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  1. 1. Case studies. Music genre…
  2. 2. Beyonce Knowles R&B artists Neyo Neyo is a world famous R&B star. He is best known for his gentleman attitude and love songs. Before he started out as a music artist he was a popular and successful song writer writing songs such as ‘let me love you’ which was performed by Mario. He also continues to write his own songs and ones for other artists. This photo represents R&B by the cool black and white contrasted colour in his outfit and by the cool, laid back body language. Beyonce is not only a music artist but a model, actress and business woman in her own right. She first came to light in the girl band ‘Destinies child.’ She is best known for her strong personality and voice and striking curves and appearance. This image represents R&B as her curves are emphasised by her low cut top on her dress and the colour of her dress also could represent strength and power.
  3. 3. RnB artists Rihanna Rihanna is a highly popular R&b artist from Barbados and was discovered on MySpace at the age of 18. She was quickly flown out to LA to record some tracks and not long after her first single ‘Pon de replay’ was released and at no. 1 in the charts. She is known for her no 1 hits and her collaborations with various Rap artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West and R&B artists such as Neyo. This image represents Rnb by the shape of her dress and posture which emphasise s the ‘booty.’ Also the natural make-up and lighting highlights the radiance of the black skin. Kanye West Kanye West is a R&B artist typically known for his arrogance. With Various No 1’s and popular with collaborations he also helps produce other artists music. This image portrays his personality with the piece of paper saying ‘I TOLD YOU SO’. Also wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigar it resembles a cool exterior. This image is typically R&B as his gold jewellery is a stereotype in R&B as all big names have ‘bling’. R&b is also emphasised by his tattoo’s. Kanye is also known for his outrageous fashion.
  4. 4. R&B Images
  5. 5. History of R&B Rhythm and blues (R&B), is a genre of popular African American music that originated in the 1940s. The term was originally used by record companies at a time when urbane, jazz based music with a heavy beat was becoming more popular. Popular artists in the were… Louis Jordan and Tympany Five (1940’s) Roy brown (1940’s) Fats domino (1950’s) Nat King Cole (1950’s) Josephine Baker (1950’s)