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Magazine front cover screenshot powerpoint!!!!!!!


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Magazine front cover screenshot powerpoint!!!!!!!

  1. 1. MAGAZINE FRONT COVER: SCREENSHOTS By Hayleigh Chamberlain
  2. 2. Firstly, I opened Photoshop and created an idea of what I wanted my masthead and personal statement to look like, following my text and colour scheme.I then edited my chosen main centralimage involving direct address, andagain an idea on my main converlineand subline for my indie artist.
  3. 3. I then started to continue my work by adding my additional coverlines and sublines for my front cover.I then added more coverlines andsublines for my magazine.Changing the fonts and boldnessand making it stand out more.
  4. 4. This is now my final front cover image, I uploaded a barcode,included more text, altered my main coverline and subline to makeit stand out more to audiences. I made my text bolder and made myimage have a gravel/old fashioned effect to stand out and also fit tothe indie genre.