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Questionnaire questions


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Questionnaire questions

  1. 1. Questionnaire Questions Hayleigh Chamberlain
  2. 2. What is your gender?I decided to ask this question for my questionnaire becausemagazines have charted which gender buys what magazine more. Ithought this could be a good question as this could link to this.
  3. 3. How old are you?I decided on asking this question because I wanted to get a rough idea ofwho will read my indie music magazine and what I can include in it that willappeal to my target audience. Asking them their age will make it easier forme to include stuff that revolves around their certain age range.
  4. 4. Who is your favourite indie band or singer?I asked this question so I could get an idea of what indie bands and singers I couldinclude in my indie music magazine that would appeal to them and others. Also,asking this would give me a direct answer rather than indirect.
  5. 5. Do you regularly buy music magazines?I wanted to ask this on my questionnaire because I get a range of whoactually buys indie magazines, this is helpful to me as I can get a result ofwho and who doesn’t read them to help my final magazine cover, contentsand double page spread.
  6. 6. What is the highest amount you would pay for a magazine?I asked this question so I could get a rough idea if readers would pay a smallamount or £3+ for a magazine. This question will help me with my musicmagazine’s selling price at what readers would pay best for the magazine.
  7. 7. What best colour do you think is associated with ‘indie’?I asked on my questionnaire a range of colours and tick boxes so I could geta final idea of my colour scheme for my indie music magazine. I picked thecolours I think are most suited to the genre and I wanted those who filledthem out to pick their favourites. This is also helpful for my contents pageand double page spread.
  8. 8. How often do you buy your music magazines?I wanted to ask this question so I could get a vague idea of what times people gettheir magazines, this also helps me figure out the types of indie magazine theyread just from the time they get them.
  9. 9. What three words do you associate with ‘indie’?I included this question on my questionnaire so I could get ideas of thetypes of words or phrases/expressions that people think relate to theindie genre in my magazine, this then appealing more to readers of mymagazine.
  10. 10. What do you like to see on a double page spread?I gave a tick box choice on this question to see what people thoughtwould be the best idea to see on the double page spread. Answersranging from Band Reviews to Band interviews that are on manymagazine double page spreads.
  11. 11. Which is your favourite magazine from the choice below?I wanted to ask this question so I could get an idea of which magazine minecould be compared to. Answers ranging from NME and Q for people to pick ifmy magazine was going to include certain features from the magazine that wasmost popular.
  12. 12. How many indie bands/festivals have you seen live in the past?I wanted to see how many gigs or festivals people had seen in the past so I couldknow how much they could relate to my indie music magazine, with the specifictype of words and bands that are included.
  13. 13. What do you usually like in a music magazine?I put this question on my questionnaire to get a rough idea of what peoplewant/expect on their favourite magazines, helping me with my magazine onwhat people want to see on the front cover and both the contents page anddouble page spread.
  14. 14. What appeals to you most on thefront cover of a music magazine?This question on my questionnaire is to help me find out what most attractsreaders to the font cover of an indie music magazine, whether it’s the directaddress of the band/singer or the colour of the magazine when readers firstlook at it.
  15. 15. What appeals to you most about the main central image on the front cover? I put this question on my questionnaire because I wanted to know what people were attracted to most about the main image of the band/singer on the front cover. This is so I know how to structure my model for my main central image for my magazine front cover.
  16. 16. What indie bands/singers do you dislike?I wanted to ask this question on my questionnaire so I know what bandspeople dislike and to not include them within my magazine. This is helpful asit will be more appealing to those readers who will be happy to see onlybands/singers they relate to and like.
  17. 17. What images would you associate with ‘indie’?This question asked about images that are associated with the indie genre ishelpful as images given I could take inspiration from, for example ‘guitar’ whichis simple and indie for my indie magazine .