social media marketer you want to be able to continuous conversation and Craig David at O2.organisation. Its diverse public programme presents personalise your messages to your target market. Soover a thousand films a year across BFI Southbank, BFI O2 James Paterson PR Social Media you can meet your consumers’ needs and encourageIMAX and the BFI London film festivals. As the biggest Campaigns Manager. sales. Social media has created fantastic opportunities @usefulsocial
  5. 5. SUMMIT AGENDAfor you to reach consumers globally. 88% of marketers • et the most out of your social media platforms: G Telefónica is one of the world‘s leadingalso agree that the number-one advantage of social Hear how Tom Tom has defined a digital integrated telecommunications operators, providingmedia is generating more business exposure (SM framework. So you can decide the most effective communication, information and entertainmentExaminer report, 2011). However engaging with a social media platform for your marketing solutions. will share recent efforts to market toglobal audience has created challenges for marketers. message and target audience.   their Czech audience through their ‘SmartphoneLocalised content, consistency and cohesive marketing • earn how YouTube, Facebook and Twitter can L Borec’ Facebook app which used competitions andmessages, are amongst a few challenges faced. be used to build brand image and drive marketing streaming tweets to engage their consumers. TheIn this session you will learn how to manage your social goals: Hear how video can drive engagement and company’s experience will help you decide:media networks locally and globally whilst maintaining brand advocacy for TomTom B2C audience. • hether the use of social media apps is Wa consistent brand image. Honda will share their something that will help your marketing-How this Tom Tom Cornine Avelines Vice President Digitalexperiences as a brand known worldwide and how they has benefited Telefonica and driven sales/ traffic Marketing and Digital Commercehave engaged in social media through multiple channels. to their website.Honda is a leading automobile, motorcycle • ow to communicate marketing messages Hpower equipment manufacturer, with a net income France Telecom-Orange is one of the to your consumers. Hear through case studyof around £4.4bn in 2011. Honda operates globally world’s leading telecommunications operators, analysis how to integrate Facebook Aps into yourand has fans all over the world. Honda has utilised present in 35 countries, the Group had a customer communications. Including how Aps were used tosocial media to connect Honda lovers and develop base of 221 million. run competitions, stream tweets and the resultsinterest in the brand. They will discuss how they of a YouTube custom gadget project. Orange has been very active in the Social Mediacreate consistency across the brand when engaging space since early 2008 and now has an online • hich Facebook apps have worked and whether Wto different markets. Honda will cover: fanbase of over 3 million fans. With a presence on they are worth the investment. Understand the• ow to successfully engage as a single entity H Twitter, Google+ and Dailymotion - in which Orange implications of setting up social media Apps and stay true to brand values - How Honda’s has a stake - Orange has experience in using against the opportunities they can deliver for your seamless social experience enhances brand multiple networks – and insight on which networks social media activity. value and meets marketing goals. are best for different kinds of marketing. Hear Telefónica Czech Republic Alena Oswaldova how this telecoms giant chooses different social Social Media Specialist• ow to get the right balance between local and H platforms to engage with their community and meet global -Discover Honda’s approach to balancing marketing goals. local and central control for a targeted – but cohesive – marketing message • ow to decide which digital strategy works for H Guardian News Media (GNM) has you: Hear how Orange decides which social transformed from largely one of the most influential• he importance of cross department T network works best for them and how you can newspaper organisations in Britain to a global digital collaboration to ensure social media activity is decide depending on your organisations goals. brand: with over 69 million unique browsers across consistent across the brand - how Honda delivers • earn which social platforms are most effective L its digital platforms, GNM is the second largest in localised content and how it is managed. to market your brand and build brand awareness: the UK and sixth largest global English-languageHonda Simon Nicholson Pan-European Social Orange will share which worked best for them news entity (comScore, Jan 2012; SiteCatalyst, FebMedia Manager and why 2012). The Guardian launched its Facebook App on 22nd September 2011 which quickly propelled the • ear why Orange doesn’t just rely on Facebook H company into the new territory of social news. WithHow do you judge what social media and Twitter: Discover which other social networks over 7 million downloads (by end-Feb 2012, mainly you should be using and how these can help your by a new audience of 18-24 year olds), the Guardianplatform is right for your marketing online marketing. became the biggest UK newspaper on Facebookmessage? Orange Yann Gourvennec Director Web Digital and no. 9 global media organisation in this space.Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and Flickr… Media Social Media Matt Gilbert – Head of Business Development forthe list could go on. Choosing the right platform GNM will share how the Guardian successfullyto optimise your marketing message can be tricky. launched an application which enhanced theUnderstand which social media platforms work best New social media technology for company’s consumer engagement and marketingfor your marketing message and spend your time success across Facebook.communicating through the right tools. According to marketing: Find out if you should be • ear how Facebook apps can enhance your Hthe Social media marketing report (2011) Facebook and using apps for marketing marketing: GNM will share with you the purposeTwitter are the two standouts among the tools used Social Media Apps are a new opportunity to provide of their Facebook App and how this fits into theirby social media market. But… have you considered additional functionality and link your brand to other reader engagement.other options? In this session hear which social media networks. Deciding on whether social media apps areplatforms have proved their effectiveness, so you can • ecide whether a Facebook App is worth D worth investment - and how, exactly, they’ll benefit your investment: GNM will discuss how theychannel your marketing through the right tool. your brand is an increasingly important question for measured the return on their Facebook App, their social media and marketing practitioners. Taking experience to date and whether this is somethingTom Tom (AEX:TOM2) is the world’s leading the leap into using branded apps can be expensivesupplier of in-car location and navigation products every marketer should be using. and time consuming. So, before you do, we’ll putand services focused on providing all drivers with the • ommercialise your App: Learn how GNM has C you in touch with those that have tried, tested andworld’s best navigation experience. Headquartered used their Facebook App to drive sales and succeeded. That way, you’ll make a decision basedin Amsterdam, TomTom has over 3,500 employees enhance customer engagement through allowing on real world experience, not you canand sells its products more than 40 countries. With customers to stay within the social network to make you decision easier when questioning app’s forover 11million views on YouTube, Tom Tom will share read their articles. marketing. In this session you will hear from thosehow they choose the right social channels to reachtheir B2C audience, so you will:   brands that are familiar with Facebook apps. Telefonica Guardian News and Media Matt Gilbert and The Guardian will help you take advantage of the Head of Business Development• earn how to listen and analyse first: Hear how L new technological advances in social media. TomTom has established a listening platform and extracted key consumer insights @usefulsocial
  6. 6. NETWORKINGWhat does the price What your peers have said:tag guarantee? A high level of senior attendees from leading brands. They will share and debate Great content, Perfectly with you on the issues you face, and show great speakers. targeted at the you how to tackle them I will be able social marketer to use what I with corporations A setting to learn in. This isn’t a trade have learnt here - Great examples show or somewhere you might learn. This is a focused two day business summit where immediately back of thought you will get all the insight you need for the in the office leadership year ahead Lori DeFurio Jennifer Wendt Social Media Strategist, Adobe Social Media Director, Insight from the very best in the Schneider Electric social media marketing space like Heineken, O2, Unilever and many more This event had the three The summit was You’ll save both time and money in the elements of a filled with won- long term with better social insight. You will also save your time making meetings, as great conference derfully useful everyone you need to know will be in the – Great content, information and room with you interesting peo- has given me ple and great food so much to bringThe response to last year’s back to mySummits was excellent Michael Brenner Marketing Senior Director, SAP company 90% 98% Sheerah Singer The blockbuster Director - Marketing Communications, Penn Mutual 79% Would recommend learnt something line up was impressive – Smart, engaging new that well done! of last to someone they could and thought year’s in their take back Tom Hoehn attendees position Interactive Marketing Director, provoking to the office were with them Kodak speakers from corporates straight a cross section working in away Really great big brands of industries content. Quality delivering useful of presentations best practice very high Lauren Alba Amber Banks Manager, Social Marketing and Account Manager, BO.LT Communications, American Express Publishing
  7. 7. NETWORKING In 2011 we had the below The demographics companies in attendance: of our audience3M Siemens Dell 18% Service ProvidersAir France Make-A-Wish JJ FoundationBest Buy Prudential AdobeCiti Marriott QualcommCoca-Cola Southwest Sony AirlinesDassaultSystemes HP American ExpressDTE Energy PayPal BPeBay Boingo 3% JournalistsIntuit Canon and News HitachiKellogg’s Avon Brandwatch 79% CorporateMercedes Benz Bitly IntelPepsiCo Siemens ExpediaSamsung Whole Foods American Licorice NutriciaSAP The seniority of NokiaT-Mobile GlaxoSmithKline our audience 14% VP /Cisco U.S Bank Capital One Senior VPSantander Radian 6 Save the Children / Senior Directorto name but a few... 32% Director A few facts about our previous summits: 63% of out from over 10% Senior attendees were 250 different Managers Senior Manager/ companies Director level throughout the executives or US and Europe more senior 79% of past We’ve had senior attendees directors speak are from big 37% Manager from Coca-Cola, corporate’s 7% CEO’s Pfizer, Best Buy, UPS, Cisco and 98% of previous many more attendees said they learnt We have had over something new 600 delegates at the summit @usefulsocial
  8. 8. We promise REGISTER NOW you will Two day business conference, June 25-26th, 2012 Regents Park Marriott, London 1 Learn from your Choose Your Pass peers with our corporate audience including social Standard Book by 27th April media, digital and marketing £895 • ccess to all super-panels, workshops A SAVE £400 professionals. and case studies Book by 25th May • etworking lunch and coffee breaks N 2 £1145 SAVE £150 • Evening drinks reception Full price Get practical insight from + ccess to presentation slides post-conference A £1295 an exclusive corporate speaker lineup with representative from leading Premium Book by 27th April companies like Nokia, KLM, • ccess to all super-panels, workshops and case studies A £1045 SAVE £400 Unilever and Honda. • etworking lunch and coffee breaks N Book by 25th May • Evening drinks reception 3 £1295 SAVE £150 + ccess to presentation slides post-conference A Full price Discover practical tactical + P3s of every session at the conference M £1445 solutions that you can take back to the office. Platinum 4 Book by 27th April • ccess to all super-panels, workshops and case studies A £1695 SAVE £400 Understand how to • etworking lunch and coffee breaks N Book by 25th May deal with the biggest • Evening drinks reception £1945 SAVE £150 + ccess to presentation slides post-conference A issues that you face with Full price + P3s of every session at the conference M a tightly agenda including: £2095 • ow to create engaging H INCLUDES NEW 66-PAGE BUSINESS REPORT Register for a Diamond Pass and receive a copy of our brand new report. and interactive content The report will enable you to truly understand how to measure the ROI Measuring your Social Media of your social media initiatives and make better business decisions. Impact and ROI • rive traffic down the D An invaluable guide optimising your to finding and elusive social media ROI • eep rooted insights from brands from FMCG, retail, entertainment, D PLUS sophisticated analysis of cross-industry measurement strategies, must-have scorecard metrics and mistakes sales funnel to avoid finance and automotive • ustomer and brand C • etailed b2b and b2c case studies D OPEN NOW for your selected findings • est practice benchmarking on measurement B new ground breaking from this report interaction www.usefulsocia ct • istakes made by major brands – and what they learnt from them M The Social Media Marketing Register your place Summit represents a worthwhile and necessary CALL US: EMAIL US: investment +44 800 814 34 59 in the future of your social media strategy. TWEET US: VISIT OUR WEBSITE: @usefulsocial Social Media is at the TERMS CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after 25th April 2012 incur an core of all successful administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 25th May 2012 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. marketing Please note – you must notify Useful Social Media in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated, but VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing B2C Summit, London The No 1 Social Media Marketing focused corporate event – This is the place for best practice from leading brandsEnhance brand image and boostprofits through social media marketing:How b2c companies can engage customers,find new audiences and drive sales Why you should #CSMb2c Hear from the very bestTwo day business conference, 25-26 June 2012 social media marketingRegents Park Marriott Hotel, London, UK experts From Heineken through to Hear from 20+ corporate social media leaders: Unilever, our speakers have got the knowledge to help you and Floris Cobelens Simon Nicholson Richard Ayers your company. Heineken Honda Motor Europe Ltd British Film Institute Head of Digital Pan-European Social Media Head of Digital Business Manager Manchester City Big brands sharing Debbie Weinstein Anna Ketting Football Club tactical solutions with Digital Playmaker Unilever KLM you Senior Director, Global Head of Social Media Media Innovation Gain practical insight from those Peter Parkes Tess Tucker James Paterson that have everyday experience Expedia Just - Eat O2 in social media marketing. Hear Head of Social Media, EMEA Head of Digital Marketing PR Social Media Campaigns Manager how they overcome their biggest challenges – so you can too. David Parkinson Alena Oswaldova Simon Preece Nissan Telefónica Czech J Sainsbury plc General Manager of Social Digital Republic Senior Social Marketing Manager Social media is at the engagement for EMEA India Social Media Specialist core of all successful Yann Gourvennec Christian Kamhaug Matt Gilbert Orange group Scandinavian Airlines Guardian News and Media marketing Director, Web Digital Media Head of Social Media Head of Business Development Social media is becoming Social Media an ever growing part of the Tejal Patel Cornine Avelines Nokia Tom Tom marketing mix - so don’t miss Head of Social Commerce Vice President Digital Marketing out on this opportunity to get and Digital Commerce your 2012 strategy right.Join the conversation! You can follow us at: @usefulsocial